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40% off First Year Microsoft 365 Personal $59.40, Family $77.40 | 30% off after (Workplace Validation Required) @ Microsoft HUP


Similar to the 50% off deal from last year, until 23 Feb 2022 at 8:59 PM PST (24 Feb 2022 at 3:59 PM AEDT), Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) is offering Microsoft 365 subscriptions at an increased discount of 40%, over the usual HUP discount of 30%.

As mentioned in the previous deal:

You'll need to use your work email to apply and your workplace needs to be enrolled in the Microsoft Home Use Program. Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC Only) and Publisher (PC Only), plus 1TB per user OneDrive, and 60 minutes of Skype calling.

Like last time, stacking of 4x Personal and 1x Family subscriptions all at the discounted price (i.e. 40% off) still seems to work (total 5 years subscription for $315).

EDIT: Some tips

Will I keep my remaining subscription time if I upgrade today?
Yes. If you upgrade today, the remaining time of your existing subscription is added to your upgrade. For example, if you have two months left on your current subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal and you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family for one year (12 months), your Family subscription will run for 14 months.

  • According to CloudB the deal can be added to an existing Family subscription by downgrading with Personal subscription transactions, then upgrading to Family on the last transaction. However, take care if you recently purchased a subscription - see Kinjiru's comment.

  • According to T-man cashback via Shopback or Cashrewards might also be available.

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      Quote from CloudB above

      "answering my own question. Yes, If you have an existing family plan you need to downgrade during the checkout process. Then on the last purchase, upgrade back to family. I did 3 personal and 1 family just to be safe, in case I could not upgrade back on the 5th purchase. Also turn off renewal if your plan is almost expiring to get an extra 2 months free."

  • This is awesome, can confirm it stacks :)

    • Will new personal stacking existing family work?

      • Yes, I see no reason why it shouldn't.

  • any discounts on the basic business plans?

  • Just purchased Personal.
    59.40 for 1st year and $69.30 next year.

    Good deal

  • So you basically purchase 4x personal and THEN 1x family, and you get 5 years of family? I did family first, doh.

    • damnet me too! :(

  • Already have 2 years' family left from last deal, can I stack one year personal now to extend the family subscription?

    • +1

      You need to make sure the last purchase is a family subscription. So minimum is downgrade with 1 personal and upgrade back with 1 family.

  • -1

    I you don’t like subs then the lifetime license of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2021 from Stacksocial for $50usd is a better deal.

    Shared here by OnlineShopper123 but didn’t get much love:

    • +2

      It didnt get much as it's reselling volume licence keys that you can get for $5-10 elsewhere.

  • Question. I saw this the other day, 3 days ago actually and left a comment on that stack social post about it, and got a 12 month family plan not knowing about this hack. How do I stack the extra years now? Do I lose anything if I downgrade the current purchase and then add 2 more years then another family plan?

    • To "stack", just proceed through the purchase/checkout process multiple times, one after the other for the desired number of years (max 5 years per account) and relevant plan.

      Do I lose anything if I downgrade the current purchase and then add 2 more years then another family plan?

      Doesn't seem like it, other than (temporary) loss of functionality. See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/what-happens-if-i...

      If you mean files in OneDrive, it seems family members who aren't the subscription owner will still have access to their files, but won't be able to edit or upload new files until the Family subscription membership is restored. See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/stop-sharing-a-mi...

      Perhaps make a local backup if you want to be extra safe.

      • -1

        Microsoft seem to indicate that if you buy several personal subscriptions and then a family subscription that the duration should decrease.

        if you use a Microsoft 365 Personal product key to renew, and you currently have aMicrosoft 365 Family subscription, you'll be offered a choice to stay with Microsoft 365 Family subscription and receive less than a year of subscription benefits, since Microsoft 365 Family costs more, or you can switch to Microsoft 365 Personal

        • Hmm… can someone who's already bought 5 years confirm that their end date is actually 5 years later, not pro-rated to the cost difference between Personal and Family?

          • +1

            @zzyss: @spaceflight No, the paragraph quoted refers to the situation where an existing Family sub is extended with a Personal subscription (i.e. Family to Personal). Since the Family is being extended with a sub of lesser value (i.e. Personal), for that transaction MS offers you a choice of either continuing with Family (but for a lesser duration) or continue converting to a Personal sub.

            If you go from Personal to Family, "The remaining time on your current Microsoft 365 Personal subscription will be upgraded at no additional cost": https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/upgrade-micros...

            Will I keep my remaining subscription time if I upgrade today?
            Yes. If you upgrade today, the remaining time of your existing subscription is added to your upgrade. For example, if you have two months left on your current subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal and you upgrade to Microsoft 365 Family for one year (12 months), your Family subscription will run for 14 months.

            @zzyss Yes, I subscribed yesterday 31 Jan 2022, and the dashboard displays my next billing date as 1 Feb 2027.

            • @zadax: Awesome, cheers, thanks.

  • I already have had subscriptions through work for 30% off personal subscription. Can i get 40% off again somehow?

