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40% off First Year Microsoft 365 Personal $59.40, Family $77.40 | 30% off after (Workplace Validation Required) @ Microsoft HUP


Similar to the 50% off deal from last year, until 23 Feb 2022 at 8:59 PM PST (24 Feb 2022 at 3:59 PM AEDT), Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) is offering Microsoft 365 subscriptions at an increased discount of 40%, over the usual HUP discount of 30%.

As mentioned in the previous deal:

You'll need to use your work email to apply and your workplace needs to be enrolled in the Microsoft Home Use Program. Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC Only) and Publisher (PC Only), plus 1TB per user OneDrive, and 60 minutes of Skype calling.

Like last time, stacking of 4x Personal and 1x Family subscriptions all at the discounted price (i.e. 40% off) still seems to work (total 5 years subscription for $315).

EDIT: Some tips

Will I keep my remaining subscription time if I upgrade today?
Yes. If you upgrade today, the remaining time of your existing subscription is added to your upgrade. For example, if you have two months left on your current subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal and you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family for one year (12 months), your Family subscription will run for 14 months.

  • According to CloudB the deal can be added to an existing Family subscription by downgrading with Personal subscription transactions, then upgrading to Family on the last transaction. However, take care if you recently purchased a subscription - see Kinjiru's comment.

  • According to T-man cashback via Shopback or Cashrewards might also be available.

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    • +35

      Always better to keep personal stuff separate because if you ever leave, then there goes your email, data ,etc. Not worth it.

  • Stacks on my existing membership has 2 months left as it finished in March and extended it for a full year to March 2023.

  • +4

    Prefer my $25 lifetime (too out of date after 6-9 years though) license with no cloud storage.

    Dont pay for what you don't use.

    • +3

      where is this $25 lifetime?

      • +7

        Might be referring to those volume licensed keys that are technically not meant to be distributed through retail

        • +8

          Nope. HUP cocked up in 2019. They tried to switch to selling only subscriptions of 365 but ozb worked out there was a link at the bottom of the page that could be used to get to the retail product for the same price. Which is what they used to offer on HUP in 2018 and earlier.

          My comment is really just me saying that office on a subscription model sucks (for me and many others). I might want word/excel for a couple of weeks of personal use per year. I don't want cloud. So $60+ is highway robbery to me.

          For anyone that uses cloud it's a no brainer.

          But now they have excel functions in o365 that are not in 2019 pro. That's pretty bollocks for compatibility. I won't let my staff use them in case we have to send something to an external party.

          • +3

            @justtoreply: Sounds like the open source options might suit you for free then - zero cost. Good compatibility to outsiders.

            • @ShipShapeRC: Yes I'll have to try them again in another 5 or so years when I'm forced to. Altho, kids starting school may provide a workaround for a bit longer

    • the lifetime was office 2016, 2019, i haven’t seen office 2021 in our HUP …. possible our admin cheaped out as the office2019 was extra license costs not just the $25 i paid ……probablem is still things like visio or project as the don’t come with microsoft365 but are used in some offices ….

      • 2019 is the last time I know of. Not that I've looked. But it seemed pretty clear they were going to push o365 from 2019 onward.

  • +5

    Just stacked three consecutive personal, then one family on an existing family account which was expiring in a week. Can confirm that this gives you four years of family. Also can confirm that's the limit of stacking. Tried a fifth time and no-go.

    • I wonder if the existing week would of pushed you over the 5 year limit, maybe you could try in a weeks time.

    • Did you have to downgrade first to personal plan ?

      • +2

        answering my own question. Yes, If you have an existing family plan you need to downgrade during the checkout process. Then on the last purchase, upgrade back to family. I did 3 personal and 1 family just to be safe, in case I could not upgrade back on the 5th purchase. Also turn off renewal if your plan is almost expiring to get an extra 2 months free.

        • I did exactly the same, except for the turn off renewal. A job for tomorrow 😊

        • NOTE: There is a limit to how many subscriptions you can purchase within a 3 month period.

          I should have read your above post more clearly CloudB because as a result of my own family subscription being only a few months ago, it only allowed me 4 personal subscriptions. This resulted in me being locked into Personal. When I went to upgrade the last subscription (AFTER I had purchased it), it told me that it was going to charge me another $90 for the upgrade (which would degrade the value) however at this stage I didn't really have a choice. HOWEVER, when I went to do this $90 upgrade, an error occured and it would not let me upgrade. So I'm stuck with my current Family sub, and 4 Personal subs thereafter. I will try to upgrade the personal again at a later stage to see how it goes.

          • @Kinjiru: Ok, after my monumental stuff up, I ended up chatting to a wonderful Microsoft chat agent who is going to refund me all 4 of my Office personal subs, at which point I will sub for Office Family. Moral of the story: Don't be overly greedy (or read comments properly)!

