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EKWB EK-AIO Basic All-in-One 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler $119 + $5.99 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) + Surcharge @ Mwave


Was planning to build one all-black non-RGB ITX build and thought this AIO is a good-looking one for all black.
Been waiting for a deal and realized it's $20 off at the moment!

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  • Not a bad 240mm AIO. This is about what you want to pay for it.

  • Nice. Which case and mobo have you chosen if you don’t mind me asking?

    • For case, I kinda wanna get the new release Phanteks Evolv Shift XT, one amazing case, GGF built this with custom water cool but I can just do AIO and think should look good too. Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyUFl2Eh3IY&t=179s
      For mobo, I'm still using 5900x so I'm just gonna use my Asus B550i

  • I wish EK made a 280mm Basic Model.

    The only other all-black 280mm AIO that they make is the EK-AIO Elite 280 D-RGB, which cost way too much as it includes 4x RGB Fans + the Hub (which I don't need).

    • Yeah I wish they do too. They have it for the DRGB one but dunno why they don't wanna do one for basic

  • I've got the 360 model, no issues at all, performs great.

  • Have this paired with a 5900x in an NR200, works great.

    • Can I ask what is the idle temperature you are getting? I have a 5800x and feels like it is running hot. Not sure by design or I need to RMA it.

      • Typically low-mid 40s idle. I have PBO configured and goes up to about high 80s on sustained full load.

      • 5800x runs hot by design

        • Yes, I kept hearing that. But, it is quite strange to see it hit 80 in a matter of seconds and without a sustained full load. So that is the main issue. When gaming, or pushing it, it is fine at that time. It is just the constant 60 degrees is where it sits at. Windows start without anything (after loading initial programs) sits at mid-50s. I might have to do PBO again. It had some stability issues is why I removed it.

      • I have a 5900x underneath noctua c15s.

        Runs at 92 under full load with some tuning, about 52 on idle, 60~ under working conditions

        These CPUs just run hot

  • Definetely one of the best looking budget AIOs. Like people said a 280mm one would be grand.

    • One of the best looking AIOs in general, shame they gimped the pump a bit compared to the RGB variants.

  • There is a demo unit from PLE for $66.50 + shipping, but missing AM4 mount though, just FYI: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/650804/EX-DEMO-EX-DEMO-EK-AI...

    • Shows no stock 👍🤣

      • Someone must grab it before u.

  • I also recently got the 360 model for $139 to paid with 5900x, works great, looks great

  • Anyone have an idea on what the pump noise of this AIO is? Loud or pretty quiet?

  • prob rather arctic 280 kit for this price though

    • yeh but i dont like the look of the artic one tho

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