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Samsung 85" Neo QLED QN85A 4K Smart TV - QA85QN85AAWXXY $3,295 @ JB Hi-Fi (in Store Only)


Think the cheapest it’s ever been?

Same price as the 75”

In store only; check online for stock levels

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    I'm leaning towards this over the 75" QN90A now. But the whole panel thing is still doing my head in. I wished someone did a comparison of a QN90A ISP/ADS panel vs the QN85A VA panel. Rtings have them the other way around.

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        I stopped reading lol. As a guideline try to only leave one reply per comment if you want back and forth dialogue. 10 is excessive

        • True, but it thins out the crowd, lol. If it's not worth it to people, they won't read/comment. I figured if someone had something significant to say, they would have 😊 but yeah, tbh, it was more of a vent if anything 😅

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      I choose 75QN90 over QN85 not knowing qn90 being ads… Picture looks perfect but under daylight - TV is not bright enough. You should just get QN85 or 85QN90 which is VA ??

      • Yes, my main concern is because it will be in a brightly lit room. Thank you for confirming the QN90A isn't bright enough 🙏🏾

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      To my knowledge the QN90A had a VA panel and the QN85A <75” TVs had IPS with the 85” having a VA (no 85” IPS panels are manufactured).
      Better contrasts / black levels on the VA panels.

      Didn’t do thorough research into the QN90A range so I couldn’t be wrong on that. Bought the 85” QN85A on release which has a VA panel and it’s fantastic.

      • Samsung website spec sheet shows VA panel for 85qn85a

        • @lolmage can you post a link showing that the 85" QN85A has a VA panel please? I've contacted Samsung directly and they said they don't have this information available i.e. which TV models have what panels

      • Yes, that's where the confusion is occurring, because the QN90A DOES have a VA panel… but apparently not in Australia 😩

        Agree that no one makes 85" IPS panel… but that's just cause that's whatever everyone else says 😅

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    No stores were found within 200km of your location. Click the More Stores link below to see the closest stores.
    Out of stock at Midland
    Instore at City Adelaide (2134.18km away).
    Instore at Munno Para (2141.44km away).
    Instore at Maribyrnong Home (2716.39km away).
    Instore at Epping Plaza (2726.78km away).

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    Same price 🤔 why would anyone buy the 75" (excluding stock concerns and fitting in a space)

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    • It's got to be a pricing error.

  • No online delivery or local stock

  • Available in Marsden Park, NSW

  • Available across SEQ

    Instore at Burleigh Heads (3.75km away).
    Instore at Pacific Fair Home (7.76km away).
    Instore at Loganholme (53.66km away).
    Instore at Capalaba (67.39km away).
    Instore at Orion Springfield Home (68.3km away).

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    I paid $4600 for this TV a few weeks back from JB. Hasn't been delivered yet. What are the chances they'll reduce the price for me and give me a credit?

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      Cancel that order and place a new one

      • Could do. The store I bought it from has 0 stock. So I'll need to cancel, get credit then call another store. Good chance it'll be sold out by the time I get around to it.

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          Buy new one then cancel old one if possible. JB has 30 day return if box unopened anyway even if you fail to cancel old one in time.

          • @reloxation: Kool. Delivery is next week so shouldn't be an issue to cancel. Hoping they can refund vouchers?

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              @ksun1985: As in gift cards? Not sure. Otherwise call up and ask for refund of difference

        • A bit ridiculous they still haven't delivered it. The store I got mine from also had no stock there, but they arranged for it to be sent from the warehouse the very next day. I'd be cancelling for sure.

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      Do not cancel else you will be thrown at the end of the queue and may not get the tv if out of stock. You are 100% eligible for a refund in the difference. Just send an email to the manager of that particular store and ask for a refund. They have a 2 week price guarantee. I have done it without issue.

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      I think JB have a policy if they advertise it cheaper in the next month after you buy it, they will refund the difference. I did it with my iphone a few years back.

  • Is the TV any good?

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      I've had one for about 6 months and paid $4600. I've been very happy with it.

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      I bought the 75" QN90A, its amazing. Its like OLED even in complete darkness. I do notice some blooming though in complete darkness.

      Overall, enjoying it, its an amazing TV. I got it for over $4k.

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    Amazing TV for the price!

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    Is Neo QLED the bad guy in the new Crash Bandicoot game?

  • Is it a price error? How can 75" the same price?

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      maybe they are trying to get rid of the 85`s. If the lower the price for the 75" maybe people wouldn't buy the 85".

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    I was tossing between QN85A and X95j last year but opted for Sony for Google TV and better reflection handling… I have buyer's remorse now :p…

    • Why?

      • Haha i paid 3500 for 75" but QN85A is $3300 for 85" now. I found X95j has noticeable blooming… The black is not there. Wifi got disconnected over time. Having said that… Google TV is awesome, integrate very well with my security cams, etc. Not sure abt Samsung OS. Heard lots of ads?