            • +1

              @Kinjiru: Just saw your next reply after I replied to you - great outcome, congrats!

          • @Kinjiru: Hmm, that's not ideal. Where did you see the 3 month limit - could you share a link please?

    • I have also just got the email from Google that we will need to call from gsuite or pay for all the family email accounts.
      I do not have any MS 365 subscription active, is the sequence important, or can I just buy 4 personal and 1 family in the cart?

      • +1

        There's no cart - to sign up for 5 years you need to do 5 transactions, one after the other. The last or 5th transaction should be the family subscription.

        • Thanks - I only did 4 years but seems to work fine.
          I saw online some suggest to switch off recurring billing for the stacking but did not know whether that is needed at the end.
          I notice the renewal for family is set for $90 when it finally gets there, fairly happy with that for now.

  • Anyone else timing out at step 2? Have confirmed HUP access and updated payment details/tried incognito but after I click pay now it goes to a plain white screen.

    • I'm getting the same: "Sorry, something went wrong" error for step 2. Can't proceed to pay, reported via Chat for fixing.

      • The chat associate replied for those on the old Office 365 University plans, have to wait until it expires to renew even though the account details show it as "Microsoft 365 Personal". The other option is to cancel the existing subscription and purchase a Microsoft 365 Personal which would be a waste of the remaining months.

  • +3

    Shame the email features aren't as good as G suite. Am a refugee from their legacy free plan.

    • -2

      Free plan going in July.

    • +1

      If you are using it for personal use, less than 10 accounts, they're making a free version. So looks like the "legacy" Google Apps accounts will continue. I've been on it since 2009 I think so I'm stupidly dependant on them now. A decade of purchases and uploads to both Photos and YouTube… Really hoping they do keep their word and offer a free tier for us.

      • +1

        got any more details on this free on they are going to continue? a link?

        • Check this page: https://apps.google.com/supportwidget/articlehome?hl=en&arti...

          Under the section "What if I use G Suite legacy free edition for personal use and don't want to upgrade to a Google Workspace subscription?" there is a link to a feedback form with this text:

          "Upgrading to a Google Workspace subscription is a seamless transition for all customers currently on the G Suite legacy free edition. However, we understand some customers may not use their G Suite legacy free edition for business and may be interested in other options. If you have 10 or fewer users in your group and do not use your G Suite legacy free edition for business, please complete the form below by April 1, 2022 if you're interested in learning about different options for your account in the coming months."

          • @grumpybum: That’s not a promise of them offering a free plan though, it’s a request to be notified of options. I linked to another part of that page where they refer to a future migration to accounts without premium services such as custom domains etc, which is what this may entail and not what I consider necessarily when I think of a free workspace tier. Definitely that would mean losing functions the current account has and those functions presumably are why people are on GSuite to begin with, namely custom domains and multi account support.

      • Not what I’ve read, although it’s an evolving situation. Option A seems to be to not pay for the service in which case non core apps (those excluding email, calendar storage etc) will otherwise remain available and accessible.

        They also seem to be saying they’ll allow a migration to a free Gmail account so you can take your other data and subs and link it to a free email address.

        Google Support

        If I don’t want to upgrade to a paid subscription, can I transfer my data?

        In the coming months, we'll provide an option for you to move your non-Google Workspace paid content and most of your data to a no-cost option. This new option won't include premium features like custom email or multi-account management.

    • outlook vs gsuite …..you can store a copy of all your emails locally along with the outlook client and work off-line and when on-line it sends the emails out , haven’t seen a local client from google for gmail (only 3rd party e.g outlook, eudora, edison, etc) so that emails can be stored locally or work off line on the windows 10 PC …..

      • haven’t seen a local client from google for gmail (only 3rd party e.g outlook, eudora, edison, etc) so that emails can be stored locally or work off line on the windows 10 PC

        Any email client that supports IMAP can do that

    • Have you found a good alternative for G suite

    • if you prefer G Suite/Google Apps to MS365, I would wait for a few months. While there is no concrete decision yet, it seems like Google is reconsidering its move and might offer a solution for all those who used Google Apps for family for all those years. No one knows at this stage what the solution will look like. It could be "free for up to 10 users", it could be "free with limited features" or "migration path to a personal gmail.com" or combination of those. But I decided to wait for that decision as it'll be too much work to move my family off Google Apps.

      However, if you don't care about the purchases under your Google account, the Google Docs you own or about having multiple custom domains and alias for your email, a move to MS365 is a good idea.

  • +3

    Don’t forget CashReward, I got $5 last time.

    Edit: sorry not CashReward, it was Shopback and I got $7

    • How do you combine Shopback referral clickthrough with the custom HUP link that you receive via email?

      EDIT: nevermind. Found out that when you go to cart the discount is applied once you've linked up your account.

