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Free Coffee & Dessert for Women, 8th Mar @ Rashays (Dine-in Only)


International Women’s Day is a special day to celebrate the cultural, social, economic, and political achievements of women across the world. This year, RASHAYS would like to acknowledge all the women in our lives that have helped us become who we are today.

To celebrate, RASHAYS will be offering free coffee and dessert to every woman who dines in on Tuesday the 8th of March 2022. The guests will be able to choose from any regular sized coffee and a choice of our desserts (famous brownie, sticky date pudding or mud cake) for free!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is available to women who dine-in at their local RASHAYS.
  • This offer is only available on Tuesday the 8th of March 2022.
  • The free coffee is only available in regular size. Extra fees apply to large.
  • The free dessert consists of a choice between the brownie, sticky date pudding, or mud cake.
  • This offer is limited to one free coffee and one free dessert per person.

I have confirmed with support the following:

To receive this offer, there is no minimum spend requirement.

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  • +59

    will you do one for international men's day?

      • +6

        So… you're openly sexist?

    • +35

      Come on this is gender equality.
      Men and women are equal.
      Some are more equal than others.

    • +49

      You can identify as a woman for the day, to express solidarity, and get the freebies.
      I'm sure Rashay's is not trans-phobic.

      • -1

        great bait mate

        • +5

          Great debate mate I rate eight out of eight

    • -8

      No every other day is men's day, we get free coffee and dessert every other day

      • +16

        Really, I must be in the wrong queue.

    • -2

      I will buy you a coffee on international mens day if you promise to stop commenting.

      Youre welcome.

  • +31

    Dam it's hard being a women in a developed western society. Here have a free coffee and desert

    • -32

      In a developed western society, sex change is more easily accessible! 😁

    • +12

      Would you choose the Sahara or Gobi if you had a choice?

    • I like it hard, but it’s sometimes hard to find it

    • +5

      If you have 4 female friends, at least one of them is likely to have experienced sexual assault - and I can guarantee that all of them would have experienced sexism. Yes, it still is difficult being a woman in a developed Western society.

    • +1

      The middle aged white male who I trained to do my job when I went on maternity leave was/is paid more than me. A free dessert and coffee still leaves me behind. So yes, it is hard being a woman in a developed western society.

      • +6

        Contractors generally get paid higher. Also budgets for pay increases may come from a separate budget for new hire. I am male and have had female counterparts start after me with higher pay. It works both ways, but I accept it. End of the day no one is forcing me to stay.

        • He was not a new hire, or a contractor. He was just in a different role. I have no problem with his salary staying the same (i.e. more than mine) for a change of role, but that just meant that I was underpaid for the years that I was in the role and I continue to be underpaid going forward if the going rate for the role is what he is on.

          Yes I can leave, but I am generally happy there and have been there 10 years. Doesn't mean it's not bs that I'm paid less for the same role, a role in which I actually have more experience in.

          • +1

            @jolee3: I definitely can understand your frustrations. Perhaps it is something to bring it up with HR or your manager. Probably best not to make it about his income vs yours, but rather proving / illustrating your value to the company in the meeting.

            I hope you get the increase you're after.

            Try not to look at it as a sexism thing. It won't help, but rather add to further frustrations. Most of the time it comes down to bs budget structures etc.

            Congrats on achieving long service. It's a rarity these days.

            • @ohdarn: I have gotten decent increases and my manager always speaks of my value, it is just that because the gentleman started on higher salary, unless I get a very large bump up, I would never catch up on standard increases. Of course salary secrecy means that I am not supposed to know he is paid more, so we just continue as we are. Being on maternity leave doesn't help either! Don't get me wrong, I do like the guy and can see his value too, but I just get frustrated that our remuneration implies I am of lesser value. And at the end of the day, that's what we go to work for right?

              Thank you for your very reasonable response. I am quite happy to have made 10 years that's for sure.

