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LG UP80 86" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2021) $2495 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Save $800

  • Real 4K UHD
  • Alpha 7 Gen4 AI Processor 4K - AI Picture, AI Sound, TruMotion 200, HDMI 2.1 features (HFR, eARC)
  • 0ThinQ AI - Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, Apple HomeKit, Home Dashboard, Magic Remote
  • Cinema Experience- FILMMAKER MODETM, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos
  • A World of Entertainment - Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sport, Twitch, Game Optimiser, Sports Alert

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  • +22

    That's a lot of 4K screen real estate for under $2500, especially from a relatively decent brand (not TCL etc). Not bad, not bad at all.

    • +2

      It's a lot of screen for the money.

      • -12

        It's an interesting thought because the 10 inches extra almost cost the same as a whole TV. ie. going from 65" to 85" can be the same price as 2 x 65" = 130".

        • +22

          65" is nearly half 85" in area/screen real estate (1.166m² vs 1.993m²). 130" is 4 times the area of a 65"

    • +13

      its also smarter than me.
      (but i guess that doesn't say much)

      • +21

        Gimli son of gloim you shouldn't be so hard on yourself

      • +1

        I gave up when my washing machine got smarter than I am. We should all bow down to our appliance overlords.

      • Well you least have some cells being on ozbargain

    • "Relatively"? What's better?

      • -1

        I suppose they meant better as in not only brand, but also tech. Like the mini LED from LG, etc.

      • Smacznego Polska Kielbasa

    • +6

      I moved away from Samsung and bought TCL 85 inch last year. I couldn't be happier and can't recommend enough. 3 years in-home warranty.

    • +2

      If size is all you care about, then sure. But as far as picture and build quality goes, let's just say in this case you'll get what you paid for.

    • +3

      Not sure why this review says it doesn't have local dimming but the specs on JB HiFi says it does ?

      In the review the refresh rate is 60hz vs 200 hz on the specs.

      Ok worked it out haha, this is a different model. The review is for UP8000 but this deal is for

      • +9

        Often the 85" models have significantly different sources from the smaller panels that are labelled as the same series. Rtings only reviews the smaller panels (don't have unlimited money) so often you have to be careful to check out the larger sizes to see if the listed specs, features, quality etc in the review actually applies.

        Pain in the arse that the specs can vary so much between sizes of the "same" TV.

      • +2

        On Jbhifi model number is 86UP8000PTB. I am confused. Is it UP80 or UP8000?

        • +2

          I think mattkenny has it right. It's the same model but higher specs for the biggest screen. Not sure why they've got it listed as UP80 both on the page and in the specs and then 86UP8000PTB.

      • +8

        UP80 = UP8000. LG often add or remove zeros in their model number depending on region.

        This TV doesn't have local dimming. It is Direct Lit. The LED backlights are behind the panel but can't be dimmed locally. (Like most retailer websites, JB Hi-Fi specs are wrong.)

        The TV supports up to [email protected] natively. "200hz" is just motion interpolation where the TV adds extra frames. This feature is typically disabled in game mode as it adds input lag.


      • the refresh rate is 60hz

        Physical refresh rate is always* 60 or 120.

        * "always"

    • +7

      5.6 for HDR movies makes my decision

      • +2

        Any IPS display that doesn't have FALD or MiniLED backlight is going to have crappy HDR, due to the panel type having low native dynamic range.

        If you care about HDR (or picture quality in general) I would consider OLED or waiting for MicroLED to come down in price.

        • I thought anything this size is VA panels. I keep reading in other threads that they don't make IPS panels this big 🤔 or what that only for Samsung? I did do the "tap" test on this exact model at JB Hi-Fi (Chadstone) and it didn't flicker, which makes me think it is an 86" IPS.

          • +1

            @neezy: Yeah mate 86" is IPS as per rtings review:

            The 50 inch, 60 inch, and 70 inch models have a VA panel and much better contrast

            • @Ryballs: wow, that's interesting. Seems it's the other way around with Samsung i.e. the larger 85" panel has VA, and the smaller panels have IPS (in regards to the QN85A).

              Which is doing my head in, because of the whole QN90A having an IPS ADS panel in Australia (instead of the VA it has overseas).

              Cheers though. I didn't realise Rtings went into depth with the panels in diff sizes in the Picture Quality section! 😁

  • Good tv. I've got the predecessor to this and it's good. I bought that for 3900.

  • +1

    How would you compare this to the Nano75 86inch TV for $200 more?

    • +1

      Great question, I also looked at the nano earlier today but I’m considering this deal. What is the true refresh rate on this one?

