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Hydro Gainer Aqua Bag US$40 (50% off, Was $79.99) + US$19.99 Delivery (~A$84) @ Hydro Gainer


Revolutionize Your Workouts

In contrast to ‘dead’ weights, the Hydro Gainer™ Aqua Bag reacts to your every movement. Because of this, every repetition is different, asking something different from your muscles and motor control each time. In order to raise it above your head, even the smallest muscles are activated, working together with the bigger muscles to maintain balance and power. Because of this, even 20 pounds of water can humble trained athletes.

  • Multifunctional Training
  • Easily Portable
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Stimulating Challenge

50% Off for a limited time only!

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    I've been bodybuilding for nearly twenty years. This is just plain stupid. Water is fluid so the weight will constantly shift which will exaggerate mistakes. That will lead to injuries and bad technique. Dead weights are by far the best way to ensure good technique and it works. If you don't have room for weights, stick to resistance bands.

    • +1

      The centre of gravity will keep shifting. I would rather exercise with a keg

    • -6

      Sorry to hear that this may not be for you and we respect your opinion.
      The advantage of the water is that the unpredictable movement can trigger and work different muscles. Also with the adjustable weight based on how much water you add, users can start off with lower weight to try it out first before adding more weight, which would lower the chances of injuries from happening.

    • Even though I think it's stupid too… at least its safer being accidentally hit by a water bag than dead weights lol

      • +1

        Not by a lot if it's the same weight.

  • +12


    Rather just get it locally from Kmart.
    No bargain here.
    Just another dodgy Chinese dropshipper.

    • +2

      A very misleading title price: currency in USD and no delivery info. It comes to ~A$84 shipped from HK. There is no reason to buy from this store at all.

      • ban?

        • A bad price should be voted down, however a bad deal is not a valid reason to remove the post or to penalise the store (or the rep). This post was almost removed for an invalid coupon, but it was simply a typo and easily corrected.

          An incomplete title is a valid reason to file a report to the Moderation Team for editing, but it is not a valid reason to ban.

  • Does it come with the water? Cos I really like that blue water so I can look the part but Gatorade cost too much.

    • -1

      It does not come with the blue color. You can buy the ink dye separately to create this color effect.

  • 15 sold in the last hour. LOL!

    • Those things aren’t actually real

  • +3

    50% Off for a limited time only!

    Don't bother. $29 from Kmart everyday.

  • +3

    Cheaper at Kmart as mentioned above.

    Please stop using this website for free advertising. It's meant to be for bargains.

  • Cheaper to try and lift a cat..

  • +2

    Omg. That thing looks like an OH&S nightmare. Sudden weight shifts or ballast all in one end that can change rapidly…

    And there is no way you are getting ripped like the dude in the photos. Totally misleading and deceptive. There is no way that that dude has one of these in their gym collection. More plastic junk to either end up in landfill or stuffed under the bed/back of the hall cupboard.

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