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Cashrewards Day: 100+ Upsized Cashback Deals @ Cashrewards (Details & Links Inside)


Hi guys. Cashrewards Day kicks off today with two days of awesome upsized cashback. Below is a sample so please check back regularly on-site as new offers will be added through this period. You can also take advantage of increased referral bonuses during this time with $30/$20 (CR) or $40/$20 (ANZ Max), so get your friends shopping via us for some easy money. As usual, ensure you read merchant terms/exclusions before purchase. Have a great day, and please stay safe :)

Online-Store CR-rate Max-rate Cashback-cap Valid-date (AEDT)
Adidas 20% 20% $50 per member ends 10/03
Adore Beauty 10% 12% none ends 11/03
Agoda 12% 12% none ends 11/03
Apple (1) 10% 11% $100 per member ends 10/03
Apple (2) 5% 6% none starts 11/03
ASOS 20% 25% $25 per member ends 10/03
Bonds 8% 8% none ends 11/03
Boohoo 30% 30% $30 per member starts 8am 11/03
Booking.com 12% 12% none 10am 10/03 to 10am 11/03
Boost Mobile <$15 <$15 none ends 31/03
BoozeBud (1) 30% 30% $30 per member ends 10/03
BoozeBud (2) 20% 20% $20 per member starts 11/03
Bras & Things 9% 9% none ends 11/03
BWS 15% 15% $25 per member starts 11/03
Canningvale 25% 25% $40 per member starts 8am 11/03
Catch.com.au 15% 15% $30 per member ends 10/03
Cherrichella 10% 10% none ends 11/03
Clinique 15% 15% none ends 11/03
Converse 12% 15% none ends 11/03
Culture Kings 20% 20% $30 per member ends 10/03
Dusk 15% 15% none ends 11/03
Dyson 5% 5% none ends 11/03
ECCO 20% 20% $30 per member ends 10/03
Elite Supps 20% 22% none ends 11/03
Etsy 6% 6% none ends 11/03
Every Plate $25 $25 none ends 11/03
Farfetch 5% 7% none ends 11/03
First Choice Liquor 15% 15% $40 per member ends 10/03
Florsheim 8% 8% none ends 28/03
Fossil 25% 30% $50 per transaction ends 11/03
Foxtel Residential $180 $180 none ends 31/03
Garden of Life 18% 22% none ends 15/03
General Pants 20% 22% $30 per member ends 10/03
Glue Store 25% 25% $25 per member starts 11/03
Groupon <17% <17% none ends 10/03
Healthy Life 9% 9% none ends 11/03
HelloFresh 50% 50% none ends 11/03
Hype DC 18% 20% $40 per member ends 10/03
JD Sports 25% 25% $30 per member ends 10/03
Jeanswest 13% 13% none ends 11/03
Jo Malone 13% 13% none ends 11/03
Jo Mercer 15% 15% none ends 11/03
Kathmandu 20% 20% $30 per member ends 10/03
Klook <14% <14% none ends 11/03
Kogan 6% 6% none ends 11/03
Lacoste 7% 7% none ends 11/03
Laithwaites <20% <20% none ends 11/03
Lancome 15% 15% none ends 11/03
Lastpass <18% <18% none ends 15/03
Lenovo 13% 15% none ends 11/03
Liquorland 15% 15% $30 per member starts 11/03
Lookfantastic <14% <20% none ends 11/03
McAfee 35% 35% none ends 11/03
Marks & Spencer 15% 17% none ends 11/03
Menulog <6% <10% $10 per transaction ends 31/03
Modibodi 20% 20% none ends 10/03
My Deal (1) 13% 15% $100 per transaction ends 10/03
My Deal (2) 18% 20% $100 per transaction starts 11/03
NordVPN 95% 95% none ends 13/03
Novo Shoes 25% 25% $30 per member starts 8am 11/03
Oakley 20% 20% $40 per member ends 10/03
P.E Nation 15% 15% none ends 11/03
PatPat 15% 15% none ends 11/03
Paula's Choice 25% 30% $30 per member ends 10/03
Petbarn <20% <22% none ends 14/03
Platypus Shoes 18% 20% $40 per member starts 11/03
Politix 10% 10% none ends 13/03
Princess Polly 25% 25% $25 per member starts 9am 11/03
PureVPN 90% 90% none ends 31/03
Ray-Ban 25% 25% $40 per member starts 8am 11/03
Recreate Yourself 30% 32% $20 per member starts 11/03
Red Rooster 13% 15% none ends 11/03
Refer-a-Friend $30/$20 $40/$20 none ends 11/03
Revolution Beauty 20% 20% $25 per member starts 8am 11/03
Sanity <10% <10% none ends 11/03
Sans Drinks 20% 20% $30 per member ends 11/03
Seed Heritage 8% 8% none ends 11/03
Sheridan 20% 20% $30 per member starts 8am 11/03
Skechers 20% 22% $40 per member starts 11/03
Sonos 8% 8% none ends 31/03
Sony 8% 10% none ends 12/03
Specsavers <14% <14% none ends 11/03
Stayz 7% 7% none ends 10/03
Sunglass Hut 16% 16% none ends 11/03
Superdry 20% 20% $30 per member ends 10/03
Surfshark VPN 95% 95% none ends 13/03
Swarovski <16% <16% none ends 16/03
Target 25% 30% $30 per transaction ends 11/03
Ted Baker 6% 8% none ends 11/03
The Athlete's Foot 20% 22% $40 per member ends 10/03
The Body Shop <10% <10% none ends 11/03
The Good Guys 4% 4% none ends 11/03
The North Face 7% 7% none ends 11/03
The Oodie 20% 20% $30 per member ends 10/03
The Whisky Club $20 $20 none ends 11/03
Uber Eats Driver $500 $500 none ends 20/03
Uber Eats <US$15 <US$20 none ends 11/03
Under Armour 20% 22% none ends 10/03
Uniqlo 20% 22% $25 per member ends 10/03
Viator 14% 16% none ends 10/03
Vinomofo <10% <14% none ends 12/03
Vodafone <110% <110% none ends 11/03
Zavvi <17% <20% none ends 11/03