      • +5

        Well done …. you managed to build ageism, sexism, and rascism (white male) into one sentence. There must be an award for that

        Of course there's no chance he may just have been better at the job than you

        • -2

          Is it really an 'ism' if I am merely pointing out the benefits and privilege of his age, sex and race? If the consequences of ageism, sexism and racism is that they are paid more, would people really complain about it?

          This thread is astonishingly full of people who don't realise their privilege. Women have one day to be special and so many people are up in arms. Do you know why men don't have a special day? Because EVERY DAY is a special mens day. They don't even see their own privilege.

          With regard to the job - he just started the role, I trained him. So how on earth could anyone justify saying he was better at the job when he hadn't even started it? And feedback certainly doesn't indicate that he has since become better than me at it. But thanks, way to go assuming that I mustn't be any good at my job, which is not an unusual assumption women get, is it?

          • +2

            @jolee3: There are men paid more than men to do the same job. Is that sexist? Unfair, but certainly not sexist.

            • @Zenith2k3: Yes, but often there are variables to do with experience/qualifications. Meaning the one with greater experience/qualification is usually paid more.

              How often do you have person 1, which greater experience, teaching person 2 how to do a job when person 2 is already being paid more? And when you do come across it, how often are the two the same gender/race/age? And if they're not, I'd bet statistically there is a greater chance that person 1 is female or minority race.

              • @jolee3: At my company, a person with 10yrs experience gets paid $70k (anglo saxon), teaches/trains new staff at $100k (non anglo saxon) for the same job. Both males, Gender is not an issue, neither is race. It's market BS.

        • Thanks for your dopey comment.

          • @jackspratt: And thank you again, for upvoting my comment which pointed to your dopey comment. 👍

          • @jackspratt: You had two choices here.
            1. Discuss and rebut the comment or;
            2. Display your ignorance and lack of argument.

            Congratulations on choosing door 2

        • +1

          Ah yes, middle aged white men. The most hard done by demographic.

      • Is he doing it better? Working longer? Why would they pay him more?

        • +1

          It turns out he wasn't hired for the position at all. He stepped in to help out when she took maternity leave.

          She has taken offence that someone else in the office helping out with her job whilst she is on leave maintained their pay whilst doing her job… and then decided it was all about the gender pay gay, and the fact he was a "white middle aged male"….lol

          • @Pete99: He did not step in to "help out", he has permanently changed roles. He is still in the role, we both are.It is not a temporary assignment and he was not doing me a 'favour' as you're making it sound.

            He was on $xxx in his previous role, which he is entitled to - which is fine - which means that the company views the role as worth $xxx. My issue is that my pay is less than $xxx and should be brought up to match, given it is the same role in which I had been doing for longer.

            This pushback from everyone is EXACTLY what is wrong. A very direct example of gender pay gap that's being dismissed by strangers on the internet, much like in real life. Two people, same job, one has been doing it longer, is paid less because she started on less.

        • +1

          He changed from another role internally, and did not 'step in to help out' as Pete99 seems to think. The only reason he is paid more is because he was on a higher salary in his previous role. He moved over, kept the same salary which was more than mine. Which is fine, except that this suggests that our role is worth $xxx which means that I have been underpaid this whole time. And pay secrecy means that I continue to be underpaid because the company can get away with it.

          I trained him to do my job. Is he doing it better? I have feedback that suggests no, but that is subjective. Was he doing it better while I was teaching him and training him to do the job, while he was being paid more already? That's a definite no.

          This is the such a clear example of gender pay gap and the dismissal from Pete and others downvoting is aggravating and depressing. It's no wonder the pay gap still exists and we get nowhere. I cite middle aged white male because it is no secret that they get ahead by just being who they are. We walk into a room and I am assumed to be the assistant even though we do the same job. It's pure arrogance and ignorance to think they don't have an inbuilt advantage in society.

          • @jolee3: Wrong.

            I hate to break it to you but this happens all the time in business. People move around and maintain their salary and not everyone is paid the same.

            Maybe the job is not worth what he is being paid and he'll get lower pay rises than you in the future. Maybe you should ask for a pay rise or look for another job. Maybe he does it better than you or works longer hours. Who knows. But the fact that he kept his salary when he moved doesn't mean you automatically get a pay rise.

