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SodaStream Crystal Starter Pack $134.10 Delivered from SodaStream Au


Hi OzBargain family, I was on the hunt for a SodaStream with the Glass bottles and came across the SodaStream direct website on sale for 30% off.

Doing some further code hunting, I found a 10% off coupon code online, placed the order, and confirmed shipped before coming and posting the deal.

Seems to be an all time low from what I can find online! Hope this helps people.

From the website:

Crystal Sparkling Water Maker combines art deco form and function to deliver visual elegance to any kitchen.

The strong, sculptured design, together with the Dishwasher Safe rippled Glass carafe provides the perfect way to enjoy fresh sparkling better-for-the-planet drinks made at touch of a button.

  • Sparkling Water Maker
  • 60 Litre CO2 Cylinder
  • 630ml Glass Carafe x 2
  • 2 year warranty

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  • Your link is for the hydration pack

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      Hey Noobist, the link doesn’t direct to Hydration or Starter, just the “Crystal” and you select the option you want on the webpage. Just double checked now.

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    Went fancy and got the big ass pack with extra bottle and sizzzzzups :)
    Always liked the glass bottle idea better than the plastic bottles.. plus dishwasher safe too which.

  • I've tried sodastream (a lower tier model) in the past but found the carbonation nowhere near the 90c bottled stuff from Aldi, is there a model that does "proper" soda water?

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      Have you tried just pumping it one more time? That’s, found that makes it better but I don’t like alot of carbonation

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        I did, and it just depleted the gas cylinder much quicker than I expected. I think I got about 10 bottles of sufficiently (by my standard - roughly the same as the store bought stuff) before it was exhausted. I figured it's cheaper to buy the cheapo stuff from the supermarkets & get my 10c / bottle refund.

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          If you use cold water instead of room temp it will be much fizzier.

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      Agree Not fizzy enough. 75 cent Coles soda way fizzier, even gassing it until the safety valve goes brrrr, still not all as fizzy as bought soda

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        OK cool, so it's not just me!

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      Think it might be different pressure relief valves on different models. I've got a nice soda stream that didn't carb much and had a real cheapo one that did.. Switched the valves around and the nice one is very fizzy!

      • Ok that's interesting because I was certain my old 'Dynamo' model would get much fizzier before the valve brrrr sound, than my current white square shaped model

      • Interesting, is the relief valve the copper threaded part that cylinder screws into or something else in the machine? I think mine is faulty.

        • Found a guide on youtube. Tightened up the relief valve and now theres so much carbonation in the water i just about got CO2 poisoning 😂

          • @pauliau: ha, nicely done. tightened up as in just reseated it better, or actually adjusted the valve?
            I think the one on mine was fixed, as in couldn't adjust the valve

            • @heineken016: You remove the valve from the sodastream and then can unscrew the inside part of the valve that holds the spring. Mine was glued and i had to really force it before it would unscrew. Stretch out the spring to give it more tension, then screw the two parts together, screwing it down further increases the spring tension even more. Reinstall into sodastream. Bubbles galore👍

              • @pauliau: ah. I left it off my comment but I tried to do this with the original weak valve and it just broke instead of opening. So good stuff opening it!

    • I'm not sure what you're doing differently, but I can fizz my bottles infinitely, to the point where my throat hurts from the carbonated bubbles!

    • You can hold it longer when you pump, When i First bought mine i wasn’t pushing down hard enough on the button….

      Can make nostril burners now if i want too…

      • Yeah but it burns through the CO2 canisters really quickly, and that's not cost effective versus store bought bottles.

  • Is the comparison feature on their website working for anyone?

  • These are a nice unit but expensive https://www.aarke.com/carbonator

    • No gas included either.

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    Thanks, ordered a starter pack and an extra bottle! Almost got one the other week at myer, but they had no stock.

    • Were they on special for a decent price at Myer?

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        Myer had the Crystal I think for $179, same as DJs

      • yea, wasn't the greatest price at myer.

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    Really want this, but dentist says 'no, no, no' - to any drink with bubbles 😢

    • It’s a crock.

      I thought that too, but my dentist said it was fine also a few online articles are the same.

      Just don’t drink coke or sugar one of those is like 50x bubbly waters in terms of wrecking teeth.

  • Anyone know the cheapest place to get a sodastream cylider swap? Or are they the same price everywhere?

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      I recommend investing in a larger gas cylinder & adapter from Kegland.

      • Agree!!

      • Also done this it’s mega.

        I change my 6kg one once a quarter and drink 3-5 bottles per day

        • Was undecided between the smaller 2.6 that you turn upside down and use the Kegland adaptor to refill the cylinders.
          About 6 or 6.5 standard SS cylinder fills from one 2.6kg larger cylinder.
          I have 4 standard SS cylinders already
          I gather the pressure between both will equal and then not be able to get the full amount from the large 2.6 kg
          Or to get the hose and connect that straight to the SS unit using a 2.6kg from Kegland and keep it in garage.
          Or get a BOC food grade 6kg C0² cylinder, at $80 per year rental. Includes one refill per year from local Total Tools

          • @Spending2Much: Don’t I repeat. Don’t get the adapter to refill small bottles.

            Massive nightmare!

            • @stewface: Thanks
              Will get the $50 refill hose.

              Now, unsure of whether to get 2.6kg or 6kg.

              And if 6kg, on yearly rental of $78 or standard exchange

  • +1

    Thanks OP, my current SodaStream bottles have nearly expired and I've been looking at getting one of these as a replacement.

  • I had high hopes for Soda Stream, recently got a new gas bottle for a machine I havent used for a few years.. was dissappointed again. sugar alternatives are within the syrups and using tap water I think doesnt give it a great after taste..

  • Would be nice if glass bottles worked on regular machines… but that would be asking too much from a company these days.

  • Anyone else getting a 'discount code not valid with this item error'?
    Its working with the extra bottles just not the starter pack

    • Looks like it’s been disabled, party is over :(

  • +1

    Delivered today, impressed quick delivery.
    Setting it up looks Nicer than expected, glass bottles will be much welcome addition vs the plastic

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