For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. Try our improved iOS/Android mobile app for great tracking results. And don't forget to refer-a-friend - tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on all the hot deals coming up this month. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4174)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • I still have Sony 65" A80J in my Sony cart for $2,795.00. It'll be $2,591.73 with 8% CR. Decision Decision…

  • +6

    Some of these are for new customers only.

    TA - how about an asterisk in the table for those?

  • Any possibility of increased Amazon cashback?

  • BWS still showing only2%

    • And LL still up to 3% only. Maybe these are day 2 offers?

      • +1

        Please see the last column of the table in the OP. Both deals are on tomorrow (Friday), not today.

    • Doesn't start until tomorrow.

  • Thanks Ta! Just wanted to know if 10% and 11% on CR Max pply to Apple education store?

    • +1

      Yes, for sure. Please see the post here.

      • grt stuff. Thanks :-)

        • There is one. Please click to the main Apple merchant page here then scroll down the page to the offer that says Shop the Apple Store for Education and hit 'Shop Offer' from there. It will take you straight to the Edu store :)

  • Hi
    I have a $10 discount code for target. If I use this code, am I still eligible for the 25% cash back?

    • I did it this morning and I got 25% cash back (pending) on my CB account for the gross amount (before the $10 discount). So maybe?

  • +1

    Did not get my track for Xiaomi Poco F3 phone from Amazon (2% Mobile Phones), got a response saying it's in Electronics which is 0%? Of course, it's an electronic, it's a phone!

  • Tried to use the code CRDAYLEGO on Zavvi to purchase Lego (for free shipping) but it doesn't work?

