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Logitech X52 Professional Space & Flight Simulator HOTAS Joystick $169 + Delivery ($0 VIC/WA C&C) @ PLE


Been looking for some entry level HOTAS. Decent price for the item.

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    Awesome deal. I have the regular X52 and it has held up very well after 7 years.
    The Saitek/Logitech software for it is garbage though

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    Logitech milking the F out of the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.

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      I've had two of these. They're great. Not surprised they didn't bother making a new one.

  • Fantastic price, I'd have picked one up for my daughter's PC if it wasn't for the fact we're a GPU short.

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      Daughter's PC… riiggghht. :P

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      I see them at the arcade all the time

      • +3

        I haven't seen an arcade since the early 90s

        • You haven't seen timezone?

          • @ZilogX: Whats that?

          • @ZilogX: Oh yeah, it's where my kids go to whack a frog and get some junk with the tokens they won.

        • There’s still a Timezone in Geelong

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    I can't speak to the quality of the stick, but that's a great deal for HOTAS. I paid more than that for a single t16000m. And I don't even want to talk about the VKB's.

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      Once you use something like a VKB MCE Ultimate, you cannot go back. Chalk and cheese but its also 4+ times the price.

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      As someone who has had this stick, T.16000s and VKBs. once you get the VKB, everything else feels like a child toy in comparison. spent $500 on them though.

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    Does it work with Xbox Series?

    • Same question

      • Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.
        So no.

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    Appears to be in stock in WA only. PLC deliver Australia-wide. Delivery from WA to VIC for me is $23.

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      Yeah was trying to work out what was with that. They charge differently for dispatching for different warehouses which is fair enough as WA is a pain to ship to and from.

      Ended up paying $23 something for Star track air express cause road freight takes infinity from WA.

      Hopefully this is actually the Pro and not a mistake?

      • Mine has 4 options from Vic warehouses and none from WA. Where did the ship from WA option come up?

        • +1

          For me it was at the bottom of the shipping section in the cart. I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact location but I think it was under all of the Vic ones there was an option for other locations or something. Should note I also did it on mobile so perhaps it looks different on computer browsers.

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    wow. this will work great in Mordhau

    • i actually googled that. how exactly are you meant to play that game with this

      • use your imagination 😜

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    Thank you so much mate, I've been eyeballing a half decent flight sim stick for yonks and this ticks all the boxes

  • Good deal
    Bought these on just under 200 bucks sale a while ago - also from OZB I think

    Sadly, mine mostly gathers dust. I bought Elite and a few other games to add to the pain, but never really got into it… The complexity of the controls and my …er skills limitations- meant I get bored from being repeatedly killed or crashing into meteor.. .

    The software is old (default Logitech ones)… but the physical sticks work well. If you love flight sims, these are great. Even has the flip the protector for missile launch button… that feels heaps cool to do.

    Finally bit the bullet on a 3080, so maybe I do revisit my sims and pull out these HOTAS babies.

    • +4

      I played Star Wars Squadrons with the joystick and an Oculus Quest 2 on. If you've got both of those it's good fun

      • Not going to lie, that sounds pretty damn fun

      • well… I actually have access to all 3 (X52 HOTAS, Quest2 and Squadrons from the Amazon Freebie)…

        Is squadrons via Steam VR?

        great suggestion! thx.

        • I only have it on origin so I guess it wasn't steam vr. It's been a little while since I did it but I'll try to find the time to do it again tomorrow and let you know

        • If you've ever played Ace Combat / Hawx and liked it, I would also recommend Project Wingman.

          Not really realistic but very fun in an arcadey way in VR

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      Can this be used for web surfing?

  • Should I wait, or bite the bullet?

    • wait for… 🤔

      • More bullets?

  • +3
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    bought this for $330 a yr ago. last joystick i used was in the 90s

    it's alright, the software is a PITA

    i wouldn't use any of the 8-way hat switches as 8-way. 4-way only (up/down/left/right), because it's too easy to accidently trigger any adjacent direction while attempting to trigger the diagonals.

    the top left hat switch on the joystick is too easy to trigger in any direction to the point that you'll accidently trigger it numerous times until you learn to keep your thumb away.

    the 2 radial dials on the end of the throttle have ghosting, as in they can randomly trigger even with threshold levels turned right up and not being used. try not to map important things to them.

    the scroll wheel on the throttle i'd use as either scroll or button click, not both. it's difficult to click without also scrolling

    after some use the throttle may not sit at zero. you need to adjust thresholds for it in the software to compensate

    the lcd screen on the throttle flickers, and is the brightest light out of all the lights. the flickering is a common issue and not indicative of a fault. the brightness can be adjusted in the software, but it sometimes randomly resets itself back to the brightest setting. the brightness of all the lights on the joystick/throttle vary, it's not uniform, and some of them dim slightly when buttons a pressed (usually on the throttle)

    the spring or grey plate underneath it on the joystick can catch/click when attempting to move the joystick in a particular direction. you can rotate the spring/plate so that it catches in a diff direction to make it less annoying. you can also grease the shaft to lesson the catching slightly, but it'll mostly take constant use to wear down whatever is catching

    if it seemingly doesn't work in one of your usb ports, try another one, it can be picky

    • username checks out

    • Have you tried the X56 then?