        • Damn 3.5k for 75x95j is a great price, much better tv than the QN85A. I was about to get a 75x95j but it was 4k, ended up with a 77a80j instead

          • @mighty-atom: Wow, may i know how much 77a80j? My living room has lots of natural light hence i picked led over oled. X95K seems awesome on paper tho. Mini led.

            • @Bargain-er: 5.4k yeah the x95k sure does look good. But I reckon it'll be $$$. Had the choice between the 77 OLED or 85x95j for the same price, went OLED only cause I'd have to get a new entertainment unit due to the stand width

              • @mighty-atom: Yeah, the stand just barely fit my ent unit too. If i can rewind time, i may opt for ust projector tho even tho wife will probably refuse haha

                • @Bargain-er: though about ust as well (samsung lsp9) for the size yes, but need to be able to control light, great for immersion but picture quality/punch wasn't as good unless it was a dark room. but definitely if it was a dark room

                  • @mighty-atom: I dun watch TV (only movies), mobile for news lol. And i ended up closing allmmy shutters now anyway… X95j got the best anti reflection among all TVs i compared but still can see the windows in broad daylight lol

  • Has anyone been able to place an order when not available in store? Stock availability is obviously limited. Or are they not taking orders?

  • Chances of price matching? Or even Good Guys price beat?

    • Potentially, if a store next to the Good guys store has stock.

  • Apparently the price drop is for display models only. Hence limited stock.

    • Ahh, makes sense. Dunno, if I want to buy a TV that has been on all day every day since it was put on display.

      • agree

      • I wouldn’t stress about that. I bought one of the very first LG OLEDs as a display model and used that argument to get it cheaper still.

        Manager said oh I don’t know if you’d want it because it’s been running 8 hours a day for 12 months. I asked how many hours is actually on the screen time, which he looked up in LG settings on the tv. came to around 3,500 hours or so already on the panel.

        Lucky for me, i was well aware that OLED display life is approx 100,000 hours according to LG, and I was pretty confident i wasn’t going to be watching TV for 24 hours a day for the next 11 years, because that’s what you’d need to do to hit 100,000 hours.

        I’ve had that LG for over 5 years now and never had a problem.

        • +3

          Its not about the life of a panel, with OLEDs there's also an issue with burn in, which may start being noticeable after a year of normal use. Having it on for 8 hours a day for 12 months showing potentially the same thing will hasten the onset of burn in.

          I wouldn't touch it, especially an OLED.

          • @techlead: Again, never had a problem with burn in, as have 99% of the population no doubt. Burn in is so rare these days it’s not even worth worrying about.

            Not to mention a) Samsung QLED don’t suffer from burn in and if they magically did, b) warranty or ACL.

            • @toshjammi: OLEDs do have burn in issues. Also the brightness of OLED reduces over time. Because each pixel is self lit, they degrade at different rates over time. So you'd get bright/dim areas or spots on the screen.

              Modern OLED panels will try to combat that by detecting these dim areas where the OLED pixels degraded faster and they make the other pixels dim as well, so you don't get these bright spots, but the issue is that your panel will reduce in brightness overall with use. In the LG TVs, you can manually run this process, I think its OLED restore or something or calibration. It will also run periodically as well.

              No manufacturer has solved these issues for OLED yet, that's why I went with the QN90A.

              • @techlead: I don’t understand. Samsung Q LED is not an OLED panel. They are two different things.

                • @toshjammi: That's right, the Neo QLED panels are not OLED. I don't want an OLED because of the drawbacks I outlined above.

                  • +1

                    @techlead: Right, sorry. I was confused because you said you wouldn’t want a display model, but then listed the reason of burn in, which doesn’t really apply to these models. Hence my confusion.

    • Did you find this out in store? Doesn’t say on the website though.

  • OOS Maribyrnong VIC (couldn’t find the stock, despite it showing online)

  • +3

    Made an order at The Good Guys over a week ago and stock isn't expected until end of Feb/early March. "Best price" the TV guy could do was $3950 + mandatory sign up to their extended warranty program for $329 + $55 delivery (total $4334).

    Went in to the store first thing in the morning today and got it price matched as well as the mandatory concierge service removed. Luckily they were super easy to deal with in terms of price matching since there were no JB stores near me with stock!

    • +2

      Mandatory warranty. What a scam. That's where they get their commission from.

      • +1

        You know that when you buy from JB Hifi, they give you an extended warranty FOR FREE!!!

        They call it their "Minimum Voluntary Warranty"


        So on a $3295 Samsung TV, the manufacturers warranty is only 1 year - but JB cover you from year 1 to year 2.5 on the following basis:

        JB HI-FI or the manufacturer will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. In the event of a major failure or minor defect and if the product is determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then the customer can request repair free of charge by an approved manufacturer’s repairer. If the goods cannot be repaired within a reasonable time frame the customer can request that JB Hi-Fi replace the product. JB Hi-Fi will then replace the product with a new or used product of the same brand that has similar features. In some circumstances, the provisions under the ACL may still provide for an automatic replacement or full refund of the original purchase price.

