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22% off DIY Musical Tesla Coil Kits (e.g. TinyTesla US$194.99 / ~A$273 + US$35.99 / ~A$50.45 Delivery) @ OneTesla


A lot more expensive than the cheap little 'tesla coil' kits from China, but a lot more features, better design and support.
I bought the OneTeslaTS version late last year when they had a 20% discount after hunting around various other companies that do kits and/or reference designs.
High Voltage and somewhat difficult so definitely not recommended as your first electronics kit build. Get yourself some soldering and assembly practise first on some of the cheap kits that icstation posts here!

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    I'd grab the $6 version off ebay - it's a fun little project but I can't see it being worth hundreds of dollars. If you have a great time with the ebay version and want a showcase one, then maybe trade up. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/185173209469?hash=item2b1d2ef17d...

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      Before buying ANY Tesla coil, make sure you see video of it in action, or you risk being hugely underwhelmed.

      The eBay one doesn't even have a still photo of it in action. The ICstation one, posted a few days ago, does. The visible arc is only 1-2mm long, and can only be seen in a darkened room!

      The ICstation one can also be used as a speaker, but they warn it's very quiet.

      The one in this deal has a photo, and it appears that the arc is a little larger, but the photo makes it hard to judge.

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        The bigger OneTeslaTS version I bought claims arcs up to 50cm, which is in my experience is approximately true. It's hard to exactly measure them, or photograph them. And when you're running at the highest power output to generate the longest arcs, the risk of internal damage is also highest. Also, it's really, really noisy so your family and neighbours may complain.

  • this deal is shocking

    • Electrifying

      • And just like that, That stupid Grease song is stuck in my head.

        • You better shape up…

        • Hopelessly devolted to you

  • Oh OP, how will I explain this one to the missus…?

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      I bought mine during lockdown last year and claimed it was for my mental health.

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