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update (15/03): Deal is live again

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  • +8

    We bought one of the ZZZ Atelier 7 zone mattresses during the 17% off sale and it's been a revelation. Can't believe how good it is for the ~$400 or so it cost. Beats the awful $1000+ mattress I had beforehand (only thing I don't like about the ZZZ is that it doesnt have hard foam edges, because obviously that would be impossible to engineer in a mattress that rolls up into a box!).

    • I am looking to buy a queen mattress.
      Do you mind sharing the link to the one you got? Is it firm or soft? It will be for my kid and he would love a plush but I am trying to convince him to get atleast medium firm. Also, the reviews online are very mixed, so am confused.
      Thanks in advance!

    • do you mind share which ebay shop you bought yours? Thanks

    • +1

      If youre a hot sleeper, don't get it… or any other foam mattresses.

      • I'm a hot sleeper and haven't had an issue with the ZZZatelier I have been sleeping on for 2 years now. Seems to breath fine, especially compared to other foam mattresses I have used.

    • +4

      I bought one and it went to crap after a year. Heavy sag spots and my partner and I are relatively fit people (80kg and 65kg). Back pain after 6 months. The customer service team at ZZZ though were helpful in finding a resolution. We have switched to Sleeping Duck (yes marginally more expensive), but 18 months on have had no sag, pain or deterioation.

      • @bliss35 Same happened to our multi-thousand dollar (Major Aus brand), stupidly bought the pillow top full of 'memory foam' (latex) and it is mushy, soft as sh#@, and pitted after a few months. Turn it around every 2 weeks but it the pits just get bigger. 'No flip tech' too so no way to get away from the pits.

        Spending far too long falling in to pits, or trying to get out…

        Was yours a pillow topped model?

        • Yeah was a pillow top, which I think was half the issue. But then could eventually feel the springs and mattress became noisy.

          • @bliss35: Was it a King Size?

            Because of the extra width, almost every KS mattress I've seen have extra zones, padding and/or springing to prevent the middle turning into a pit. If its even pocket spring construction, this should never be a problem, and the springs are covered in pockets. The material added to these zones may be the issue, or perhaps a spring or three can break (I think this generally requires point loads such as; Children jumping, adults standing, or doing other things…

            • @resisting the urge: It was a Queen size mattress. One of the 5 zones I think? Can't quite remember. I just remember the mattress being heaven for 3 months and then hell when the problems set in.

              • @bliss35: That's interesting. Not sure how a non-KS pocket spring can go wrong in normal use, either its a manufacturing/shipping fault, or point loadings.

                I reckon these roll-up ones may suffer a few more factory faults, or maybe get bashed/dropped in transit. You unpack it, unroll and discover a failure on the spot or in a year's time… who knows.

                We bought a double version of this one for aged parents 3 years ago, it worked wonders, if a bit firm for mum, but she still loves it. A bit like my 30 year old Sealy that outperforms its $4000 replacement.

      • +1

        There used to be a very good competitor to Sleeping Duck, OzMattress. However, the owner dabbled in Cryto and lost everything…couldn't find anything as good as it anymore :(

      • How much was the sleeping duck mattress for ?model name ? Should I avoid pillow top ?

        • +2

          I think I paid around $1600 for their latest model, from memory. I believe they are now substantially more expensive. I've actually customized mine a bit too, upgraded the medium to firm on my side of the bed for free

    • Only fault was that the deliverer for their outlet store on Ebay was horrible. Pretty sure I got the wrong bed, but it was more expensive than the one I ordered (and a bit firmer which isn't great), but I couldn't be bothered changing it and the store couldn't care less.

    • I bought a king single ZZZ Atelier mattress too, but had the exact same issues as @bliss35 after about the same time frame. I am not a heavy guy nor use the bed when not sleeping in it. So would advise against them from my experience.
      I'm currently trying to find a replacement that won't sag etc.

  • +1

    Not sure if this is a mistake, but from what I can tell this is almost sitewide on Home, Garden and Toys categories? It works on all major outlets (Bing Lee, TGG, Myer, Appliances Online etc), pretty awesome

  • any good deals for sit stand electric desks? ive been browsing but cannot make up my mind

    • Recently copped this desk for $280, a coupon is currently available to achieve the same price. 80kg load capacity (I tested it at 100kg and still fine!), 2 years of warranty, single motor and memory functionality. I highly recommend this, couldn't find any other desks with memory functionality and >1 year warranty for the same price.

