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$10 off Per Month on All nbn Plans for 6 Months (Save $60) @ MyRepublic


MyRepublic is currently offer $10 off per month ALL NBN Plans for 6 months. This is a $60 saving. All plans come with no lock in contracts and unlimited data and start from $59 per month for 50/20Mbps data plan which is a great value.

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  • +8

    MyRepublic not matter how cheap won't go back again

    • That bad eh?

      • +2

        I also wouldn't touch them. Had a billing issue a long time ago and they argued with me for hours and it took 4 people to work out the issue until they realised they were wrong and then finally fixed the issue.

  • +7

    MyRepublic is the worst Internet supplier I ever used. Slow speed and poor customer service.

    • They have a customer service ?

  • +3

    They were good for the first 1 to 2 years but went downhill when they started their backend upgrades causing me lots of drop outs.

    Would not recommend until they up their service

  • I'm currently with MyRepublic, I've had about 5 outages in the 3 months I've been with them. Not great when you are remote working. Speed has been ok for the most part, but have been randomly throttled at least twice. I complained and asked to leave, they comp'ed me a free month if I stay. So I'm with them for a little longer, but will be jumping off soon.

    • Were the issues MyR or NBN? If the later, changing providers won't help unfortunately.

  • +1

    They should have still honoured/grandfathered their initial plan, 100/40 unlimited for $60pm. I had decent peak speeds back then. Agree customer service needs major improvements though.

  • +1

    Was with them from 2017 to 2020. First few years were fantastic. No issue. But good time doesn't last long. Since 2020, I have numerous outages from few hours to 24 hours. 3 outages in 1 month. Live in Sydney West. Can't provide feedback on other areas though. Moved to exetel for 6 months without single outage. Then currently with spintel for 4 months now, no issue at all.

  • +1

    Not even of they offer 6 months free, because I would need a second provider either way to use.

  • +1

    I remember when they launched, so much promise unfulfilled

  • +1

    the WORST rsp I have been with.

  • +1

    Yeah nah! I am and have been with them for years and they’ve been pretty bad from the get go. I was with them due to affordable naked DSL- stayed on for NBN- moved houses- didn’t provide me the correct account number to pay my bills. Had that issue for months until it was finally resolved. Then drop outs- complained- they said that the link has bee NBN up on their end but down on my end - even after connecting to modem directly. Port reset was a quick resolution. But issues occurred So frequently, that when the deal with Origin Energy BB came out, I jumped on it! Waiting to swap over to new RSP and looking forward to ditching MyRepublic once and for all!

  • I am with them at the moment and have noticed more drop outs that when we first connected 5 years ago.

    So my question then becomes what is a good alternative for the same cost?

    • Superloop, AussieBB sometime they have promo for new customer.

  • Avoid them like the plague. They are just like Circles.life and wouldn't be surprised if they were from the same parent company. They got 3 years of our business before things turned nasty when they continued to bill us after we had churned away. Spent endless hours on phone escalating and trying to resolve.. Had to end up contacting ombudsman.

  • anyone with myrepublic share their referral code. need name as well support is asking for code plus full name as I forgot to put it during checkout

  • +1

    MyRepublic is not only the worst ISP I have ever had, but also one of the worst experiences with a business I have ever had. Not only will I never become a customer of theirs again, I will actively go out of my way to ensure no one I know does either.

  • +1

    Worst NBN experience I have had yet. Evening ping's are so high

  • I would heavily advise against MyR for a couple of reasons: The product needs a "fix" to work correctly with certain applications and games. Support is meh and only having a single PoP in Sydney means you're not really getting the best possible performance on a "network built for gamers". On top of that people often report billing issues and slow speeds. If you're on a budget consider More Telecom's CBA Deal if you're a CBA customer or a 6m deal with Tangerine

  • ref " the 30 Day Happiness Guarantee" dont you have to give them a chance to fix the issue? also has anyone claimed it before and what reason did you use to claim a full refund?

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