    • Hi. Please use code LEGOFS instead which is now listed on CR :)

      • Tired to use LEGOFS and it says "Discount Code expired on: 28 February 2022"…

      • it has been removed… what a joke…

        • We had to, as the codes were not working (what choice did we have). We're hoping for a response overnight from them (they're based overseas) in the hope we'll have an exclusive code with free shipping on all LEGO. Please note the cashback increase remains active for Zavvi tomorrow. Thanks.

        • Hi again. Can you please try CRDAYLEGO and let me know if it’s working now. It’s eligible for cashback and will be listed on CR tomorrow once the team is back on deck. Many thanks.

  • hi, the boozbud offer is only for new customer? or anyone would be ok?

  • After reading some comments, I decided to look into my transactions history on Cash Rewards and have found so many transactions have not given me my cash back…how disappointing. I go to missing transactions and see that I can't even 'claim' on some of them…What a joke

    • Would they happen to be promotional bonuses? Please feel free to PM minita as I'm about to jump into meetings. Thanks!

      • They are for all sorts of things.

        I spent around $100 on this sale https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/684886

        And didn't get any cashback for it, despite it being activated. I have many instances like this for other retailers where no cashback has occurred. Missing transactions for Fiverr, Canningvale and who knows what else

        • But that link & offer is for Shopback, not Cashrewards.

          • @tightarse: Sorry it was this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666322

            Order date was 26th November 2021. This is the issue, it makes it so hard to go and find what it was because you trust that Cash Rewards will do what is says. I did another Cash Rewards with Bonds this year. I've done first choice liquor and other retailers too. Very disappointing to find I haven't had any rewards go to my account since the middle of 2021.

            • @WallybR: The likely reason your clicks are no longer being converted to successful transactions could be because your browser may have a 3rd party plugin installed such as Honey/uBlock/VPN, or a myriad of other plugins that are stealing the tracking cookies and attributing sales elsewhere. Could also be malware, an AV protector, or even a firewall causing it. It's really difficult to know what's happening without actually being in front of your PC. Please try a clean browser such as Edge or move the the Cashrewards mobile app and you'll find tracking will certainly improve. As I said, happy to help sort it if you like by pinging minita. Have a great day :)

              • @tightarse: Hey, I haven't changed my setup so nothing should've changed. I do have Ublock but have always had ublock and it wasn't an issue before. I have Honey as well, but have always had this. So these need to be deleted? Defs not malware.

                How do I go about getting the transactions applied to my account? Also how does the mobile app improve tracking, I will download now.

                • +1

                  @WallybR: I can almost assure you that Honey is getting commission for all your transactions. There is no way you should have this plugin installed if you want to get cashback from cashback partners. Honey is an affiliate just like CR & SB, and having the plugin active and searching for codes is exactly how they make their money when you buy. Using the CR app avoids all this as it uses its own internal browser, so it's not affected by any external plugins. Hope this helps.

                  • @tightarse:

                    I can almost assure you that Honey is getting commission for all your transactions. There is no way you should have this plugin installed if you want to get cashback from cashback partners. Honey is an affiliate just like CR & SB, and having the plugin active and searching for codes is exactly how they make their money when you buy.

                    I have had no issues with Honey chrome extension installed with CR (I usually click on CR extension to activate tracking and not click out from the website). As long as I don't let Honey try to apply the codes it should be okay.

      • Would they happen to be promotional bonuses?

        Is there a way for you guys to include which promotional bonus it is instead of just "Cashrewards Promotional Bonus" in the list? So much more helpful if we knew which promo we activated.

        • Hi. As I’ve said many times, it’s best to only activate promos you intend using, this way they’ll always be approved. Too many members just activate and don’t use them then complain they’re declined. You can match promos against the list here, but a good indicator normally is there needs to be a transaction made on the same day as the activation. Cheers.

          • @tightarse: So the answer is there's no way? Don't you think it's a good suggestion so that you guys won't have so many complaints or claims?

            • @CVonC: Of course it's a good idea, and I raised this with the team a number of weeks ago as a suggestion for improvement. Hopefully coming soon, but with so much going on, I can't provide a precise time-frame. Thanks.