  • damn I bought an electric fireplace 3 days ago for $50 off, could've gotten $126 off If I had waited

    is it possible to do it like that?

    • Which one?

        • @yikes914 do you know how much this would cost to install or are you planning to DIY?

          • +1

            @Yowie: planning to DIY, comes with a wall bracket but need to build out a secondary wall too have spacing in the back

  • I am looking for some Queen size bed sheets, I noticed a couple of sellers on here however not sure if they are decent or not. If anyone has some experience with them please let me know. 100% cotton is preferable

    • As above, bought from this store, delivered in a week and super value for what it cost (I got a King for around $400). Seller was prompt with communication too.

      • These looks like matresses only and not bed sheets

  • +4

    Be warned a lot of people report these ZZZ mattresses to be a bit dodgy since they changed the design a while back. Lost count of how many people i've read say it sagged and otherwise became very uncomfortable within 6-12 months, so YMMV. Plenty of comments in past ozbargain threads, whirlpool, elsewhere if you search.

  • $389 ($311) vs $349 ($279) for the same Queen mattress/same seller unless I'm missing something…


    • Is it worth for paying $69 postage? Should I wait until it free postage?

  • -1

    Was looking through a bunch of the eligible stuff for this. Unfortunately heaps have been price jacked. Mostly Lego I was looking at that I knew the price of originally and has increased by $50-100, so just beware that it's quite likely.

    • My summary is it a real genuine one with some LEGO stacking getting to 75% off RRP .
      BTW Clueless it work outside the search area .

  • If anyone is in Melbourne and need a mattress, Fair Price Furniture has got great Double, Queen, and King ones.

    I'm on a King Single, and used to have one of their Queen sets, and it's been really good.

  • that was quick, expired now

    • yeah… i was just about to check out… then code no longer works :(

    • Code has been working since yesterday night. I bought 3 items last night at 10:33pm

  • +1

    Bloody hell, it said sale would finish on the 14th so I didn't check out yet

    • +3

      Same! Tried to checkout today and code no longer works….

      • +2

        Was going to checkout at work an hour later and failBay strikes again.

        • +3

          It's like Ebay actually wants us to give more money to Bezos. I've never had a problem with Amazon, if they've stated they'll do something they'll honour it.

          I've just complained to Ebay chat support, who have said they'll escalate it. Now I want to test whether Ebay support is anywhere near as good as Amazon's.

      • -1

        I bought something at 9:29am today and it still worked.

    • I think it was pulled early because there was a mistake and it worked on stores and items it probably shouldn't have.

      • I think that was the case too. Pretty much everything was 20% off. It was too good to be true :D

  • +1

    I'm sure I checked yesterday expiry date - 14 March…

  • +2

    I was able to use the 20% on so many items. It was definitely a mistake. Got 4 items that normally wouldn't get that much. Even a private seller worked the 20% :)

    • +1

      It even worked on international items.

      Code is active again, but now only seems to work with Big W so perhaps it was meant to be a Big W promotion?

  • The code appears to be working again.


    20% off with coupon. Max $300 off

    Not sure if the other items are still good, will check shortly.

    Edit: Can't get it to work on any other deals apart from that one unfortunately.

    • Yeah I can't make it work, please check and let us know…

    • +1

      Seems to be restricted to Big W only now.

  • I doubt it was exclusive to Big W given the T&C's https://pages.ebay.com.au/tshg20/

    Someone offered the explanation that it might have been a limited use offer, though why make the deal for 4 days when it doesn't even last the 1st day.

  • Code is not working even for Big W eBay anymore.

  • Hey I know this is expired, but we just lost everything in NNSW flood, including our SleepingDuck. Does anyone know of a decent, budget mattress in a box?

    We bought one of these, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392704101668
    For family a few years back and wasn't too bad.

    Just wondering if there is another brand for a little more that is worth the price jump? Ideally sub $1k as it only needs to last 3-4 years.

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