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Apple AirPods Max Headphones Pink/Green $619, Silver/Blue $629 Delivered @ Harris Technology


Assorted colours well below RRP.
In before comments like:

I can buy two Sony headphones for this price!

Only for fanboys…

Apple is an evil corporation!

And so on 😉

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Harris Technology
Harris Technology

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      Nah, just means everyone knows and it’s not particularly interesting to see the same comments every time a product is posted.

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    Harris Technology track record here

    Not OzBargain's favourite store

    • I buy quite a bit of stuff for my company through them on eBay, never had issue. Often the best price available.

      Why the lack of love from OzB?? Just not super bargains?

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    I got no problem with something being 2x the price of another product if there is 2x better the performance. In this case there just isn't.

    • Can you recommend any headphone that is half the price but with same performance?

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        Sony WH1000XM4 or Bose Bose QuietComfort 45.
        if you are patient, you can usually get them $350 - $400

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          if you are patient, you can usually get them $350 - $400

          For WH-1000XM4B: ~ $270 after price matching.

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        You are not understanding what i am saying. I am talking about diminishing returns when it comes to prices.

        Not saying this apple product is not good. But is it 2x as good since its 2x the price of say a sony headphones. Then no it is not.

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          Of course not. But is a house 100 times as good as a camper trailer? No it's not.

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            @MrMoo: With everything you can buy. There is this point where you are just throwing money at something just because you can.

            Where the discernable benefit is just not worth the extra cash.

            Taking your example of a camper trailer. I can pimp one out to cost about as much a house. End of the day its still a camper trailer. Theres your point of diminishing returns.

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    HT is actually Kogan!

    That is news to me. I thought HT is owned by Anyware Corporation.

    • I stand corrected. HT partners with Kogan platform, not owned by them. Misinformation removed 😳

      • HT partners with Kogan platform

        Do you mean they use the same eCommerce platform as Scamogan? Probably a white label product.

        • Reading their online interview, I am guessing they signed up to be a reseller on the Kogan platform.

          Harris Technologies has focused on establishing itself as the premier IT Tech online reseller, firstly within Amazon and more recently on eBay, Kogan, Catch and others.

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