Is Costco Overrated?

So after years of being told to go to Costco and how awesome it is, I finally bit the bullet, bought a membership and drove the ~30 mins to get there but was pretty let down to be honest. Barely anything in the fruit and veg section was cheaper than my local fruit and veg mart. The meat was also really expensive (20-30% more than local butchers), everything needs to be bought in bulk to be cheaper or match woolies/Coles sales e.g. 6 packs of Tim Tams for $12+ ~$2+ a pack but I don't really want 6 packets. In some cases, the specials were cheaper at Coles/woolies without needing to buy in bulk. $10 for a litre of kewpie sesame sauce is good, but again, I'm not going to finish a litre in time.

There are some positives though:

Definitely cheaper if you buy in bulk, have a large family and can finish everything without having to wait for sales
Some things are cheaper like the muffins
$1.99 hotdog and drink
Different variety of things than at Woolies/Coles

Overall, I don't think I'll be returning any time soon. I'm gonna get some shit for this but I still prefer the shopping experience at Coles/woolies. What are people's thoughts?

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    only good for those live close to the costco petrol or like buying bulk.
    anything else is not really..

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    The 2 permanent loss leaders at Costco are the petrol and BBQ chicken

    If your lifestyle doesn't require you to drive many K's or eat slabs of cheap protein, Costco is not for you

    Besides the rotating specials, the only other area where Costco is particularly strong is Asian food from countries allied with the US. Costco AU get the global volume pricing on all the staples which usually never happens because AU volumes are insignificant for large producers

    • -1

      I found the Asian stuff surprisingly quite scarce given the large asian demographic actually

      • +5

        Yes after your baby formula thread, Costco decided to restrict their range of goods that could be stockpiled by Asians

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    Like some others I probably only go 4-6 times in a year and just time it for when there's at least one of two good discounts happening (e.g the recent ladder deal).

    Most of the savings for us are in the meat section. Brisket is half the price of my local butcher and great for bbq'ing. Ditto the pork butt.
    The mince is cheaper than my local coles. My partner really likes their pork steaks so we get those too. Most other meat prices are the same or cheaper than the butcher. Having said that, the local butchers around here are just chain stores and charge silly prices ($15+ for sausages).
    You need to have a chest freezer though- which we also got from costco back when there was that shortage and other stores were jacking up their prices.

    Fruit and veg - skip that area.

    For other grocery store items, - skip anything that woolies/coles include in their 50% discount rotation.

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    Costco is best for large families and/or parties. That said if you're single or small family just go with others and split the large packs.

    Costco is targeted to middle and upper income so more about getting a good/high quality item at a good price. For example decent/good quality wagyu beef at a good price or Coach bag, etc. If you only care about cheap, shop at Aldi.

    Costco for me is about knowing I can buy something anytime without worrying about getting ripped off because it is usually a very good price. No need to have to wait for that 50% off sale at Coles when the item finally becomes normal price. It's also like a treasure hunt with constantly changing product lines very much like Aldi's weekly special buys so there's almost always something new to look at.

    And last but not least the one of the few stores in Australia with American style return policy. So basically you can return almost anything almost anytime (within reasonable limits, of course). I returned a Genio smart power outlet that failed roughly 8 months after purchase without the receipt or a box. No hassle whatsoever.

    • I didn't know Costco was known for good quality. Their wagyu was meh to be honest but sausages were nice. My family sometimes bought us stuff from there, I never really went they were good quality so that's why I thought Costco was more about price.

    • +1

      Yes absolutely this!
      Their no questions asked returns policy (well, food needs to be < half-consumed) means that you're able to buy and try.

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    Costco here in Australia is nothing like in the USA.

    When they first opened here they were forced to stock local grown, produced and manufactured products as a percentage of their entire offering to remain competitive and fair to the current coles/worths business in the market. From memory it was something like 30% of products that were already existing in the market.

    If Costco had their way, I'd bet they would pick up one of the stores from the US and drop it In suburbia of Australia and there would be no way Coles/ worths would be able to compete.

