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EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING 8GB LHR Video Card $1199 Delivered & More @ BPC Tech


Happy Saturday guys!

Just a quick post of our 3070 FTW3 ultra deal, still the best price on the market :)

Btw start from this weekend we began to run a weekend flash sale, don't miss it!

Enjoy your weekend!

BPC Team

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  • +22

    I know it's a different brand but if a gigabyte 3070ti is $1214.10. I can't see value in the 3070 for $1199

    • Yeah it probably should be cheaper, but i'd prefer a 3070 over a 3070Ti because the Ti is barely faster and manages to consume over 100w more than the standard 3070 so I'd need to get a new PSU.
      Well, that is if I could afford either.

      • +6

        FTW3 is significantly better quality card than Gigabyte Gaming (I've got an FTW3 3070Ti). But I to tend to agree, for the extra performance of the Ti, worth spending the extra $15, even if it means getting a lower quality card.

      • So for just gaming, really not much diff between 3070 & 3070Ti in terms of FPS?

        • +8

          It's the same chip with more cuda cores. It should be 10 - 15% faster. Don't know why anyone would prefer a slower card for the same money. Power consumption when running synthetic benchmarks don't mean much in the real world.

          If it's really a concern you can clock it lower yourself and undervolt, the hardware is better tier than the base 3070, a 3070 ti should be a better binned chip

      • i'm in the same boat as you using 100watts more power for 10fps no thanks.

      • +1

        On average 3070ti is 290w where 3070 is 220w
        The fps difference is around 10% extra for 3070ti.
        If for $100 + I can understand opting for this card but for $15 I don't get why you wouldn't jump for the 3070ti.
        Also from all the reviews and reports I've seen the gigabyte 3070ti is actually a decent card unlike some of their other failings. Still not same level as evga. But 3070ti is a safe option if choosing the gigabyte brand.

        • Gigabyte offers a 4 year warranty. What do the other brands do?

          Think of it as avoiding a 6 month ACCC consumer rights back and forth argument.

    • In the market for a new GPU atm. Where can I find the TI at that price?

      EDIT: Found it.

    • Ti stands for Tiny Improvement these days. We are talking like 5% difference in performance between the 3070 and 3070 Ti, so the RGB and cooler design will be bigger factors.

  • +17

    Hard to justify when 3070tis are hovering around $1229. You'd hope 3070s would've been a bit cheaper than this by now (Though this is a premium model)

    • +12

      Thanks for the advice :)

      • +4

        Not sure why you got downvoted. Have my upvote to even it out.

        • +1

          Cheers mate! Appreciated!

          • @BPC Technology: Good that you guys always listen to our suggestions here!

            • +1

              @kaikor: Hmmm not sure why you got downvoted, but I believe the best way to improve is listening to opinions from everyone.

              • @BPC Technology: Its OK! Can't please everyone isn't it, but remember after listening, need to be like Nike slogan 'Just DO IT!', hope you will give us more better deals in the near future, THX!

      • Yeah I understand you need to make a margin but given the 40 series is just around the corner too it makes it a bit iffy. Not a bad deal but still not amazingšŸ‘

        • maybe its cheaper to recycle the unsold 3000 series for the new 4000 series. you never know…

        • +1

          Thanks :) will try post some amazing deals next time

        • Just around the corner as in 7 months away still.

  • considering the rather minor jump in performance between the 3070 and 70ti, some might prefer the slightly lower price and choose to overclock their card a little instead.

    • +7

      $15 is absolute pennies when you're talking about $1200 graphics cards, by that same token you could also overclock the 3070 ti a little as well to maintain the performance gap

      • i mean compared to cards that are around 100-200+ more, for like $15 sure go with that

  • +2

    Would an 8GB card be okay for 3440x1440 gaming?

    • +1

      Yeah its fine. I have a 3070 8gb with a 3440x1440 monitor and there's no issues there.

    • +1

      I'm using my old 8GB GTX1070 for 3440x1440 gaming now :)

    • +1

      Yeah it's fine, playing stuff with a 3070 8gb okay.

    • +1

      Absolutely fine.

      Unless you are planning to go up in resolution real soon, then maybe the extra VRAM will help in the specific titles you play.

      By the time you do go to 4k or more , the card probably needs to be upgraded at the same time anyway.

      • +1

        Never know, donkey33 may be upgrading to 4K gaming in the next 12 months, then he may have constraint from this 8GB VRAM in some games, but for now it should be fine.

  • Showing as $1,279 for me, is there a coupon code?

    • Hi Agret,

      You can send your email & contact info through private chat, and we will generate the $1199 invoice manually then send it to you.

      BPC Team

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