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First Choice Liquor: 25% Upsized Cashback (27% with CR Max, Was 3%, $25 Cap) @ Cashrewards


Stack with 2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with $50 Spend :)

Excellent increase from Cashrewards on First Choice Liquor starting at midnight.

27% Cashback for those enrolled in the Cashrewards / ANZ Max program, 25% for everyone else. $25 cap per member.

  • During the 1 day promo, cashback for First Choice Liquor is capped at $25 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12am to 11:59pm AEDT 25/02/2022.

As always, enjoy :)

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Pretty good rate. Unfortunately haven't been getting any decent flybuys offers lately? Im assuming due to covid/supply chain issues?

    • I’m on a 10,000 points for 4x$50 shop, at the moment.

      • That's great, Coles or first choice?

        • Coles. Alcohol would be much easier.

  • Can anyone confirm, I've linked my ANZ Card to Cash Rewards, do I just pay instore with that card and get it back on CR?

    • Boosted cashback at First Choice Liquor almost always happens exclusively for its online store, so my guess is that this online only.

      There has only been one boosted cashback deal for in-store spend, and that was when First Choice Liquor started offering cashback for in-store purchases.

      • +1

        Ok thanks mate, Click & Collect sounds like the way to go

  • Decent if you spend $50, good discount!

    • +3

      If you like single malt scotch the Aerstone $62->~$40 (with 2000pts + CR) is exceptional value. (land is smokey, sea is smooth). Both are smooth

      • Good value, compared to me wasting it on wine lol

      • Which one would you recommend, sea?
        Better than Johnnie black?
        Edit: quick google, got sea.

        • Cashback tracked already - $14.09 plus $1.86 (CRO card), $10 flybuys = $36 :D

      • I got the Aerstone Land from Coles for $40 last year.

        It's one of two scotches I've had trouble drinking.

        The Aerstone tasted very unrefined. Rough and cheap and not tasting of anything in particular. It's what I imagine Johnnie Red might taste like if I dared to try drinking a bit neat. I was already reluctant going in because online reviews were harsh, but thought everything's worth trying once.

        The other was Dimples 12YO. Sickly sweet.

        But taste is subjective. Some will like it 👍

        • Yeah i read a review on a scotch site and decided the sea was the better choice.

    • It's a 25% discount, capped at $25. The max discount is at $100, so $50-100 is all a great discount.

  • Just used my 2000 Flybuys Points deal yesterday :(

    • +2

      I would have done the same. Flybuys deal is until Sunday, and for some reason I was tooooo confident that CR might give some upsized cashback. Voilaaaaaa!!!! CR

      • +2

        I got thirsty.

  • +1

    A good deal it’s a bummer only 7 stores have anything available in Vic. They’re all about 12kms away from me.

  • Just signed up to flybuys, never bothered with it but may as well use when shopping at Coles. Can confirm 2000 points earned.

    • What's with the negas

  • Thanks OP. Savings another $25 on top of the $10 flybuys on something I will buy anyway is cool.

  • +1

    damm i don't think I have had a flybys offer. Maybe because I dont use my card much. I might still buy some grog tho ;-)

    • +4

      The 2000 Flybuy points offer is for everyone who spends $50 or more online and it stacks with CR.

  • +1

    Might be SA only, but Mismatch Session Ale is currently 2 for $120 which would work out to be about $42.50 per carton after flybuys and cashback for a beer that is rarely seen for under $70 per carton of 24.

    • Further to this…they had Mismatch Pale 2 for $120 in store which is an even better deal!

  • +1

    If anyone is looking for a good buttery Chardonnay the Fat Bastard is worth a look.

    • +2

      What did you just call me?

      • +1

        “You talkin’ to me?”

        What can I say. I’ve looked through the magic mirror.

    • Strong username to post correlation

    • Seems like a good choice and good price.
      Unusual to find a (good) Californian Chardy at this price point

    • Cheers mate, grabbed some.