  • i said yes but i have to be clear Costco Australia is crap if you ever go to Costco USA it is pretty amazing

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    When in Canada, I shopped at Costco to save money. In Australia, I don't go to save money but to buy items I can't find at ALDI/ Coles/ Woolworths (e.g. Tide laundry detergent), get good quality meat and seafood and to eat cheap food from their food court. If you want to save money, shop at ALDI or get the half price items at Coles/Woolworths.

    Costco is great for parties- platters and cakes can feed many, are cheap and good quality.
    I like that I can see the optometrist at Costco every year without being hassled to buy glasses there.

    I'm bad at keeping my receipts for warranty claims so I buy expensive electronics from Costco (eg TVs) because they keep a record of my purchases.

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    I'm a member but I only go there for the fuel and sometimes shopping. The Costco fans Facebook group is full of people showing off their trolley with the receipt showing hundreds if not over a thousand dollars spending.

    • +3

      the fuel is consistently >20 sometimes 40c cheaper than elsewhere. That alone is already worth the membership. Besides that, you can get good discounts on apple products, Dyson, food etc. Worth it for me given it's not too far away.

      Was also useful when you couldn't get RATs elsewhere.

      • -1

        I wouldn't go near them unless $1 cheaper a litre with the never ending monster queue.

        • +1

          The fuel station opens a few hours earlier than the actual shopping warehouse. No queues if you go early, or at non peak times.

          You do you though, for me it's worth it given I save 20-40 dollars per visit. You can bring a jerry can if you don't live too close and don't want to have to return for a while.

  • Find someone you know who has membership and ask them to buy you the gift cards. You can then shop there without having a membership.

    • Have you tried this?

      Might get someone to get me a $100 giftcard. We don't have membership and want to check it out.

      • If you want to check it out, get the membership, look around, get a refund on the membership. Simples

        • -1

          I assume getting membership involves filling out a form, and cancelling involving making a phone call or waiting in a line in store, then checking my CC every day for weeks looking for the refund…. you see where I'm going with this…

          The gift card hack sounds great to me at its no strings attached.

      • Yes, $100 gift card doesn't go far at Costco. I ended up asking for 4x $25 so you can shop 4 times there. Anything over the gift card value you just pay on your own card. For any warranty issues, you just have to keep the receipt instead of Costco keeping a copy on their system.

        • Ahh, good idea, 4 x $25. The amount is a token amount just to get me in the door. Will use the CC for the rest of the amount.

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    My experience with Costco is like any other retailer that comes down here from overseas, They are usually much better and cheaper overseas and when they come to australia and realise they can charge a bomb and still get customers…they do. Case in point is like Myprotein when they moved to having their own australian store, prices skyrocketed .

    • Taco Bell, StarBucks? I found they were pretty disappointing.

    • Myprotein lol :)

  • it is over rated, you might get the occasional tv/mobile deal but that's about it.. we got it when it first entered Australia, than never renewed..

  • Definitely overstated. As true OZB cant find any value when compared to Coles/WW. And also 30 mins drive with over crowded parking.
    Good to buy those junk food its cheap in bulk. Guess the value of membership lies in the petrol 98/Premium , but if you drive Joe's car with a 91 RON car then its negated as well.
    I did cancel by membership in last week to get a refund $60, since i dint use much.

    • +8

      Call me when Colesworth is selling $6 roast chooks and $15/kg lean pork steaks - let alone stuff they don't sell at all, like decent racks of ribs, pork bellies, and briskets, and cuts they don't sell, like short rib.

      It's not like Colesworth car parks are always empty either. I've never had a problem parking close to our local Costco, but then I'm happy to walk for a whole minute.

      if you drive Joe's car with a 91 RON car then its negated as well

      At Costco Canberra today 91 RON is 196.7c / L. Everywhere else it's 209.9 c / L. Even with a 4c Coles voucher it's more than 10 c / L cheaper.

