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[QLD] Special E10 Fuel $1.067/L @ 7-Eleven, Runaway Bay, QLD


Notification from ElevenMe app

You all know what to do (hopefully) - choppers ready?



Read here if you need a reminder on how to fly your chopper

Check prices for other fuel types here, credits to Master131

Enjoy :)

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        Just saw your message now! Thanks heaps for locking it in for me. Champion!!

  • Damn I better use my existing lock and hopefully this is still available tonight

    • You can create a new account. Just add a fullstop anywhere along your email and the system will think you're a new user. The verification email will still arrive at the same address.

      • Just add a fullstop anywhere along your email

        Yes, as long as it is a Gmail email account

    • Create a new account

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    Able to help people lock in for the next 10 mins

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      Thanks a bunch!

    • Can i pm you

    • hi what can you see for U95

      • U95 170.7 11-Seven Eight Mile Plains Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

    • Thanks!!

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    Irony is the E10 pumps at Runaway Bay have been none working for at least a year now, it must be showing the price from last time they sold it all those months ago.

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      Google literally shows that there is no one there rn lmao, pumps probs dead like you suggested

  • That's a huge drop. I pumped on Wednesday at $1.49. Oh well.

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    Happy to help lock for a bit

    • Thanks for helping… :-)

      • No worries :)

    • Can you do it for me Its not letting me PM because new account my insta is @mitch.germon

      • Sure, I'll pm u on insta

  • Can anyone share price of U95

    • 170.7

      • In NSW Colyton 2760 is the cheapest 170.8

  • ohh similar to what I can find…thanks

  • Do you ship to NSW?

    • +2

      No, but I think if we take a quick flight and back, Click and Collect is available :D

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    this is so cheap im tempted to get some jerry cans and mix half of that and 98ULP!

  • wonder what happen to be so cheap?

    • typo maybe

    • +6

      As I mentioned above they have not sold E10 at this store for at least a year, some issue with the storage tank I'd assume. Pumps are there just always out of service. This is probably the price from when they last actually sold it and its been accidentally activated.

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    Happy to lock in for next few minutes.

    • Thanks again

  • So if E10 is equivalent as RON94, does that mean it's better than U91?

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      No. Generally I wouldn't go near it. But I'll go a tank in the wife's I30 at this price :)

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      Yes and no, its has a higher resistance to knock but ethanol typically causes corrosion on certain components, it is also ~3% less efficient and still has a high (150ppm) sulphur content.

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    I cant fly my chopper at work :(

  • don't even need the Chopper for this one. let's go

    just realised I'm doxing myself

    pm me for fuel locks i'll do them as long as it's up

    • wow just expired, sorry to everyone I couldn't get to in time

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    Thumbs up to the champions willing to lock in for the random punters 👍🏻

  • I've noticed the most recent Beta versions of Bluestacks and Nox can run the 7eleven app, but I get errors or a stuck screen when trying to lock in. Anyone else want to try and see if they can find a way to fix it?

    • Same, I've been trying a little bit with this also.
      Stuck at the same place as you.

      I've tried most of the older APKs and no luck

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    Guys, I can help with locking for next 15 mins. PM me with details.

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    Looks like it’s expired now.

    • yup - it's gone.

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    Showing 164.5

  • Wow, the party didn't last long. Glad I locked on two accounts.

  • Dam I just missed it!!!

  • +1

    lol locked in for relatives, got nothing myself -_-

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      Don't worry you'll get good karma in return :)

  • +5

    200 clicks.
    207 upvotes. Dayymmm

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      Only noobs need to click the main link to view this deal.

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    Got busy with work and missed this! Great work for those who managed to lock :)

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    nooooooo :(

  • anyone know if i a iphone 6 is ok to lock in using 3utools?

    • needs to be 6s and above

      • Thank you

        • +1

          I have a iphone 6 and it works

      • ios 15.3 ok?

        • -2

          You’re the idiots who always updates their phone. Bad luck.

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    Thank you for playing

  • Stuck at work so can't lock. My car is running low on fuel. Anyone got a spare one?

  • Managed to get 2 fuel locks. Expired on the third.

    Have a big trip coming up and about 90L worth of empty fuel cans 😀

  • -1

    anyone got a spare lock for ex-leper?

  • missed this!

  • +1

    So spewing I missed this… damn work

  • -1

    Damn! Does anyone have a spare? Would be happy to send you a couple of $$.

  • -1

    What is a chopper - in this context?. Sorry for the ignorance

    • a helicopter

    • +2

      Flying your chopper to QLD, or getting a lift in someone else’s, to be within the required radius for this cheap fuel lock =)

    • +2

      Like when arnold says "get to the choppa"

  • Call me when it's a deal for 98 fuel :-(

  • -1

    Missed it !
    Let me know if someone has a spare code , thnx

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Saved almost $50 on my fill up!

  • +1

    I got this, but am nowhere near a 7/11 servo :(

    If someone wants to use it, can I just share the screenshot/barcode?

    • Yes you can do that, though the 7/11 servo guy have the right to deny you usage of it if they can see it's a screenshot

    • Hey mate do you plan on using the lock? Am interested :)

  • Tried locking in today but the lock in somehow expired already. Usually lasts a week.

    • It's issues / maintenance with the app potentially launched early as noted here. Might take a bit of time to resolve, will wait and see.

    • Same issue, I locked in last week when this was still active. Disappeared when I checked today, lets me search for a new lock location. Was hoping to refuel now since in close to the empty light going on

  • +11

    Like a true ozbargainer, 150L to the dot.
    2 cars filled and 4 x 20L Jerry cans full.
    Should last me at least 7 to 8 weeks

    Jerry Cans

    That box behind the jerry cans is the appliances online Euromade fridge, managed to get it for $152 too after a bit of chat negotiation

    • good on you mate :)

    • +1

      Would have loved to see the look of the staff :-)

    • +1

      They chat negotiated down further on an apparent price error discount?
      Solid effort on the fuel!

    • +1

      Good Call !!

    • I'm trying my best to convince my dad to do this… I don't think I'm going to get lucky tho :(

    • +1

      Please check your local fuel/flammable liquid storage quantities laws for where ever you keep these Jerrys.

      In the event of a fire insurance will not cover you if you are in breach of these laws and you may get a huge fine instead.

      • They were stored in a full concrete garage , cool dry corner. Ended up lasting me till this friday

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