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[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 512GB $719 Delivered @ Reebelo


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus $719
512 GB ROM / 12 GB RAM
Aura Back
Refurbished - Excellent Condition
12 Months Warranty
Free Shipping
Network Unlocked

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    It's over two years old, definitely not an ozbargain

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      More like wasbargain

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        It's not even new, it's refurbished.

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      That was the 256gb version. This isn't a bargain to me, but it could be to others.

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        Wtf are you storing on your phone that requires 512gb?

        • +2

          Flac, detailed maps, 4k video. Not everyone wants to waste data streaming.

        • +1

          My phone is always loaded with movies and tv shows. As not everyone has unlimited data on their phone plan.

        • Is this the new Bill Gates, and the 640KMB meme ?

          I have a 512GB Note 9, and a 256GB SD card, its mostly full. Luckily I can upgrade my SD card, not so on the Note 10 (No SD support). As to whats stored, that's the thing, what I want. I get to dictate what I want as I have storage options.

          • @ruprectaus: My 5G Note 10 plus 512gb has a 512gb memory card in its sdcard slot lolz

            As to whats stored, that's the thing, what I want. I get to dictate what I want as I have storage options

            Nice quote hope you don't mind I use it 👍🤪

            PS: just to "Note" it was worth the upgrade from my 4G Note 9 512gb with a sdcard slot to my 5G Note 10 Plus 12/512gb with a sdcard slot

  • +1

    Cheaper elsewhere. Dont see the deal here.

    Example 1 of many sites which have it cheaper.


  • Dual Sim?

    • Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

    • +1

      Dual Sin if you buy a refurb for this price.

  • Their site doesn't work very well regarding the condition options. You can choose excellent on this page and the price is $639 in cart.


  • a new dual sim Note 20 Ultra is around $1300
    the older model Note 10 plus, being refurbished, should be cheaper than $7xx.
    Please try harder

  • S22 Ultra is dual sim with card slot or no separate slot for card ?

    • If it's like the s21 range, it can do dual sim with one being an eSim

      • sd card ?

        • +1

          Unfortunately not. The last galaxy to support SD card was the S10

  • I gotta agree, if this was brand new it would be a deal as it's the 512gb version but remember it only has 1 more guaranteed update to Android 13. That being said imo it was the last truly great Samsung Galaxy phone. I was waiting for this but ended up with an S10+ (still using it happily) as my old phone couldn't wait any longer.
    I'd be buying a FE rather than this for the same price right now though if it was me unless you really want SD/headphone jack.

    • That being said imo it was the last truly great Samsung Galaxy phone

      That crown belongs to the Note 9. The 10 series was the beginning of the end, its why I grabbed a new Note 9 at the time when they announced the gimped Note 10s that had no SD expansion or headphone jack. The issue for me was what now. I tried a Pixel 6 Pro but that thing was a dumpster fire.and am now back using my Note 9

      • Ah my mistake! I thought the note 10 had SD card & headphone jack I joined feel better about my S10+ purchase all those years ago now lol
        TBH I'd love to see the nexus program return or a pixel phone with true flagship hardware but I'm not holding my breath

  • Unless you really want the Note design or the S-Pen, I'd go the S10 5G and save a couple hundred.

  • Next year security updates will be stopped

  • Strange that Note10+ will get One UI4 but not One UI5 but it's crappier cousin Note 10 Lite will get it.

  • Eh price even for a refurbed model as pointed out earlier

  • This is an outrageous deal for a phone that is going to be 3 years soon.

  • I will consider 300

  • Not deal. Old

  • Terrible deal for a phone this age and a refurb.

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