  • +1

    Overall American stuff in Costco is cheap

    Groceries if there are discounts at Colesworth they are cheaper than Costco

    Groceries is there are no discounts at Colesworth, Costco is cheaper but need by in bulk for some items

    I found overall fruits, meat and seafood are better quality / higher standard than Colesworth but is a little bit more expensive if not on special

    • Sums it up nicely. Agree with you here. I went first to solely just look at the prices and see what the hype was about. It seems it's elsewhere, i.e. certain products, quality, fuel

    • pretty much spot on, I keep Costco membership for the occasional meat purchase for smoker and oysters and the odd item here and there. Anything else I wait for sales elsewhere and save money.

      • Oysters? They were the saddest looking oysters I've seen for a while when I went yesterday (pretty much as bad as colesworth). They weren't cheap either. Local fishmonger does a dozen large coffin bay ones for ~$20 and they're amazing.

        • The ones they get in to Canberra are generally better than anything we can get around town, long as they were opened that day.

        • once upon a time they were good but I agree they were sad as fuk now… I eve saw an empty one with shell only once lol

    • oh I forgot tyres and car batteries are usually cheaper too

      specials on small appliances and toothbrush heads are cheap too

      probably can beat the membership cost

      I think only people would say fuel is cheap if they don't have a chopper

  • +2

    Kirkland Brand anything will last years.

  • Has anyone used their tyre service? How do they compare for price and service?

    • +4

      yes they are good

      especially when there are promos cheaper than any other retailer…. Michelin tyres highly recommended

      batteries cheap too when on special like 25% off

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    You can not like something. That doesn't mean it's "overrated". Obviously the hordes of people at the checkouts every weekend, all weekend rate it.

    • in other words, nothing can ever be overrated? Should I change it to: 'Is Costco worth all the hype I'm told it is?' Or 'I don't find Costco that appealing, is it just me?'

    • You don't have to avoid "overrated."

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    Not overrated in my opinion can save up to 20 cents a litre in petrol at times I put 98 at the price of regular unleaded. I find alot of stuff. flax seeds, chia seed more than half the price of supermarket eg paid $9 for 350 grams at Woolworths , Costco a1kg set me back $15 Calvin Klein suit $50, Spinach 1kg $10 Cheeeaaap. Like evey store you need to know your prices, some stuff are the same price as supermarkets…

    • Ah I did check the price of 98. I saw the price of 91 which was the same as united near me but with a huge que.

      Yeah I guess it depends on what, I was looking at sensodyne, some cleaning products, frozen fish and they were pretty much the same price as woolies/Coles or they didn't have what we use.

      I saw the spinach, local sells $12/kg. But if you need a kg then it's definitely a saving. Thanks for the tip on the suits.

      • +1

        Thing with petrol is sometimes you will find the petrol cheap at a united, however Costco will be constantly at a low or lower price. Also Costco would have higher turnover of petrol, means fresher petrol…lol I go through a kilo of spinach a week when you steam it it shrinks and releases more nutrients. You need a couplw visits to really see f makes a difference for you, Also Costco roast chicken $6.49 I think 1.4kg awesome value to feed my German shepherd Meats also are very good quality cutlets are well trimmed of fat.

        • -2

          Yeah good point, unfortunately still too far for me to consider the fuel saving but definitely if you're in the area. I have to try their roast chook again, last time I had it I found it barely edible but apparently it's a lot better now! Although probably cold by the time I get home lol

          • @DisabledUser262693: Yeah I buy chooks for the dog, the chooks are piping hot, we have to wait for them to cool down before we can pull them apart. I fill up weekly or fortnightly but only go when I need my spinach and other item.

        • +1

          lol at fresh petrol, is your car French chef or what? 7-Eleven fuel beats costco petrol anytime and you don't have to driver 30min and wait 15min in the queue.

          • @lgacb08: Petrol does go stale, admittedly takes months but still the fresher the better , drive an xr6 turbo…7/11…. hmmm rate slightly better than united….The queue at Costco can be a bummer

        • +1

          Why buy cooked chickens for your German Shepherd? They'll be more than happy eating chicken raw and whole chickens are $3.99/kg at Aldi.