  • I tried to get cashback on 2 x Aus Post Car Insurance policies last week but still do not have any tracking for either of them.

  • Is ANZ plus eligible for Max?

  • Hey TA any idea what's going on with asos via Cashrewards? Can't use it via Cashrewards app. It says go to webpage. So I log in on website but when selecting go to store re asos it keeps trying to go to asos app even though selecting no. Never happened before. So I try another device no app on it & now it keeps going to playstore page to install app. It occurs repeatedly each time I hit go to store on cashreward page. What a bummer cant shop & upsized!

    • +1

      Yep, we're aware of the issue and we notified ASOS a few hours ago. We've actually deactivated ASOS from the CR app, so if you refresh it, you shouldn't see the store. I'd suggest using a clean desktop browser until it's sorted. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful than this.

  • is there CR on samsung? Im sure there used to be, but, cant find it now

  • Hey TA - if I check out with paypal with ANZ credit card. Can I still get cash back?

    • +1

      Yes, however you'll get standard CR rates. In order to get any ANZ Max rates & benefits, you need to check out with the linked ANZ card. Hope this helps :)

  • Hey TA - is BoozeBud only for new customers ?

    • +1

      Not at all during flat rate promos. When not on promo, there are different rates for new & return customers.

  • Will Uber Driver $500 promo track even if I don't completely finish account verification in one sitting? Police check needs 1-2 days.

    • Says 14 days for NCC. Also need to pay $35 for it. Not going to bother because seems way too good to be true and will probably take months and months before you actually get the money if ever.

  • Damn just signed up foxtel last week. I didn’t need to sign but wanted to get over and done with as my foxtel from telstra is finishing this week.

  • Is Cashrewards Day yearly or bi-yearly or other?

    It looks like it was last 6 months ago.

    Is it generally the same month every year or bi-yearly month?

  • My NordVPN subscription tracked very expertly - thanks Cashrewards.

    Order completed: 17:56
    Tracking Email: 19:01

    $A 116.09 spend
    $A 103.12 cashback

  • I missed out! the original post had this as cashback deals over 2 days and when I finally got home it's been updated to have valid dates for some stores as today only!
    Guess the early bird gets the worm!

    • Hi. The dates on the post have not been updated. They have been the same all along :)

      • Apologies TA, I think on mobile I didn't see the Table because it only showed the first two columns and needed me to scroll sideways to see the others.
        Thanks for your hard work!

        • No need to apologise at all. Please PM me if there's anything I can do to help :)

  • Getting a malware warning when clicking on the Target CR link

  • Hi
    With Uber eats is that just for new customers or will existing customers get same rate?

    • +1

      Hi MsP. Different rates for new & return. Please see here and note they are in USD, which will convert to AUD in your CR acct. Cheers.

      • You have probably answered a millions times but what defines a new customer. Is it first time purchase on UE via CR or has to be 1st UE order?

        • +1

          That's ok, I don't mind. A new customer is one that UberEATS defines as never having used their service previously. Please note this is policed entirely by them and we have no visibility of previous orders you may have made with them, so whatever tracks to Cashrewards, is what they report. You can have as many UberEATS transactions as you wish in your Cashrewards account - the customer status is purely a UberEATS one. Hope this make sense :)

          • @tightarse: Yup got it

            • @knobbs: Cheers. Also note that UberEATS cashback is only available via desktop browsers until further notice. Enjoy :)

  • Apple AU site doesn't allow us to buy anything now. It says wait till 12:00am…. (when the Cashrewards are invalid)

    • What do you mean? That’s a big ad for their newly realised products. You can definitely buy things via their store.

      • I tried to buy an Apple Watch and every time I clicked "buy" they redirected me to the page saying wait till 12:00am. Other product buying pages are in similar situation if you can try.

        • Yep, same problem here. Can't buy anything. Apple online store is down until midnight.

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