            This story where you drip feed information is not an example of gender pay gap.

            If you were both hired at the same time and doing the same job with the same performance, I'd absolutely be supporting your argument. But a sob story about it being due to him being a "middle aged white man" and therefore it's gender pay discrimination when the facts don't support it deserves to be questioned.

  • +28

    This should be a fun read!

    Edit: Oops they're already here!

  • Incels coming in 3, 2, 1…

    • +18

      Is that what a different opinion is called these days? How progressive. Maybe you should pass it on to the ABC so they can address such serious issues much sooner.

    • They beat you to it.

      Although on the topic of incels, they're a bit of a paradox.

      The moment they declare themselves incels, they're basically taking action to ensure they don't have a chance of finding a partner.

      Shouldn't we start calling them volcels?

  • +54

    Imaging if there was a male only thing, all feminists would have been triggered

    • +56

      Seems it is the men getting triggered.

    • +11

      Does this post make you feel uncomfortable?

    • +2

      Joke’s on you. Read these comments and you’ll see there are no feminists on this website.

    • +1

      Not really I don't they really care about compulsory war draft being a male only thing.

    • -1

      100%. Apparently having a women hold the door open for a man is considered disgusting by most women but a man is expected to hold a door open for a women. #2022

      • +5

        Don’t you just hold the door for anybody? Nothing courteous about a man pushing past another man or woman to get through the door first and letting it close behind them.

      • Have you just like… never spoken to a woman before?

        I can assure you, holding doors open for the person behind you is just common courtesy.

  • +30

    Can you discriminate based on sex?
    I would have thought no, but apparently you can.
    I agree that if something like this is offered to men only, it would trigger quite a few people.
    (Bar owners, are you listening? Free beer to men!)

    Why not have a LGBTQ+ special similar to this?
    Or for all Black/ African American people?
    Or for all Asian people?

    If that doesn't seem fair, then this is just a marketing stunt.

    I will pass, thank you.

    • +3

      No soup for you!

    • +15

      I'm with you.
      Trying to get a scholarship was almost impossible.
      There were 50+ scholarships available yet I qualified for only 2 because I didn't identify as any of the minorities / groups they were applicable for yet I was living off Centrelink's $580/fortnight.
      If they offered a freebie on 'international men's day' then those that don't identify as a gender will be left out.

      Dividing society never helps.

    • +1

      Because tomorrow is International Womens Day. Having one for LGBTQ+s would be great! They are not mutually exclusive! And we are in Australia so African American is not really relevant.

  • +30

    surely people aren't actually upset about this right

    • +16

      Lmao it's the internet, someone will be butthurt about absolutely anything you say

      • +9

        I mean yeah that's true, it's just a coffee and a little dessert though. people are acting like it's some life changing experience they're gonna miss out on haha

        • +11

          Exactly. Bring your wife, mum, sister, daughter and shout them a coffee and dessert 😄

          • @Sweetnsour: Haha, you could tell then exactly that and then pay for “everyone” at the end. (Almost) free brownie points!

      • +21

        A lot of dudes getting their stained XXXL star wars tshirts in a twist.

    • I’m upset because I’ve heard Rashays is really bad. This is a kick in the face to all women!

      Anyway happy IWD to all female OzBargainers out there.

      • +1

        Yeh! Both of them!

        • Lmao!

  • +30

    Cue the ‘will there be one for men’s day’ crowd

    • +11

      Fancy expecting equality, oh silly men!

      • +8

        Women fight for equality : " yeah! You go girl"
        Men fight for equality: " No, stfu, you already get too much"

      • +3

        Privilege is invisible to those who have it

        • +1

          How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

        • +2

          Especially if you go out of your way to avoid looking for it.

  • +1

    I have a feeling if this is done for Mens day, then the company will have a tough time recovering in the coming months for the sheer amount of customers they have to serve.