          Also, since when is an XR6 Turbo fussy on fuel? From memory the Sprint needed premium, but the rest could run fine on 91RON. When I had an FG G6ET in the past, it ran perfectly fine around town on E10. Even if it's tuned, you shouldn't have tuned it that hard that it would cause issues with a day or two older fuel.

          As for 7/11 vs Costco fuel, aren't they both the same fuel from Mobil? So their is no real difference other than pricing and potentially a different additive package in the premium fuels.

          • @stewy: She gets raw chicken necks, liver, hearts, giblets etc as snacks cooked chicken, rice or pasta with mince and veggies for dinner.

            Turbo is tweaked, nobody but someone that is ultra-tight would put 91 in. might as well by a NA, E10 is crap unless tuned for it.. nobody said anything about a day or two old fuel causing issues…lol .. As stated earlier "petrol does go stale, admittedly takes months but still the fresher the better"

            7/11 s Costco…. more than just feel supplied, it's about maintenance of the ground tanks, why a lot of people who have invested in their cars steer away from independent servo's…
            Nice chatting Stewy…. We are all different…It's beautiful thing….

      • +1

        If you only went to Coles/woolworths once you'd probably be dissapointed. If you go to Coles/Woolworths several times, you find the specials that weren't on last week, you find new items that weren't there last week. That's just the same with Costco, but it has a larger range, and larger varieties than other stores.

        You'd find the petrol prices sometimes around average, sometimes lower. Whenever I've gone, it's significantly cheeper than the local competition. As I drive home I pass several others that would be 10c-30c more than Costco

  • +3

    Only worth it if within 15 mins drive, can easily get better deals elsewhere including fuel with the 7/11 choppa.

  • +1

    As a couple, we used to live about 15 minutes from Costco, and really enjoyed going there. We got a lot of value from it not even as a family. Would go every couple of weeks. We bought in bulk for a lot of non-perishables, but these days I find specials on amazon are arguably better. However the experience of going to Costco was really fun. We also used to save on the petrol every time.

    They have an awesome variety of things too, often at really good prices and with great returns policies too. I bought a relatively expensive piece of jewellery for my partner from there, which actually broke less than a year later. I think maybe it was a freak accident or something. Anyway, they were happy to offer a refund on the spot (and this was for several thousand dollars).

    I think their clothing prices were fantastic too - I remember buying a few pairs of 'Lee' jeans which were going for $100 on sale at Myer, for $29.99 at Costco for the exact same thing.

    We don't have a membership anymore as live an hour away and it's just not as practical. But if I ever move back closeby I would rejoin, I enjoyed the experience and believe it was great value. Just don't buy perishables in bulk if you're not going to use them in time.

    The meat / seafood were always a very high standard for what you'd pay in coles / woolies for the same price too. I haven't been back in about a year unfortuantely but I doubt that has changed.

    Ultimately, if you don't like it they will refund your membership at any point anyway, so you always have that option available.

  • +2

    Kirkland hearing aids are rebranded Phonak. Super cheap $1899 for a pair of rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled digital hearing aids. Worth the membership just for the discount.

  • +1

    I think Costco is a place where you need to go a few times to find what you really like / good priced items for you.

    For the first few times you can easily get lost and buy things you may not need, and get shocked at the pay register.

    It's not about everyday shopping like Woolis / Coles, it's about finding things you like.

    Lots of stock get updated every often. I got a really nice dinner room pendents for $200+, and I will never get the same quality / designe ones for the same price in bunnings / beacon.

  • +3

    Costco is not for everyone, for me the savings on petrol alone would be worth the membership fee.

    • I agree but a lot of my friends who have Costco membership don't put petrol in at Costco. I told them they were crazy.

      I mean yesterday Costco WA was 173.7. the next petrol station was 187.9

  • Not sure what you mean by overrated, some people find it better than the traditional Coles and Woolworths combo, which is getting somewhat boring.

