Pressure Car Washer Which Can Work with 12V Car Outlet

Hi everyone,

I have a very tight parking space in my unit. Car literally is parked between two concrete slabs and only driver can get out if parked slated. You get the gist.

So I'm looking for a pressure washer which I can Power through my car's 12v power outlet and have 15+ L water container so I can wash my car and don't have to worry about water or power outlet.

Please suggest.



  • You will need a 12v to 240V converter. Check out Jaycar for them and go from there as then you can use any pressure washer.

    Post in a few weeks:
    My car battery dies when I use the pressure washer plugged into ciggy lighter, any one got any ideas….

    Let me get the pop corn as car batteries are not designed to run pressure washers.

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      Any pop corn makers that can run on 12V car outlet?

      • Yes.

    • Not sure if serious, but just in case anyone's actually considering it…

      You will need a 12v to 240V converter. Check out Jaycar for them and go from there as then you can use any pressure washer.

      Pressure washers use a lot of power, e.g. this $159 Gerni uses 1,500W.

      A 1,500W inverter will need about 140 amps (assuming 90% efficiency). The car battery will drain pretty quickly so make sure the engine is running. Ideally you'd have a secondary battery wired up.

      It won't work with a cigarette lighter as those usually have 15A fuses.

    • I had one of those pumps. 5L/min is a joke for washing a car.

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    Or try one of these

    • Thats probably the only solution, but its only 320PSI. Enough for a basic wash and compact.
      Please note OP - SKIN ONLY, so you will need a battery and charger.

      • Enough pressure to spread the water around. You can also get the blower to dry off the car, and a buffer to polish with.

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    Unless you've got a 4wd you shouldn't be using a pressure washer on a regular car often. Use a bucket and a normal hose?

    • The issue seems to be lack of a hose. I reckon a machine that turns a bucket of water into something that can be sprayed around would be handy.

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    Just get a battery operated pressure washer like the Worx one on Amazon. It's just powerful enough to clean your car without causing any damage to the paint. No fuss with the wires and can be had for under $120. Ingot mine for $100 and super happy with it.

  • Maybe try a self serve car wash?

  • Most of those 12v units are pretty ordinary. I think you'd get more pressure out of a garden hose.

    Probably what you want is a petrol unit.

    If you go camping, or have bad power in your area, you could get a petrol generator and an electric washer.

    I have the base model Karcher, and to be honest, unless you hold the nozzle right next to the car, the pressure is marginally better than the garden hose with a good tip on it.

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    Can't you just go to a car wash and spend 5 bucks to pressure wash everything off?

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    if the spot is that tight…. how are you going to wash the car anyway? sponges on your body and wash while u wiggle around the car o.O

  • Check strata by-laws if you can wash in basement car park. Hope someone doesn't slip and fall from your mess.

    I support Mechz to go wash your car elsewhere

    • Even if there are no rules against it OP should prepare to get yelled at or their car egged if they spray soap on someone else’s car.

      • Don't really need soap with pressure cleaner, but OPs will make a mess. It is not steam cleaning.

  • This would work as its designed to wash muddy MTB's but the reviews are not great and I believe the manufacturer is no longer in business?

  • Car Wash.

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