[Price Error] Fossil Decker Silver Watch CH2600IE $0, Michael Kors Norie Rose Gold Watch MK3558 $34.50 Del @ Watch Station eBay

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Best eBay Plus deals ever (if they honour).

4/2/22 Mod - Orders cancelled and refunded. "Thank you for shopping at Watch Station International. We regret to inform you that due to a system error, we will not be able to fulfil your order and have cancelled the transaction. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience."

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    Good price, I’ll leave it for someone else

  • $0 WTF?! Is this a scam?

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      I don't know; it didn't even ask me to provide payment detail, it just went through as $0.

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    Woah this is insane, great find.

  • Tried that code and guess what…………$0 discount applied :)

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    This should be posted in OzSteal

  • +2

    Will they honour it?

    • did code worked for you ?

      • Yeah! Also unrelated check out my comment below about possible fake

        • just saw that too. thanks.

  • Ok I'm in :)

  • wow hopefully they honoured this deal

  • Nice.

  • Looks like a mistake from eBay and seller gets the full amount.

  • Doubt they’ll honour it but worth a try

  • Went through, wow.

    Edit: Order's now been marked as paid.

  • +1

    Adidas shoe drama all over again?

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    Searched the Michael Kors watch and saw it on Amazon, sold by the same seller as this one. ‘Watch Station International’

    Afew of the reviews are saying it’s a fake. Not sure how this applies to the other two also.

    Michael Kors Women's Norie Watch https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01MQVHM1B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

    • +1

      Good pick up then again, it's $0.

      • Exactly, free is free! Just like to know what I’m getting. We shall see!

    • Good work detective, I have ordered 2. If they are shady, I will return them straight away.

      • Same same!

  • Bugger not working for me. "Please check your payment details or use a different payment option."

  • Worth a shot I guess, placed an order for both.

  • +2

    Cheers OP. Nothing to loose - ordered both $0 ones - order confirmation received.

  • They fixed the coupon. It looks like it's back to the proper price.

  • +1

    All gone! Sold out

    • Why did I waste my time getting the $35 one when I could have been getting the free ones :(

    • I just got the micharl kors, still some left, only 35 bucks from maybe 379

  • waiting to be cancelled

  • i don't think they will honour it…

  • Just got an order comfirmation email for both, fingers crossed!

  • It was suppose to be $10 off LOL

  • Got 2. Good Luck all!!!

  • Fmmmmmmm OOS wasn't quick enough

    anyway orders will be cancelled soon

  • How did you find this?

  • Archie will tell you they're all shitters anyway.

  • +1

    I bought 2 Michael kors for 68 bucks. 1 for wife and 1 I ll sell to recover cost. Lol

    • Can I buy off you haha

      • +2

        At this point, I am just praying that the order gets honoured, and the watches are NOT replicas 😂😂

    • @sedi
      dont be shy we know 1 for wife and 1 for the gf…
      wink wink

      • My wife is also my friend. I am friendZONED 😜

  • still not worth being scammed by ebay plus

  • Having a bad day, not logging in ozb at the right time and kissing on all these deals wahhhhhh

  • I think I am late, I've tried at 13:52 and none of the deals are working…

  • Bought an Armani but missed out on the Fossil :/ if the orders go through and anyone wants to swap, let me know!

    • +1

      I'll sell you my Fossil for $4.99, to cover my eBay plus fee


    • +1

      Maybe we can swap let’s see what happens…

  • ok bought the rose gold -

  • +4

    Nice Speedmaster

    • Right??? Looks like an exact replica

  • +8

    Is this how Australia Post Executives get to feel?

  • +1

    Promotion link:

    It mentions could save $5-$210, only with eBay plus


  • code not working now

  • +2

    Looks like the seller put 100 percent instead of 10 percent.

    • +8

      ebay will refund for fakes. we dont even need to return it most likely they ask us to destroy. that is the common practice.

      nothing wasted. except time… but again we are all wasting time already with talking on ozb..
      sometimes we need to pay to get the thrills and pumping the adrenaline

      • where do we get it certified from? that it is not a fake?

  • All gone now! Got 2 Fossil for free and bought the rose gold for $34 for the wife. Birthday coming up! Let’s hope it’s getting honored… I guess the seller doesn’t care. eBay pays!!!

    • want to trade a fossil for the armani?

      • Let’s talk again if it’s getting honored. Seller hopefully sends quick before eBay cancels…

        • +1

          Sounds Good!

        • They are pretty quick, my last order with them was made in the morning and shipped by evening.

  • +1

    Rip I wasn't fast enough

  • +2

    They are not fake, it is actually Fossil official store. I bought the Decker in the last deal a few months ago. Decent chance of being honoured IMO especially since eBay covers the discount.

  • I ordered the Michael Kors, but how can we verify whether the watch is real or fake? Is it easy to tell? I've never seen what a real Michael Kors watch in real life. Cheers.

    • +4

      ask Michael to give you Kors phone number

    • +2

      If you can't tell then it won't matter?!

      • +1

        Haha I probably can't tell, but the person I was hoping to gift it to might. Didn't want to give them a fake as a present.

        • +4

          Highly unlikely they would have 99% positive feedback selling fakes for 5 years.

        • All watches I bought from the seller via previous deal are actually shipped from Fossil.

          • @xmchen: Correct. Mostly all diesel, fossil , skagen etc ship from a courier managed facility on behalf of fossil. Basically they are drop shipping.

            Exception is amazon and fossil stores.

    • +3

      It's genuine mate. A fake one wouldn't be on eBay.

      • Aaah ok. Cheers bud.

        • +1

          finally you gave up the fake conspiracy theory

          • @ChiMot: What? I wasn't the one saying they were fake. I was simply asking if it was easy to verify a genuine product.

    • Admittedly there are fake Michael Kors watches out there ( I don't know why though given they're literally some of the cheapest watches you can buy) but given the reputation and the fact they've teamed up with Ebay there'd be too much to lose if they all turned out to be fake.

      • Awesome. Cheers mate.

  • +1

    Thanks mate, got the rose gold for the missus. Happy wife happy life.

    • +2

      without wife we will likely 100x happier

    • Yeah good one. Me too!

  • Worth a shot, ty

  • Michael Kors is now out of stock, too.
    Damn, missed it!

  • all OOS, anything else?

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