      • +3

        I have terrible experience with Nano75 86" and LG customer service in general. Bought one back in 2021 and the TV started to have black flashes every now and then. Called LG and as for repair, their contractor came and inspect, couldn't identify the problem. They then took it away without reassuring how long the repair would take. Two months had passed and they still don't have ETA on the part. They are one of the dodgiest people I have ever encountered, also very rude. LG just wash their hands off completely.

        • +1

          Only buy LG microwave, sir.

          • +6

            @KLoNe: I had an LG microwave and it died within 10 months send it back for warranty and it got damaged by AusPost so I say LG is no good, sir!

            Sharp microwave is better from my experience.

            • @Tam: My LG microwave is doing great for more than 6 yrs. And I bought is second hand, just for 60 dollars. Didn't expect it to last this long.

              • @sedi: I bought a Sharp Carousel secondhand from Cash Converter for about $100 back then and it lasted a good 5 years before the latch to open the microwave door snapped off.

            • +1

              @Tam: @Tam I had my LG microwave free from a friend. That thing worked for a good 18 years before it shot itself.

              • @goraygo: Was it a Goldstar microwave? 😉

            • +2

              @Tam: But my LG 55 inches died,it was an LED, and the back light stopped working. Out of warranty, so it went on the nature strip.

              • +1

                @sedi: Reminded me of the LG 3D TV I bought when it first came out many years ago that lasted 13 months before it wouldn't turn on at all and LG wanted about $1K to fix. Didn't know anything about ACL back then so I didn't go ahead with fixing it so I went bought a Samsung which lasted 5 years.

                • +1

                  @Tam: Mine was 55LA6230. it was 3d too. I think your TV was similar model too

                  • @sedi: Hehe our 55LA6230 still going strong from 2013. Funny how TV size perceptions change - we thought it was huge in our family room, with a 32" in our upstairs lounge.

                    Now family room is a 75" Hisense 75Q8 (up from 55"), lounge the 55" LG (up from 32")…

                    • @willyroo: You're lucky lol. I have seen many people having issues with that model.
                      However I am undoubtedly impressed with LG nano technology, I might consider buying lg again. I understand sometimes companies make products with defects, that doesn't mean LG is a bad company. As far as I get a bargain, lol.

            • +1

              @Tam: My 2½ year old LG NeoChef inverter microwave has just stopped heating/cooking properly…..not happy at all.
              The Sharp microwave it replaced lasted over 13 years and may be still going as I gave it away.

      • In one of the pictures it says hdmi 3 and 4 support 120hz.

    • I have the Nano75 86inch, imo very good.

    • Where is the 86” nano $200 more ?

      • The Nano75 86” is 2750 at Videopro. Or including delivery it is 2860 at appliance central. The jb hi fi price does not include delivery and could be very high.

  • I went into JB today, alot of nice TVs around $2500-$3500

    Amazing quality in 75-85"

    I'm use to my ALDI tv hahaha

  • +3

    I would steer away from LG, they are notorious for using low quality LED arrays. All my LG tvs i bought went blue tint after 2 years, LG refuse to repair. Tinting is caused by LEDs dying , very common problem. Google is your best freind

    • -4

      Yeahhhhh the softy

    • +3

      Not sure why you are being downvoted as it's a well known issue with recent batch of budget model LG LCD TVs. LG OLED TVs are amazing and computer displays are also pretty good, but other than maybe their QNED/Nano series, I would avoid their LCD TVs.

      • +2

        I think its because people read the reviews, and these issues come up after warranty expires which is between year 3 and 4 of ownership.

        Its a relatively new TV so no reviews of LEDs failing, but as i mentioned above LG have a history of using cheap LED arrays .

        Please do your own research as YMMV

    • Google is your best friend

      Said no one ever.

      • I wonder if Google came up with that one in a similar way to Don't Be Evil.

        Don't Be Evil has, of course, been officially removed from all Google communiques. Even meaningless slogans and drone content like "Our Mission" statements.

  • +3

    Take benefit of 10% discounted GC from woolworths this week. Ends up for ~$2250. Cheaper then what I got in Dec for $2300.

    • How to get 10% gc?

      • +1

        I think the “HIM” cards can be used for jb hifi. Up to $100 per card. Not sure what the maximum number of GC is that can be used in one transaction. Pity you can’t get $500 cards.

      • +1

        HIM Gift cards have JB store to be used.
        - 5 GC per person limit to buy it at once. (visit multiple WW store to purchase it)
        - also in JB in store, there is not limit to use number of gift cards.
        - Myself used 66 GC last time in Dec21

    • I dont see the gift cards at 10% off though?