    • Comments from others in the thread suggest that yes, the 40% off can apply to extensions to existing subs.

  • Does the multiple year thing only work for personal plans?

    I'm looking get several years of the family plan.

    • It works for both. It's just cheaper to stack Personal subs until the final transaction (i.e. a Family sub), as that final Family transaction will upgrade all the subscription time.

  • -2

    Office Professional Pro 2019 $6.50 @amazon


    • +1

      there are no feature updates on office2019 pro , so to be up to date you might want office2021 pro if not into subscriptions …..

  • Shame none of my emails including work one isn't eligible for Home Use Program.

    • -2

      not sure how big your organisation is but if they have microsoft365 on your work laptop, you can download copy onto your person computer and use …..don’t use work email in outlook setup as you probably don’t want work emails on personal computer…..as long as you sign in from your work laptop once every 30 days the software on your person laptop will keep on working …..

  • My work email verification says I'm eligable but when i go to buy it says $99 still. Am i missing a step somehow?

    • need to go through the process off linking your personal account then it should show up on your personal account for that price.

    • I had that, go through to checkout and it shows the lower price.

  • What does disappointment of the year look like? Waking up in the morning and discovering this deal in email after using an earlier deal to renew MS365 subscription for max years!

  • Is it worth it for the 1Tb cloud storage?

    • +1

      Definitely. I cancelled my smugmug account and moved all photos backup to OneDrive.

    • That's the main reason I've got it. Everyone in the fam got 1Tb storage.

  • Classified section has some sale if anyone is looking to share with others

  • hey, I've signed up for the free trial of the family account for a month, 3 weeks ago.
    Do I buy the personal sub for 2/3/4 years and then family for the final one?

    So specifically, since I already have the family, can I add the personal to that for a few years before the last one which will be family

    • yes

  • +1

    Thx OP! Bought mine.

  • Can someone confirm if I have a current family sub I buy 3 personals and then 1 family ?

    • Correct

  • Help please…
    The deal says 40% off in the 1st year, yet the $315 total for 5 years (4 x personal + 1 x family) seems to have the deal applied to all years.
    I have a current MS account with 6-months remaining. I'd like to purchase 3 x personal and 1 x family. How do I get the 3 x personal for $59.40?

    • +2

      If my memory serves me correct, once you purchased your first $59.40, close that tab and click that validation link from your work email again. Repeat the process 2-3 times. And then finally select Microsoft 365 Family for your last payment.

  • +3

    Just a tip - make your purchases through shopback to earn an additional $7 on each transaction. Additionally, activate the challenge for $20 off $200 for Microsoft purchases via the shopback app.

    Thus, you would receive $55 (7*5 + 20), further sweetening the deal.

    • Nice! Except I don't have the Microsoft Challenge :-(

      • +1

        Ended up getting the MS challenge. $260 for 5 years of family done and dusted!

  • Does this work if the existing subscription is through the Apple App Store?

  • Anyone has an idea to resolve a pop-up message: "You’re already a program member under a different Microsoft account. Please sign in with your other personal Microsoft account to get started."? After vertified the work email and click the "sign in and shop" link with a personal Microsoft account?

    • I got that error but had tried to use another of several MS accounts and not the one that owns my current subscription. When I changed to that it worked. Did three personal and one family and has a renewal date four years away with all the right discounts. HOWEVER it has not added the unexpired portion of my existing account. Will leave it a day or so to see if it adjusts and then drop a query to support as all the above info suggests current time should not be lost.

    • I have the same error. created a new outlook.com account and tried that … same error. did you figure out a way?

      • No. :(

        • +1

          I figured it out.

          It appears that MS can associate a work with a personal account and you can't change that combination. So for me my [email protected] was linked to [email protected] and when I was trying to use validated link from [email protected] with [email protected] it won't work.

          you can either use the 'other' personal account previously used or perhaps contact MS support to somehow unlink them.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Was using work's account for the license with personal account logged in, but wanted to break away just in case I accidentally upload stuff into the work onedrive. Stacked five years of family (4x Personal then 1x Family) with no issues.

    • Hi, How do you break the link between work account and personal account after subscription? Thanks.

      • +2

        There is no link after subscription - when you associate the work account and personal account, it simply applies the pricing discount to the personal account when you checkout.
        After that, just keep using the personal account…

        • that's great. Thanks.

  • -1

    how to get this deal if company email is not eligible?

  • Just did 4 + 1 as well with no issues, thanks!

  • Anyone else seeing only 30% off right now even though it is not yet February 23, 2022 8:59 PM PST?

    • Did you click through the link from the email? Usually it only shows once you go to the cart page after you're logged in with the eligible account.

      • Yep I did that but no luck. I also took a look a few weeks ago in the same way and did see 40% off then. Looks like Microsoft could have exercised the right to "modify or discontinue offers at any time" as stated on the page. Or got the time zones mixed up.

        I just subscribed to two Personal + one Family at 30% off to get three more years of Family successfully anyway in case they ended the deal early because they noticed that people were taking advantage of being able to do this.

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