    Don’t go if it displeases you OP, life is too short to be spent on doing things just because others said so - kinda like if someone kept asking you to give them $10,000, you eventually gave them $10,000. Now ain’t that dumb?

    • Not sure you understand the concept of a forum/discussion. There's always people like you, you're not the first on this specific thread here. 90% of internet discussions probably shouldn't even happen according to you. It's not that we don't understand that, it's that I'm trying to get people's opinions and different viewpoints which I have that I wouldn't have otherwise had I just 'stopped going'.

  • +1

    Also factor in with Woolies/Coles, you earn Flybuys or Rewards points with all your purchases so you can get $10 credit relatively quickly if you have a family of 4 or more and taking advanatge of their regular bonus points promotions. And if you signed up to the free NRMA Blue member promotion posted on Ozbargin in Jan 21, you are buying Woolies egiftcards with a 3% discount so you are getting 3% off all your Woolies supermarket or petrol stations purchases (on top of all 4cents/L discount if you have purchase $30 or more at Woolies supermarkets)

  • +1

    Do they stock any decent cheddar tasty cheese blocks in big sizes?

    Woolworths and Coles have very limited 1kg cheese offerings other than their own budget brand or the $14 Cheer/Coon.

    It appears they intentionally prevent Mainland from selling their 1kg blocks.

    They are doing a Tesco

    • Added to the list, thanks!

  • Totally agree with the OP
    Costco is where buying in bulk actually costs you more.
    It's like costco is acting as the wholesaler and expects its retail customers to pay retail prices for bulk lots.

    No deal

  • I've made back my membership fees in fuel savings already.

    • +1

      Yes, good point!
      Unbeatable if having easy access (distance wise) to refill.

      • Yep. For those who live within range of their fuel stations, the savings can't be beat.

  • +2

    The Auburn (NSW) store is crowded, full of selfish, low-class people, and the deals aren't even all that great! I've let my membership lapse, and have no regrets in having done so.

  • +1

    I used to sign up before I headed over the USA for a holiday… petrol was heaps cheaper and Costco over there has been easily worth it during holidays.
    I don't really live near one here and don't have a big family so it hasn't been worthwhile for me.
    The savings on Car Batteries when they have 25% off was easily worth signing up for as well.

  • Costco Australia is a sad image of Costco USA. Product wise.

    So yes Costco (Australia) is overrated but we personally still buy several products from them because of good pricing and high quality.

    Costco USA is far better offering far more products of far better quality at far better pricing (than other US retailers, of course).

  • +1

    We were members for 2 years, novelty did wear off after a few huge shops.
    Found the frozen items are the worst of all the pricing, 8 frozen burger patties for $12, local IGA can get them cheaper and not full of nasty drugs as there product of USA.

    I do think like Aldi, the random items make it worth while, $55 levi jeans and such.

  • +1


  • +4

    Costco has a great change of mind policy. If you're not happy with anything for any reason you can return it for a full refund. They will even cancel and refund your membership if you're not happy.

    Electronics such as laptops, iphones and TV's have a 90 day change of mind return period, and usually electronics are cheaper here. E.g. you can get iphone and macbook pro much cheaper at Costco than direct with Apple.

    Macbook pro 16" was around $3300 at Costco and $3700 at Apple.

    Apple themselves only have a 14 day change of mind return period.

    Costco is always the cheapest for fuel except a couple of independants. Costco uses Mobil, and I haven't had any issues with their Diesel or 98.

    If you live relatively close to a Costco, it's a no brainer, even if you don't use all their services.

  • There are several ways to work it though, assuming you are close enough to a store. I share a membership with my mother, we both get our own cards. My mothers hearing aids were great value, car tyres are great too, they select good produce and products, rarely any disappointments, and they have a most flexible refund policy that is pretty much unmatched. But still, it pays to have a larger family and it pays to get a vouched for product…. I got a kitchen trolley from Coles last week and it was absolute shit, that would never happen with Costco. Coles will refund me too if I ask I'm sure, but Costco won't sell crap like that. I think it is borderline worth it for me as a single pensioner but shared with mother I'm happy!