  • This vs X90j in 75” for $2995 at GG?

    Guessing the Sony looks better

    • Sony looks much better but lg is bigger. I have friends with both TVs you mentioned and the Sony does look better with better upscaling which is even more important at these sizes and the blacks are darker on the Sony.

    • +4

      Personally I'd go Sony not just for the picture quality but also the interface is way better.

    • Yes, the Sony X90J is quite a bit better quality , especially for sport and movies

      • Great thanks for the feedback. Have had my eye on the Sony for a few weeks I think I’ll pull the trigger as I mainly watch sport and movies.

    • Can’t see the x90j for 2995 at GG? Was that a special?

      • May have been, Harvey’s also had it for same price so I grabbed it from there as no GG had stock in my area. Got delivered today and it’s a stunner

  • +2

    I had the UP75 a month ago and returned it and got a Hisense 85" because the LG couldn't get ch7 believe it or not. Issue was firmware related, I had perfect signal strength and other TVs in the house working fine. This LG has a weak cpu and menu controls laggy af. HDMI arc doesnt work. My Hisense is much better.

  • +4

    I've had a nano cell LG TV for the last 4 years or so and it was brilliant. However, this particular model UP80 has got huge issues related to flickering. If your eyes are sensitive, then do not buy this. I did the mistake a few years ago and returned it a couple of days later as the headaches the TV game me were unbearable. Then I went with a used LG nano cell TV (bought used because new ones were so damn expensive at the time) and it lasted years with no issues whatsoever. The difference is like night and day. The panel quality, colors, HDR, brightness, etc all were very different between the two models. My advice, if you only have 2.5k to spend, and insist in the bigger size, watch the used market and get a higher model perhaps even with a warranty.

    • +4

      To explain a bit more, the budget LG TVs (often starts with 'U') use low-frequency PWM to maintain the brightness (effectively flickering the screen at high frequencies). While this is not obvious to our naked eyes, over time it would make your eyes tired and cause headaches. More sensitive people will feel this straight away, while some will take time. Please see the rtings website for this particular model UP80, it gives very low score (4 out of 10) for flickering. In comparison, higher end nano-cell gets 9.9 out of 10. The other differences like Wide colour gamut etc aside, this huge difference in flicker score along makes the nano-cell much better choice even at a higher price bracket.

      Do yourself a favor, buy a quality TV (even if it's a few years old) than spending your hard-earned money on something mediocre simply because it's new.

      • Any recommendations on tvs a couple of years old that still punch?

        • If I were you, I'd pick a TV with a brand name (anywhere from 2015 onwards) and search rtings website with their model numbers. Usually searching google will give you an RRP of the TV back in the day, which will give you a pretty good idea of how decent the panel would be. For example, a used Sony 85" X8500D (released in 2016) with all the bells and whistles at the time (costing $8,000 when new) would have a much better panel (even after 6 years) than this LG 86" budget TV and would probably cost less in the used market.

  • I have this TV and overall I am happy.
    It's great for gaming as it supports HDR and 120fps but there is one downside.
    The blacks! Especially when watching a dark themed movie , you can see light bleed as it is an edge lit panel.
    I am not disappointed with the tv but I know I'd be a touch happier if I got the lg nano75 or something direct lit.
    The post above said they had flickering issues , I haven't had this problem but the 86" in the UP80 series is the only one to support 120fps as it's a different panel to the rest of the UP80 models

    • Backlight Type Direct LED

      As per LG website this TV is direct lit. If you want better blacks get a VA panel or even better OLED.

  • how many true full spec hdmi 2.1 ports does this tv have? Assume same price if purchased in-store? Can Woolies gc be used to purchase online?

  • Just got an out of stock email and " estimated time of arrival at the warehouse for this item is 29/04* (*subject to change)". Hmm…

  • Is the nano75 a better model?

  • +2

    I have recently bought Samsung The Frame and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I am very happy with my older LG 4k UHD TV wrt colors or picture quality.

    • May I know what's the problem with "The Frame" ? I also bought it recently but haven't opened it yet. Thanks in advance.

  • Wait a minute….Does size actually matter?

  • No vinyl slot?

  • +1

    Any owners rate this for sports, need a new big TV for word Cup 22 which I am hoping be broadcast in high resolution

  • I've got a C1 for gaming, and am looking for some half decent quality screen real estate in the media room for the kids. Would this be better than a mid level 4k projector? The screen size is close, and this appears much cheaper if you consider also needing a screen with the projector. Thanks for any opinions!

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