    • Always worth checking whether the extended warranty provides you anything meaningful that you aren't already covered by under the Australian Consumer Guarantee: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...

      "Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

      -safe, lasting, with no faults
      -look acceptable
      -do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.

      Acceptable quality takes into account what would normally be expected for the type of product and cost.

      If you have a minor problem with a product or service, the business can choose to give you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. For a major problem with a service, you can choose to receive compensation for the drop in value below the price paid, or a refund.

      Replaced products must be of an identical type to the product originally supplied. Refunds should be the same amount you have already paid, provided in the same form as your original payment.

      Your rights under the consumer guarantees do not have a specific expiry date and can apply even after any warranties you’ve got from a business have expired."

  • +1

    So they price matched to $3295? Which store?

  • It seems back to 6k + now

    • Seem price error, hope they will honor it.

  • Anyone happen to have a receipt at this price?

  • +1

    I just went in store in Top Ryde (Sydney) paid for it +$59 delivery from warehouse to Sydney Metro area

    • I just got mine delivered today but paid $4200. Are you able to share your digital receipt by any chance please? Store Manager says they'll credit the difference on a gift card if proof shown.

    • +1

      I just bought this Tv from Top Ryde store last week :( can you please share your receipt?

  • Showing as $6495 for me …

  • How does this compare to LG C1 83"? I have been offered this for 6400 free delivery

    • C1 is better unless your room is very bright.
      But this one normal price is around $4200 so not really in same class as C1 83 inch.

    • Have you gotten the C1 83"? If yes do you mind sharing the invoice for $6.4k?

  • Pricing error. No more. $6495 now

  • It's showing $6495 + DELIVERY FROM $59. Am I missing something?

  • Is QLED better for bright rooms?

  • Damn you no daylight savings in QLD, stores weren’t open yet. Anyone got a receipt to share at this price? Want to try my luck.

  • +1

    I went to JB in Westfield Sydney cbd and managed to order one for $3,295. Not the display model as mentioned here earlier but I still need hunk this was a pricing error. Delivery timeframe of 4 weeks, there were 82 on back order I was told.

    I picked up the q900a soundbar as well which is half price atm.

    Tv + soundbar + extended warranty and delivery all up $4514

    • Is it a pricing error? 82 on back order!!!! Wow.

  • +1

    Greenhills near Newcastle NSW was showing them as in stock

    It's only 60km from me so I called them

    They said the price of $3295 for the 85" is a pricing error and they won't honour it.

    They also already sold all their stock as of 10am except a floor model

    • What's the correct price?

      • $5195 according to the guy I spoke to but there was room for negotiation on their floor model.

        But he wouldn't do the 85" floor model for $3295.

        I don't want a floor model so I didn't try to strike a bargain

        • I think it may have been some error as they have changed the price on their website now. I have the screenshot for old one

  • +4

    I just rang my friend whos works at JB in VIC. It is a pricing error, head office sent a memo. They are refudning everyone. It is what they call a "Quit" model. and they are oversold in the negatives.

  • Is it just me, or do true deals on 85" and above TV's seem hard to get in the last 3 months?

    My Harvey Norman reckons most brands have very little stock and long waiting lists - hence the lack of discounting.

  • Pricing error. too good to be true

  • Called up my local JB to check stock this morning which they did. Just paid the full amount in person and getting it delivered this Saturday for the 85 inch.

    • Nice one, I will need to wait 4 weeks for mine to be delivered

    • Wow nice, I thought this was a pricing error?!?

    • I did that this morning as well - called Hornsby, they said there were two in the warehouse, I asked for one to be put on hold, went in and paid, with delivery to be tomorrow… just got the call to tell me warehouse has no stock, there are 11 pending orders, 82 on back order (didn’t make a lot of sense tbh) and there was no ETA.
      Bit disappointed as had been looking at this tv for 6 months!!!
      Wait with possibility of no more stock coming… or cancel and get a refund… :(

      • when i called up the guy from jb said he had 20+ sitting in the warehouse, definitely a pricing error but given i called up and he reserved it they had to honour it.

    • Did you get your tv delivered?

  • Can any one please provide copy of purchase receipt please. Any one knows if JB will honour and refund me the price difference if the TV was delivered two days ago after waiting since November ?

    • which part of “pricing error” don’t you understand?

      no one is getting it! Ordered doesn’t mean anything when they can just 1 click cancel and refund everyone!

      • no one is getting it!

        this comment aged horribly

  • Grrr 2nd time I have missed a cracking deal on this TV. Going to really limit the run-out stock for more deals :(

  • +1

    My TV just delivered. Good luck guys.

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