  • +1

    Thanks Op

  • +1

    Been using free Office 365 with education / corporate account using my computer and phone. The important bit is to ensure you sync personal docs to your personal account. Microsoft has two separate identify providers. One for personal emails/one drive and another for work/school. Almost all of their apps allow two or more simultaneous logins. Example Office emails are usually Outlook.office.com while personal is Outlook.live.com.

  • +3

    Bought the install version last week. Last time I bought was Office 2011 for Mac. So I figure I get a decade out of versions for about $150. Not too shabby I'd say.

  • -3

    This may be a better deal. $75 for an outright purchase.


    • +1

      Different product. This one is o365 which also includes 1 TB cloud (one drive) storage per user

    • Link shows price of $49.99. Is this right? … and is it US$?… cheers

      • +1

        You are being sold a dodgy license that leaves you with no real legitimate use. having said that it will probably work, but if you don't care about being legit their are far cheaper options.

    • +1

      If you want pirated software just download for free. Don't pay scumbags for pirated software.

        • +2

          It is NOT genuine. Microsoft do not sell a retail version of office pro plus, it is only available as MSDN/Volume licensing. Therefore it can only be a resold key from an enterprise license or dev license in violation of the licensing terms hence it is not legitimate. yes it may work or it may die in 3 months time when you try and reinstall, either way you don't have a legitimate license if you buy this way.

          • -1

            @gromit: Understand what you are saying, but surprises me that a site like Android Authority would allow such things to be sold through their website.

            • +2

              @seligs: doesn't surprise me at all, it is just another marketplace and most marketplaces don't verify anything license wise till they get a takedown request and given the thousands of dodgy sites doing this they will never get them all. Every part of that purchase screams wrong and as the old saying goes "if it appears to good to be true, then it probably is".

              obvious items to look out for,
              version is non retail and hence only licensed to enterprises or developers (in case of developers it is a non production use license), either way the license can't be passed on to a consumer legitimately.
              Price is 75% cheaper than the cheapest legitimate online consumer version (yet it is full enterprise version).
              Only 30 days to redeem your key (no MS keys have redemption time limits for owned versions)

            • +1

              @seligs: I’m not 100% sure how it works, but the store looks identical to stacksocial.com, and I’ve seen other instances of sites sharing the design and catalog. Comes across to me as a simple rebranding where I’m sure the other party gets some referral credit to whoever provides the underlying site. My guess is Android Authority has nothing to do with the content on that storefront.

              • @Smigit: Thanks. As I said previously. I've bought stuff through this website, and never had issues, but was sure it was legit.

    • the office pro versions don’t get feature updates, just bug fixes and security patches up to end of life dates …..microsoft365 get feature updates ….. depends if there will be new features in outlook or excel or work in the next 5 years you want …… my office2016 and 2019 have all the features i commonly use, and teams and edge get updates regardless if you run office pro or microsoft365 …..in deciding if i go office2021 pro ot stick with 2019 ……not a fan of subscriptions and don’t need 1tb cloud storage …..emails are in cloud and other stuff i back up locally …. for my son he gets microsoft365 from school …. really depends if you need constant feature updates and clued storage and are happy with subscription cost vs just by office2021 and don’t pay subscriptions ….

  • I have 2 different company emails that both qualify for HUP.
    I wonder if I order 2 would it give me 24 months at 40% off?

    • Concurrently or consecutively…. It’s up to the judge ig

    • By the sounds of it people are just buying multiple years on the same account, no malarky required. Seems like you can stack up to 5 years?


      • I purchased 2x family - I did it through the two email addresses I have with my company. May have worked just using one of them twice but didn't try.

  • +1

    I’m still reeling over this announcement

    Yes it’s been over 6 years. But the pain is real

    • how much stuff do you expect microsoft to store for free and pay for DC heating and cooling, etc. our work paid subscriptions are now 5TB …..google also has cut back on free storage as has apple ….. they seem to have left enough to backup contacts and your phone essentials (apple and google) and resumes …. but not rolls of holiday videos or torrent movies …… was ok when phones were 16gb or 32gb but now people seem to fill up 256gb with crap and want to back it up to the cloud …think google and apple and microsoft have done the numbers on cost to them for large free storage with little benefit to their shareholder…..google and apple have left enough that if you loose your phone you can restore contacts to new one ….. and if you are into photo quality, google drops res when you store in cloud …..

      • So MS are looking into dunking servers in the ocean and or mineral oil to help with a number of issues related to DCs - to me that’s kind of interesting

        Your org may qualify for unlimited TB - ya just need to ask 😉

        But still. Now I gotta pay for offsite storage :(

  • OK, treat me like I'm an idiot!
    If I have an existing Family 365 subscription, how do I take advantage of this?

    • -2

      Just buy additional subscription … it will just add up

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