  • If you use a lot of petrol and have a big family it’s great value.

    We buy all out meat there, freeze want we don’t use that day.

    Some things we like
    Pre cooked Indian food
    Beef bolgogi
    Hot chook
    Short cut bacon
    Hot dog plus sofa for $1.99
    We have bought multiple Apple products as it’s cheap all year round.

    We don’t buy fresh veggies there. And some of the sauce bottles are too big for my lifetime.

  • We used to be members and usually came away spending more than we needed to or expected to going in.

    They certainly had some interesting and often good stuff.

    After the lockdowns last year and not being able to go there for 4 months or whatever it was and them not offering any compensation i didn't renew. It's a 30 minute drive each way from where we live. Haven't missed it and at this stage don't intend going back. If a store opened up in the LGA i live in, i may reconsider.

    I wouldn't say it's over rated though but it is definitely not for everyone.

    • There was a $15 voucher given at one point of time as part of the lockdown compensation.

  • We mainly go there for non-perishables and seeing what interesting new things they have on sale. The lines at the petrol are always long so can't really be bothered, but shopping inside is a novelty and they always have something interesting to buy so we keep our membership.

  • +1

    In Canberra it's definitely not over rated. Its welcome competition. Before Costco arrived in Canberra we were paying the highest petrol prices in Australia consistently for half a decade. Since Costco opened their petrol station they've had the cheapest daily petrol prices. All Canberrans know it and the Costco petrol station acts as a draw card to get patrons to travel out there.

    On products that rarely go on clearance they can save you money over Canberra retailers. Exide car batteries for expensive model cars rarely are discounted so Costco prices are very reasonable. My last car tyres were purchased at Costco 1/3 off compared to the cheapest Canberra Bridgestone dealer as it was a new model tyre released less than 12 months ago (Bridgestone S007A) so dealers were price gouging as Bridgestone had a monopoly on supplying such a new model tyre.

    Without the automotive stuff (98 RON petrol, car battery, high tech sports tyres) and without the food court then Costco would not save me enough to cover the $65 per year membership fee and petrol costs. As a single person Aldi was always cheaper for groceries, closer to travel to and didn't need to buy in bulk.

    My situation is unique so its a no brainer. Aldi doesn't sell petrol, car tyres, quality batteries or have a food court that cooks hot pizza's, $2 hot dogs and slushies. Aldi tries to hurry you out the cash register as quick as possible and has lots of P.A. announcements.

  • Never been and have seen nothing in this discussion to suggest I ever should.

  • +2

    Here are the current specials at the North Lakes store in Qld if that makes any difference!

  • I have a personal chef, he goes there to stock up my pantry, so never know what the fuss is about at Costco.

    • +1

      I feel sorry for people who can't afford to hire a dedicated assistant for that.

      Imagine if you wanted a peanut butter sandwich but your chef was out shopping. You'd have to make it yourself - sod that!

      • +1

        I'm rich but not spoiled :)

  • +5

    If you can’t finish a litre a kewpie then there’s something wrong with you.

  • Yes for a small family Costco is overrated.

    For me, I buy almonds (got it on specials 1.30 kg for $14 something), organic cashews and salted cashews. The quality of nuts is much better than you can find at Colesworth and price almost same and sometimes less on specials. Baby cucumbers are usually $8-11/kg at Costco whereas at Colesworth they are $12/kg. The quality of blueberries seems high, but never bought it as you need to buy in bulk and its expensive at Costco.

    The branded clothes and shoes are very cheap at Costco, but very less variety.
    I have seen meat at Costco seems better quality and more variety, never tried though.

    Other than that, occasional specials in electronics section, tyres (when they are on specials), car batteries.

    For me, I canceled my membership after 1 year. I don't fill fuel as my nearest store, Lidcombe doesn't have fuel station.

  • fuel is always cheaper by 20 cents per liter at Costco.

    Kirkland brand items are really good quality.