  • I've already got the Thrustmaster T16000m joystick, should I pair it with a throttle or is this better?

  • ugh.. if only these worked on playstations..

  • +1

    Anyone know if this can work with websurfing? Like as a replacement for a mouse?

    • On the throttle there's a track point (like on laptops), so technically yes, you could replace your mouse with it…

    • You could use a program like joy2key to remap the joystick axes to mouse or scroll wheel axes.

  • Pretty sure I paid more than this for a second hand set

  • I don't need this but I think SW: Squadrons would be a lot more fun with it 🤔

  • Looks like it's out of stock

    • yeah bugger. Thought I'd sleep on it as I was up watching tennis last night - Snooze and Lose.

  • This is probably all you need but I used by JB HIFI port into Telstra $500 gift card to buy a thrustmaster warthog lol

  • These things are perfect for Elite Dangerous.

  • +1

    I decided not to get this last night, despite it being a good price for the X52 as I rarely even use my T.Flight.

    But this morning I saw the X52 for $30 on FB Marketplace and had to get it.

    Now I have 2 HOTAS I don't use.

    • +2

      Since getting it I've been using it a bit. House of the Dying Sun in VR with a HOTAS is incredible - one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time.

      I ran into some issues with the X52 Pro that took a while to find a fix for and I'll put it here incase anyone runs into these issues.

      1) Ghost inputs and disconnecting of Joystick (throttle remains connect) and when the joystick reconnects it recenters the axis' to whatever it was when it disconnected. The well known fixes of trying a USB3 port or powered USB2 hub did not fix it for me. Changing a few registry options to disable USB power management only on the X52 registry entries worked. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/467801-woohoo-windows-joy...

      I can now run the X52 Pro off a single USB3 port and have all LEDs up on the brightest setting without issue. Prior to this the LEDs would cause ghost inputs to happen when I pressed multiple buttons.

      2) Mine is an old Saitek X52 Pro that had the rubberised coating on both the throttle and stick which degraded into a sticky mess. Most likely Logitech has fixed this coating so that it won't degrade (as they fixed it with the latest lightspeed mice compared to the older MX revolution or even MX Master) - but if yours degrades over time then it wipes off easily enough with some paper towels dipped in methylated spirits (use gloves due to coating being nasty).

      3) Either over time, or the use of wrong lubricants, the gasket that sits between the metal shaft of the joystick and the black plastic ring that houses the inner spring degraded and was causing sticking/friction/grinding/groaning when moving the stick. I tried using a few different silicone based lubricants/grease but it made the problem worse. I had read comments from people saying to use chapstick or vaseline so I tried generic petroleum jelly and it fixed the issue right up. Every now and then a bit of the degraded gasket gets ejected and I clean it off as it presents as I don't want it going back in.

      Vaseline and chapstick can degrade plastics, so do not use these unless you've tried other plastic safe lubricants. In my case I had no other choice as the rubber had already degraded completely.

      • +1

        I had the disconnecting problem/ghost inputs come back over the weekend. I think that the registry hack I used wasn't the end-all fix for that issue.

        I noticed when opening the stick that quite a few of the solder joints looked very matte and possibly cold/cracked. I resoldered most of the connections with a good leaded solder so that everything is shiny and making a good connection in the joystick main board, and the DIN connector.

        So far no issues, I'm hopeful that this fix worked - but I'm not certain the issue won't come back. I'll report here if it does.

        Project Wingman VR and Star Wars Squadrons are incredible also. Those and House of the Dying Sun get me into a flow state. I tried Elite Dangerous but it's a bit too in depth for what I'm after at the moment but will pick it up again after I've had my fun with the other games.

        So much for saying I won't use the X52. I think I've put 20+ hours into using or fixing it since making that comment a week ago.

  • Picked up mine in Heatherton VIC today.

    • the site url is 404 now, is there any stock left?

      • +1

        I don’t think so. I ordered online (c/c in VIC store)

  • Picked up mine in WA today (Osb Park)

  • What's everyone playing with their new HOTAS?

    • Order status: Awaiting Processing

      • still 404 for me

      • I think I've played that sim before

      • I ordered one for delivery in Vic and my order status is sitting on 'Awaiting Processing'.

        I'll sit on it a little while longer in the hope that one will appear and they'll fulfil my order, but probably going to end up having to cancel it.

        I'm tempted to email them from another email account asking if they're going to get more stock of it to know for sure either way.

    • +1

      Elite Dangerous - it was on special on Steam the other week… $40+ down to $8ish

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