Qantas Health Insurance Member? Any Good?

Hi guys, just after anyone using Qantas Health Insurance if it's a YES / NO overall ? Seems pretty good backed by NIB but would love to get your thoughts on if currently a member. Thank You

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    I avoid any NIB backed policy. They don't remunerate doctors appropriately - and these costs are passed onto the patient, increasing your out of pocket fees.

    • They don't remunerate doctors appropriately

      I'm curious to know in what way they don't remunerate the doctors appropriately?
      (I'm not doubting what you're saying - I've just never heard anyone raise that as an issue before)

      • Here is a well explained example (anaesthesia);

        • Are you referring to the graph that shows NIB pays less benefits than other major funds?

          I've never used NIB, but if they're not paying out as much in benefits across the board, then I would expect (and I could be wrong) that their premiums would be less than the insurers that payout more.

          If that's the case, it comes down to a matter of choice for their customers, right?

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            @bobbified: You’d be surprised. When I do my annual comparison, they are generally equal, if not, more pricey than HCF/Medibank et al (for comparable policies).

            But remember YMMV!

            • @freshofftheboat: In that case, I hope that everyone compares before buying. (Although in practice, people probably just go and buy it without reading!)

  • Have been with them for 3+ years, but only used extras. Never had any use for hospital. But been otherwise fine, no complaints. Points are nice.

  • heres the latest report card, contains actual comparisons of rebates (have to download)

  • I too have Basic Extras only. No problems whatsoever to date. Getting the flat 60% back is good, usually just swipe the card. Otherwise very prompt payment. You can easily earn lots of points with the associated fitness app if you’re into FF points.

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