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Sol Republic Wired Headphone $12/$15, Wireless $17, Over Ear $119, Pro ANC $149 + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Sol Republic Wired Headphone $12/$15, Wireless $17, Over Ear $119, Pro ANC $149 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @Amazon AU

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  • $12? Are they noise cancelling?

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        You mean all are isolating. Not all are cancelling.

    • Not usually wired. Since noise canceling needs 2 mics.

      Wireless will often have noise cancelling: at the $12-$15 price point you have the truedots s or truedots 2 to look at.

      There are plenty of "no name" options too, but they're the only brand name ones I know of at that price point.

      • I had some wired NC ones from Aldi that had noise cancelling, they were great for the money (I think I paid 15 on clearance) but eventually the headband broke. They were no XM3s, but they did the job and you didn't have to care as much about them.

        Also on your point, they didn't have a mic for speaking on, just for the noise cancelling, but having said that the NC mic doesn't need to be wired to the phone/device I expect, so the fact that it's wired shouldn't be an issue AFAICS

        • While both of us are correct; typically "noise cancelling" is a feature of the mic (or, a pair of them) and is of benefit to whomever you've contacted, not for you.

          "ANC" (active noise cancelling) is what you're talking about.

          Neither of us is wrong, its just more colloquially used that way. Its a poorly defined technology really.

          • @MasterScythe: Ah ok, I assumed that @wardaddy was talking about anc, I would bet he was

  • i would like the $12 earphones, but i don't have an earphone jack.
    i was interested in the Sol Republic Relay Sports Wireless Headphone, but the reviews are horrible, so i will pass.

    great price, but the performance looks horrible.

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      Easy, get a new phone with a jack!

      • Yeah wait for an ebay sale, plenty of phone jacks available

      • buy a new $2000 phone so i can buy a $12 earbuds? sounds pretty economical.

  • Sol Republic Wired Headphone $12/$15
    I can’t seem to find these, got a link?

  • Sol Republic Relay Sports Wireless Headphone $16.55

    • This is wired.
      I just bought the wireless one for $17.

    • That link is neither wireless nor headphones lol
      These are wired earphones

  • Thought these were true wireless for a sec and not just general sports/Bluetooth set lol

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