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I am trying to add more data ports for my NBN box in the garage similar to the RJ45 outlets marked A and B in this photo. The square plates can be removed and measures around 45mm x 45mm. It is modular based where RJ45 outlet for A & B is snapped in once the square plate is remove but I can't find anything compatible for it.

RJ45 outlets for A & B is angled down (about 45 degrees) to accommodate the closed door for the box and LAN cable. Brand of the box is Mi-Home but I have no luck finding it in Google. Hope someone can point me to the right direction. Overall face place size is about 15cm x 20cm. Changing the whole face plate is an option if I can't find the right RJ45 outlet module for it. TIA.

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  • Not sure on your unit itself but for plan B, a regular switch should work.

    NETGEAR SOHO 5-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch GS305-300AUS

    • Thanks, I am planning to add a switch in the NBN box. Intention for the new data ports is for other devices around my house to connect to the switch in the NBN box.

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    Who is going to run the CAT5E cable through the walls/cavities?

    • I’m thinking of DIY. One device is in the roof space and one is in a room with existing conduit.

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        • Yes for the element and jaycar. Awesome find on the last one! I searched Mi-Home (per logo on the box) but came up with only results for Xiaomi! I will get in touch with that business and see what they can offer. THANK YOU!

          • @trex: Thought you may like it. as I just slipped it in the list for you to find.

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        I’m thinking of DIY.

        Then you might want to also read the license requirements for your state (assuming it's still WA)

        And have a quick peruse of the standards for cable installations before you do any DIY cabling.

        If you are getting up into the roof space of your house, you may need/want to consider confined space training.


        • "Ive done heaps of cabling and never needed a license."
        • "What standards? How hard is it to run a cable?"
        • "I'm a man, I don't need a course to tell me how to get up in a roof space."
        • Thanks for your inputs. Thanks to AndyC1's find above, I will get the business which supplied the box to do it or to recommend someone to do it.

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