  • +15

    The kid's high school does a thing for IWD in March, and Men's Day in November. The reality is the men's day isn't especially observed, as there isn't much call for it except in response to IWD.
    It surprises me there isn't more focus about the actual gender discrimination issues men face by the crowd who complain about IWD (and really, all men).
    After all, men live years less, are disproportionately represented in many dangerous occupations and activities, receive less healthcare, have poorer educational outcomes and higher drug and alcohol use, amongst many other genuine gender discrepancies. It is weird to me that women have had a lot of success in addressing the gender based disadvantages they faced in society via organised feminism, yet men are comparatively silent.

    • +4

      it'd probably get a bit more traction if it was called mens health day or something like that, although it would still probably strugglle as you say. it's a broad stroke to make, but i feel as though people in here asking about if it'll be done on men's day would be the most likely to dimiss what the day is meant to stand for

    • +3

      silent = silenced

      • +5

        You better delete that before the censors come, I guess, if you are really being silenced.

    • -11

      All excellent points, but here’s the thing — let’s just say we need to repopulate the world. You can freeze sperm, but you can’t freeze a woman. That’s the extra utility we’re celebrating with a slice of cake

      • +5

        Not sure that is really a rejoinder. I don't think women's rights are predicated on their reproductive capacities. I mean, I suspect even infertile women might want to avoid sex discrimination.

        • Thoughtful reply. An obvious follow-up question is… what are they predicated on?

      • +2

        let’s just say we need to repopulate the world

        Honestly if it turns into that dire a situation please the last humans don't reproduce, the world is much better off without us anyway XD

        • -1

          Too much monkey business if we’re not around

      • +1

        The cake is a lie

        • +1

          Not only am I going to get my slice of cake… I’m eating it, too!

        • +1

          Okay GLaDOS

    • +1

      Much feminism is really just a beachhead for more leftisms of all kinds. COMINTERN (Lenin's government agency to promote communism) actively promoted it and other antidiscrimination movements for decades to undermine the west from within. The anti-discriminationism's purpose is not a better society, just a tool for undermining this one. That's why discrimination against men still doesn't get a look in. Once you've weakened men sufficiently it's not an optimal use of resources to undermine them further. You go for the next strongest: straight white women.

      • Yes and when all of human society is weakened the lizard people shall rise again.

        • There is no "all of human society". There are multiple human societies, competing for resources. The purpose of any kind of society of living creatures, humans included, is to support the reproduction of its members. We have been breeding below replacement for decades now. When 30-40% of your young people identify as LGBTQ+ they are not on track to breed. Not sure if I can post links here, but that was a recent headline from Newsweek. Failing to create the next generation is a sign of society that does not want to exist. The communists called this loss of hope and faith "demoralisation". You're not the first to repeat the lizard people jibe (133 million hits on a google search). Hope you enjoyed feeling smart for using it. Now go and look up "behavioural sink", "COMINTERN", and marxist revolutionary theory. Connect the dots for yourself, maybe you'll draw a different conclusion to me. Good. At least you'll have asked some questions for yourself and learned something. And if you don't care, don't comment with trite cliches you borrowed from someone else. Just click the downvote button until it all goes away.

          • +4

            @robertxx74: What a depressing way to view the world, each must fight for resource domination against the other. People working together is communism and gay people are a plot.

            You’re views are very old fashioned and misguided. Sadly, they are also self defeating. Only the modern societies willing to accept all will accept your poisonous views, so you will forever frustrated that the places where you are tolerated will be the places least likely to operate the way you view the world.

            And you will have found your views tolerated less and less.

    • +2

      Why does it have to be men vs women though??? Why compare?? Women have been marginalised throughout history, and still are, today. Raising awareness, and celebrating their existence, is great - and its great its gaining traction. WHY BRING UP MEN???? The whataboutism is infuriating.

    • +1

      Male expendability is an asset in sexually dimorphic species. When males compete with other males for mating rights the fittest (in a Darwinian sense) genes win out.

      Holding unsuccessful men in contempt is a feature, not a bug. We winnow the wheat from the chaff.

  • +8

    Feel like Rashays is opening a can of worms on what a "female" or "woman" is tbh

    "You don't look feminine enough for a coffee" lol

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