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KNIPEX Cobra 6-Inch Pliers (8701150) $41.72 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I'm new to Knipex, but this small 150mm (6") pliers looks like a reasonable price for a local delivery. GREAT PRICE according to CamelCamelCamel.

Your views? Is it a good price and are these a good size (there is a 5", 6",etc Cobras available)

Asking the knowledge Knipex people here, but also a bargain for the rest of us. Thanks.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Cheaper than the dentist!

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    Better known as multi-grips.

  • just in time for valentines day

  • 6in is probably a bit too small for general use. For only $8 extra, I would go for the 10in version instead (I have the 10in and love it)

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      I shared a bargain… and then also asked for opinions if people had views. People give their views with every single post.

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          I wrote "looks like a reasonable price for a local delivery."

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                  @jv: "you are mainly asking whether or not this is a good price or not"

                  No. I am mainly sharing a bargain.

                  Goodbye now to you.

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                      @jv: I can also use BOLD to make myself seem more important.

                      You know what is also on this page………….a report button, you can use that instead of being a twat and wasting time with useless replies.

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                    @d123: d123 - You have been here long enough to know not to feed.

                    • @z28: What?! I said to him, "Goodbye". That is not feeding.

  • must resist…

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    Here's a review on the 5" cobra and 6" plier wrench set. Seems like a handy tool(s) to have around

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    Knipex are my favourite pliers. I have several in different sizes. What exactly do you want to do with them? I ask because it makes a difference whether you buy these with the open jaws, (great for pipe work), or the closed pliers. Unless you envisage gripping tubing, I would suggest sticking to the actual pliers.

    • Thanks for your comment. Just as a general purpose set to have in the toolbox. The wrench pliers look good too, but cannot find the small ones in Australia.

    • @wolffram do you have any in these smaller sizes and do you find them useful or do the 10" or similar handle everything for you?

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      Backyard dentistry

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    Thanks OP, bought one. It's a sick addiction, I know. At least I don't do drugs, smoke, drink or gamble.

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      @johnwinds Mine just arrived today. I think it is great for what I need. Hope you are enjoying your's too.

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        I can't think of what I'll use it for but I'm becoming a collector!

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          Glad that I am not the only one…

          • @siuol: Between this and the Leatherman multitools, this is setting me back on my financial goals.

            I'm listening to the Barefoot Investor audio book right now and he talks about the Jerry Seinfeld joke of how things you buy go through the house as a "garbage processing centre". I guess at least tools which are made of steel are more likely to last for decades.

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              @johnwinds: Buying tools like this will be better than shoes for sure! A couple hundred dollars on tools like this especially when buying on special will not hurt that much. Worst case scenario will be selling them at cashconverters when really tight on money however I cannot imagine this will ever happened. With all the bad experience with crappy spanners and pliers I truly believe these are worthy buy.

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                @siuol: My great great grandfather had passed down some tools down through the generations.

                Even though the houses have been sold and bought and replaced, tools were the one thing that lasted (not power tools obviously, although the AvE channel has teardowns of classic tools like the Sawazall).

  • How do you maintain these tools, what oil should be used?

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      If you mean the joints, consider a few drops of engine oil (for your car)
      Doesn't smell (like 40-WD which is not a lubricant) and is meant for parts going at 8000 RPM.
      Readily available too.

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