How to Get a Good Deal on a Mattress?

I'm looking to buy a new mattress.

I tried one of the boxed ones, Macoda, and after a year the foam is deteriorating and sagging. No warranty and no support. Very disappointing.

I want to spend a bit more money on something that'll last and will actually let me get a good sleep but don't know where to start.

Forty Winks seems like I wouldn't get a good deal and I'd just be sold some generic reskinned brand entry for 50x the cost price.

Sleeping duck and other boxed mattresses just aren't convincing me after the bag experience with macoda.

How does one shop for a good deal on a good mattress?


  • Go to IKEA and make sure to get the thickest mattress topper on top as well.

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      I used to have a rental apartment. The hard waste downstairs was filled with IKEA mattresses.

      OP just go to a factory outlet/warehouse for mattresses there's heaps around. Got mine for <$1k and 'seems' to be a lot better than whatever is offered at the big stores.

      I kept falling off the edges on the mattresses in a box.

      • I kept falling off the edges on the mattresses in a box.

        Probably because there's no internal spring system. seems to be a common complaint.

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    A true Ozbargainer will use the free ones thrown out on the sidewalk. Comes with extra flavour

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      But can I use Shopback, or…?

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      Smells like R Kellys sheets, pissssss…

  • Budget Miami Sealy mattresses can be found really cheap on those "50% sales"
    talking 400bucks for a aussie made queen mattress with 10 year warranty

    crazy to spend money on a mattress in a box unless its for a airbnb

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    I'm not sure, let me sleep on it and get back to you.

    (srsly though, we have a sleeping duck here since about 2014, no problems)

  • Hi, i bought one from forty winks recently
    They wanted 2,799 for Queen (price of single sale)
    Sale is fake, worse than 50% off they have multiple times a year.
    First visit they said $2,300
    Research online find type of bed, comfort foam, gel-infused memory foam gel-infused latex or Talley layer (increasing price)
    Look up bed makers homepage to see models.
    Thus gets around naming changes and allows comparison to online prices.
    See and others.
    Got mattress for $1,900 inc delivery and old mattress removal.
    Do your research

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      even $1900 is overpriced IMO.

      but yes, never buy retail or from a retail store. If they can offer "50% off" regularly, then, well, it's not that expensive for them to make them.

      • Depends on type of matress, I have bad back so needed support.
        Would gave gone cheaper in my younger age.

        Tge 50% off thing started due to Garvey Norman, Google is

        They cost a few hundred to make but like all product large markup.

        Retail store is fine as you can get actual feel of matress. Just need to check pricing vs online. Don't fall for pressure tactics

  • Isn’t it hard to get a good deal on mattresses because each store has essentially the same mattress model, but they’re all named something else?

  • No warranty and no support.

    What happened to their 10 year warranty?

    • prob doesnt qualify under their warranty terms "sag of 35mm or more with no pressure applied"

  • Wait for those "Pay Single Price for any size" deals

  • 3-5 yoga mats from big retailers or even better follow advice from a Yogi.
    Gradually remove one by one and you will find the right yoga teacher.
    Worked 4 my missus, she can sleep on timber now with minimum discomfort.

    BTW: Both Google founders make extensive use of Yoga during their working hours. When little Zuck found out, he poached their most valuable chick! It seemed to work for a respectable time for him!

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      What the hell are you talking about?

      Gradually remove one by one and you will find the right yoga teacher.

      Everything you said doesnt make sense to what OP is asking.

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        "Why spend hundreds of dollars on a mattress to sleep on when you could instead spend dozens of hours of your free time practicing a spiritual discipline that could eventually make you mostly fine with sleeping on a wooden floor?"

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          If it is that simple, mattress manufacturers should be yoga teachers instead.

          • @KaTst3R: 1.6 Billion Muslims refuse alcohol, yet the booze companies still have a roring trade!

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              @payless69: You must be a person with a very unique thought process. I totally cannot understand what you are trying to say in relation to the topic on hand.

  • I went to Bed Shed and got a Sealy and have been really happy with it. Never liked the boxed foam beds. Bed Shed give you like 40 days to try the bed also so you can return it for a replacement if you don't like it. But you do have to cough up some cash, I spent around 2,200 on mine but couldn't be happier…. you use it everyday so why not spend a bit to get something good.

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