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US$20 (~A$28.40) off US$50 (~A$71) Spend on Custom Video Message @ Cameo


Use code VDAY20 and enjoy $20 off a Cameo Video of $50 or more.

Comment any good finds.

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    Is the guy who found the stamps and livestreamed it on cameo?

  • +1

    The only link you need: https://www.cameo.com/davidhasselhoff

  • +2

    Is this how Ben and Schapelle survive?

    I'd like to ask that anybody who is about to purchase from this site think twice before you spend your money on this.. Consider donating to a charity instead.

    • Some Cameos do donate to charity… Look for the ones tagged charity mate. Keen to see which one you go for.

      • +2

        We donate directly to a couple things, as well as a few on the street (either individuals at random or sellers of the big issue). We won't be using this site.

        Your point is good though.

        Still, seems easier to pick a charity that means something to you?

        I've always thought, 'If only the government said nominate 3 charities on your tax form.. and each one got $50'

  • +1

    Just had a browse who was listed in the $0-100 range….

    Talk about a bunch of no-name D listers - would not even recognise most of them if someone sent me a Vid!

  • rudy giuliani

  • Andrew Johns. Crack up. Bloke's just casually scratching his gut as he wishes you happy birthday 😄

  • So you pay millionaires to give you a shout out? What is wrong with people?

  • Schapelle Corby $43 and you don't even need the voucher, bargain 😂

    • +2

      She should be $42.0

      Missed marketing opportunity

  • I watched Netflix's Cheer. Maybe someone is interested as they were doing cameos

  • -3

    Soon to be added to the list of has-beens on Cameo……..Neil Young and Joni Mitchell

    Go Joe!

    • What's up jabsbara, is Joe something else you want banned?

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