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Free $5 Credit for App Sign up @ Max Brenner


Do the right thing - sign up with the OzBargain referral system below. You get the $5 regardless but you could be giving the gift of love chocolate. App not required to sign up.

Great news for Maxaholics – now you can enjoy exclusive Brenner-fits with the NEW Max Brenner App!
Download today to be the first to receive $5 sign-up credit instantly, plus many more Brenner-fits:

  • Earn and save up Cocoa Beans (loyalty points) with every purchase – $1 spent will earn you 10 Cocoa Beans
  • Redeem Cocoa Beans for anything you want in-store
  • Free Hot Chocolate on your birthday
  • Refer a friend and get 500 bonus Cocoa Beans!
  • Save your favourite Menu items
  • Skip the queue
  • Order online from anywhere
  • Unlock exclusive offers and know about exclusive in-app offers.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/max-brenner-loyalty/id15918638...
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.redcat....

Referral Links

Referral: random (128)

Referrers get 500 Cocoa Beans (worth $5 in store).

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  • +2

    Anything at Max Brenner that's under $5? Never been.

  • Can it be used in the online shop to get delivered to Far North in SA?

  • App UI is almost the same as Motto motto

    • +1

      And San Churros

    • +1

      It’s because they all use Redcat POS and their loyalty app template.

  • -1

    Did anyone else get a verification sms or email? It doesn't seem to be coming for me

    • +2

      Got mine as an email

      • OK, I'll keep checking. But it's been at least 20mins since I signed up and I still haven't received anything.. Even after 'resending' :-(

        • I got mine in email after resending but no SMS

          • @Ricky-SSS: I still never got mine. I thought it might come overnight.. But no luck :-(
            Means I would have missed out on all those potential refer a friend credits too I bet. I was one of the first ones to put my code up onto ozbargain.. But because my account is apparently not verified, it probably won't go through.

            • @kimba88: They send it by email not sms, check your junk mail

              • @cowiie: Nope, not in my junk email either :-(

    • Yes straight away

  • +6

    Max Brenner still exists? I thought they closed down!

    • They arose from the ashes of bankruptcy

  • +1

    Did it…

  • +3

    How long do you have before credit expires?

    • Following! I have already 1500 beans and $5 cash. No store in SA… yet…

    • Following this. I wanna know if I should wait or do it right now

  • SMS verification required

    • +3

      Email worked for me

  • Thanks OP!

  • Enjoy your 500 beans, random referrer :)

  • Thought they went down when karma hit them for supporting IDF's atrocities

    • -1

      Looks like the Israeli government has bailed them out

  • What's 500 beans?

  • +1

    Was wondering what Max Brennen even was - no such thing here in WA :) - found what it was and wish there was.

  • how long is the credit valid for once you get it?

  • Anyone know how you actually use the $5?

    • Coffee?

    • Doesn't look like you can pay in the app. Maybe they take the credit when you pay.

      I ended up using their site instead, https://maxbrenner.redcatcloud.com.au/, where you can select the $5 when you pay. Ended up getting a large coffee for free.

      • If you don’t use the full $5 balance on transaction does the remainder still stay on your account for future use?

        • +1

          Yep, coffee was $4.70. I have $0.3 in Hybrid Cash showing in the app.

  • -1

    Is it possible to use 1000 cocoa bean points in one transaction

  • Thought this was the new Covid Qld check in app 😅

  • +1

    Got a free large coffee- $4.70 thx

    • Do you rate their coffee?

  • Got a long black with extra shot for $4.7, ty

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