    If you are single, don’t bother. Costco is for bulk buying and that’s the only way. Bulk buying means less frequent trips to super markets and less impulsive purchases.

  • I'm more surprised you didn't find this out beforehand like looking online or if being told by so many people to go to Costco that you haven't tagged along with any friend's 9r relatives who were members. Especially given unlike say the hype (or not) over Aldi you have to pay to try Costco membership.

  • 100% worth the membership for me just to buy fuel….everything else in store is a bonus. Been a member of Costco for 20 odd years here in Australia and when I lived in Mexico.

  • i go to Costco to buy better quality fruits, vegges and meats, not to save money. Usually walk out with few brand name t-shirts that i didn’t need. so definitely no saving there

  • Had membership for a year, but found it was more expensive as I usually stock up on things at Woolies/Coles when they’re on sale. The bulk prices aren’t that much cheaper than regular prices. I did like the random pre-made foods they had, but if you’re in it for the savings, it’s generally not worth it.

  • It's not even that cheap, also I cancelled my membership once they got rid of the cinnamon scrolls…… dealbreaker.

  • I don't always get the best deal at all times at Costco.

    Their fuel definitely has been a steal and worth the trip and the queue, I remember I saved close to 40 cents per liter for 98 not just for once, but a few times.

    I love their muffins 12 for $9.99. 12 croissants for $9.99? I know they're not comparable to the fancy Lune or Agathe croissants (Melbourne's), but I still enjoy them. Just put them on air fryer for 5 mins and they will become crispy :D

    I'm paying the membership for the customer service they're offering. Knowing that they will guarantee on my satisfaction for every item I purchase, they will refund literally anything (within the time period) if I'm not happy with the product I purchased.

    It may not be for everyone, but I enjoy the shopping experience there.

  • So after years of being told to go to Costco and how awesome it is

    No, you're just gullible.

    Why on Earth, in 2022 no less would you believe what people say at face value?

  • Biggest thing about Costco for me is the meat. At least compared to all the butchers I have tried in my area, I get far better quality beef for considerably less at Costco, and that makes it worth it for me. And then whilst I am there, there are always the few other staples that I stock up on.

  • alot of items are cheaper at woolworths and coles when they have sales.
    I go to Costco because I find that the costco meat and veg quality is a lot better and fresher than coles and woolworths. Not sure if it's just the coles and woolies near me or not.
    I also like the variety of frozen items they have and noodles.

  • Depends what you buy.

    I think its worth trying for a year, found some nice stuff there. I'll go once every few weeks

  • +2

    There are a few good things that we go for:

    • Kirkland dry pet foods – good quality cat/dog food ~$85 for 16Kg of cat food makes it a no brainer for us. Equivalent quality in Blackhawk is 2x the price.

    • Toilet paper. Kirkland TP Australia pretty good, long rolls and larger than average sheet size.

    • Beef and pork. Quality is great. Exclusively buy pork from here and have never had a cut that has boar taint. Seems like Coles/Woolworths and even butchers are very hit and miss with this. Costco’s minced meat prices are also excellent, albeit a bit too lean for some things.

    • Kirkland French vodka. $95 for 1.75L, used to be cheaper but it’s still good value. I drink this instead of GG and don’t feel as though I’m sacrificing quality.

    • +2

      There are a few good things that we go for:

      • asia kitchen karage chicken (frozen), kids love these in the airfryer
      • takumi takoyaki (frozen)
      • tomohawk steaks. per kilo is about $35 and the quality is exceptional
      • crossaints
      • Kirkland paper towels.
      • kirkland mixed nuts (unsalted)
      • eclipse mints,1x box lasts a year.
      • white vinegar 4lt bottles about $3, we use it to cook and clean
      • Yakiniku pork belly, sliced with no rind
      • frozen scallops roe off
      • pork belly with skin large slabs for about $18/kg

      this reminds me, i need a costco run.

    • I regularly get 20kg of Blackhawk dog food for about $100 at the local Petbarn.

  • +1
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