    • Must be about 20 years ago Rosemount had a fantastic buttery Chardy. Think it was called Orange Vineyard. Cost over $20 but geez, I loved it. Haven't seen it for years.

  • Is the 2000 points once or each time? I can’t find the terms

  • +1

    Thanks for the post.

    Ordered a case of Asahi.

  • +1

    Payment errors with cards/paypal….

    • same here…..for all payment methods….card, paypal, flypay. clearing cache and cookies, using a different browser, buying a different item…..nothing works. It happens sometimes and is very annoying, esp when trying to do these deals. Last time it was a $10 off $100+ purchase and we (the person at First Choice I rang) thought it was the code that was causing a conflict as the total was exactly $100, so they (first choice) did a $10 credit to my card, as once I took the code off the order it worked, but there is no code this time, so I have no idea what is wrong.. I have an account in my name and that worked, but the one in my husband's name didn't work this time. We both have Cashrewards and Flybuys, so I purchase on both accounts to max the deal. Last time it was mine…..bloody annoying and frustrating. It's happened about 3 times on different dates now.

    • if you still can't get it to work, write down the error code that coincides with payment method/card and they will investigate and reset the account. It fixed my issue (this time) will see if it happens again in the future though. This has been an ongoing on and off issue for months. Edit….payment actually hasn't been debited from Paypal yet and order is classed as "open" so have rung them AGAIN to find out what is going on (on hold atm)….so far nearly 1.5 hours of my time trying to do a simple order for one case of beer……..

  • Got some plantation rum for $54 -$12.27 - $10FB
    For $32


    Going to try this as a sipping one

  • -1

    Anything for the first order? Like Liquorland has $10 off for purchases above $100.

    • any codes not already showing on Cashrewards would void the cashback

  • order was $103 but tracked at $71.82. Cant work out why. Anyone else having issues?

    • +1

      update, it has split the cash back so the rest has just tracked

  • I just ordered 2xbottles Kailua for $60 - $16.20 - $10FB
    Happy Days :-)

  • My cash back seems a bit hinky. I thought I would ask before I do anything.

    My total price for my wine was $114 bit the Cashback says it was $77.70 and I would get back $19.42.

    I understand they might take GST off but I’m not sure why the discrepancy. Can anyone assist please. I don’t use the cashback often so I’m not sure if I have an issue or not. Thanks.

    • If total inc GST is $114 (103.64 ex), then 27% CB should be around $27.98 or if at 25% would be $25.91. As the CAP is $25, you should be getting the full $25.Submit a query to Cashrewards against the transaction in your account.

    • +1

      Hi @try2bhelpful

      This is a known issue with purchase of multiple SKUs on the same order (affects only a few stores). If you check your CR acct in a few hours, you'll find that your sale & cashback amounts will have auto-adjusted to the correct values. Any issues at all, let me know :)

      • Thanks for the reply. I will keep an eye out.

        • No worries at all. Let us know once it updates :)

          • @tightarse: The account shows a pending approval of $25. Thanks for giving me the info and being proactive.

  • Bewdy! This time I've managed to pick up two Hendrick's for about $50 a piece net.

  • Buffalo trace $40 after discount

  • Oban 14yo whisky is on sale for $109 and with the bonus FB points and cash back it's down to like $75! Picked up a bottle myself always wanted to try it.

  • OMG get so angry when there are error codes when I try to pay on First choice. Usually it is because a code is used that has some sort of conflict when doing the order, but there is no code this time. I have tried every type of payment method and it just keeps coming up with an error…….grrrrrr First Choice can be a shit of a website to use

    • Same here…tried whole morning with apple pay, paypal, Cc no luck this time… BTW…msg is like this ….The payment attempt was unsuccessful (ref# 61466495)

      • yep, exactly the same. I tried everything. Rang them and they reset the account and it worked, but then it got stuck for them doing a manual check of the order so it hadn't debited Paypal?? I rang again and they pushed it through. Ring them and try

        • Haha…too much effort….tech team of coles group sucks…

          • @R n b: no, it wasn't that bad, really.

            • @souths123: if they do manually, incase flybuys points didn’t come through…need to chase flybuys which is terrible team…need to wait more than an hour in phone and still they don’t solve….need to do several follow up calls….plus if didn’t track Cashrewards again same process but they are better than flybuys….iam not in desperate situation, got stocks for few weeks, if same thing happened next time, I will try. Thnx a lot for yr suggestions.

  • eh… what the shit - $133 spend, got $13.50 tracked for an amount of $50…

    EDIT: ah…. tightarse explained above… because I have multiple SKUs in cart… email was wrong but CR website is correct

    • +1

      Enjoy :)

  • Damn First Choice website has crashed.

  • I think works out I bought a carton of Asahi 500ml cans for $42.50 after flybys and cb.

    • Those should take a while to get through.
      Put a frosty glass in the freezer, has to be super cold

  • +1

    Thanks doweyy & arse, bought some bourbon.

    • +1

      Cheers :)

    • +2

      Congratulations on 11111 comments!

  • Used my Visa linked to MAX and email from CR is giving 25% cashback, not 27%?

    • Was the payment made directly with the card, or with the card but via a third party such as PayPal? If direct, please read the bottom of your tracking email. A small percentage of the time, the transaction won’t auto-track at Max rates as explained below, but will update later. Any issues, please reach out to me :)

      If this was a Max boosted offer and you paid with your linked ANZ card, your transaction will be upgraded to Max cashback once we receive a corresponding card charge within 15 days from purchase. No further action is required.

  • Spent $92, cashback tracked (amount in my cash rewards email and on the cashrewards website) is $20.91.
    That is 22.7%, not 25%.
    I'm missing $2.08. Anyone else but getting the full cashback rate?

    • +1

      I’m going to assume the $92 figure you quoted is the amount you spent including GST.

      First Choice Liquor reports to Cashrewards the amount you spent excluding GST, and Cashrewards calculates cashback based on that figure. It actually says this on the Cashrewards page for First Choice Liquor:

      This store reports sales ex GST. Cashback is calculated on reported value.

      If you remove the GST component of your transaction, the transaction amount reported to Cashrewards is $83.64. 25% of this figure is $20.91, and that is why your tracked amount is $20.91.

      Most retailers who participate in cashback schemes (e.g. Cashrewards, Shopback) do not award cashback on GST, as GST is payable by the customer at the time of sale and is merely collected on behalf of the Australian Tax Office. (There was actually a recent discussion that goes into more detail.)

      • +1

        Very well explained Wookie. Thank you :)

      • +1

        Thanks, excellent explanation Wookie.

  • Placed my order last night. This morning my flybuys account doesn't have the 2000 points. I'll check again tomorrow.

    • Mine hasn't come through either. Will keep on eye on it.

    • +1

      Flybuys rarely (if ever) immediately credit points earned from a qualifying transaction at a participating retailer. The points should land on your account either around 5pm today (Sydney/Melbourne time) or within the next couple of days.

      Keep in mind there have been cases where the bonus points are not automatically credited within four weeks of the offer's end date. For example, I did not receive the bonus points from a similar offer at Liquorland at the end of last year, so I called up the Flybuys team and the person who helped me said "yeah, a lot of people have been calling us up about that offer and complaining about the bonus points being missing".

    • +1

      FYI, the 2000 bonus points landed on my account a few hours ago. Hopefully you received your bonus points too!

      • +1


    • +2

      Got the 2,000 points. Yay.

      • 2000 bonus Flybuys points did not track with my purchased (Yes, I spent over $50.00). Cash rewards tracked.
        Need to wait for 6 weeks to follow up with the terrible flybuys team. Flybuys team are awful to deal with.

    • Mine have come through.

  • +1

    ugh, looks like my purchase yesterday didn't track with CR… time to set a calendar reminder for 7 days to chase it up :/

    • mine didn't either. The flybuys went through but not CR.

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