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Event & Village Cinemas Unrestricted eVoucher $8.80, Gold Class Unrestricted $22 (Exp. 30/4) + 1.5% Fee @ Neat Ideas via Westpac


Greetings everyone, a further price drop from this deal to make these tickets even cheaper. Thanks to squanchy for the update.

When clicking through the link, make sure to apply the code WPBD2040 to get access to order. This is a generic code for all Westpac rewards accounts.

Power User Note: 1.5% processing fee applies. $0.13 for general and $0.33 for Gold Class vouchers.

Voucher Info:

  • For use by 30.04.2022
  • eVoucher (Option to eGift to a friend)
  • Valid nationwide at Event, Greater Union, BCC and Village cinemas (excludes VIC regional areas)
  • Valid anytime
  • Not valid for alternate content screenings
  • Voucher can be redeemed online at villagecinemas.com.au, eventcinemas.com.au or at the ticket box for movie sessions screening prior to expiry at participating cinema locations*.

How to redeem

  • Exchange your voucher for a movie ticket at the BOX OFFICE.
  • You can use the barcode and 4 digit pin (shown at the end of the barcode) to book your seats online at eventcinemas.com.au/sessions or villagecinemas.com.au/sessions. Booking fees apply.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Seating is subject to availability.
  • Please redeem this voucher for a seat to your selected movie session.
  • Not valid for 4DX, group bookings, special events, movie marathons or in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated.
  • A surcharge applies for 3D, Vmax, Vpremium, Vjunior and Dolby Atmos sessions.
  • Booking fees may apply.
  • It is the responsibility of the holder to redeem vouchers for a movie session scheduled on or before they expire.
  • Vouchers are not refundable, not transferrable and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash or other gift products.
  • Lost or expired vouchers will not be extended, replaced or exchanged for cash.
  • Not valid at Rosebud, Sorrento, Warragul, Warrnambool, Moonlight Cinemas or Skyline Drive In.
  • Refer to villagecinemas.com.au or eventcinemas.com.au for applicable locations.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    This one is cheaper than the last, wow!

  • But I bought from the last one exactly how much have I got ripped off from the last special?

    • +5

      Less than 10% the price of a small popcorn

      • +2

        So, about $5? it’d be $50 for popcorn in these trying times surely…

  • +1

    Legend got onto em like hotcakes 👌 Batman is calling

  • Thanks OP, gold class for batman.

    • +7

      People of Gotham are suffering and you want to watch it in GC?

    • You're not going to regret it. Damn good movie it was

  • +1

    What's the difference between the eVoucher and Ticket? Just the possibility to gift the eVoucher?
    Can I still buy two regular Tickets and use the other one for my partner? Or is the regular Ticket just for personal use?

  • +1

    Thanks for your effort to make it a post!

  • Will they run out of tickets? Or will I be able to buy mid April?

  • -1

    Do I need to be with westpac?

    • -1

      I think you once gave me Dell monitor codes lol

  • +1

    Can confirm it works with racv too, no code needed.

  • Thank you OP!

  • Any blockbusters coming up?

    • +1

      • +2

        Is +1 the movie about the woman who needs to find a date for a wedding, so she decides to ask her crush out who initially rejects her and as a result asks out her best friend who's a priest to make the other guy jealous, but as a twist in fate falls madly in love with the priest even though she's truly a vampire that's afraid of +?

        • Username definitely checks out

    • +3

      Morbius is coming at the end of this month. Also, Dr. strange is coming on 5th May but don't know if you can prebook tickets before 30th April for that…

      • That's my plan as well, to pre-book. Only thing that looks worth seeing in the next few months

        • Morbius or Dr Strange?

    • Sonic movie 2

  • +2

    I'm guessing we're still up for the $3.35 per ticket online booking fee?

    • +2

      yes its about $1.50 per ticket online booking - for using an e-voucher, tried it the other day

  • Anyone know what the Vmax surcharge is?

  • -2

    Anything worth watching at the cinema atm?

    • +2

      The Batman?

    • +2

      Saw the batman the other day, was very much worth a watch. Much darker than previous versions, really enjoyed it. I was worried about cedric diggory as batman but he actually did a fairly good job.

      • I haven't watched it myself yet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

  • Looks like Gold Class tickets have sold out for the moment:

    VIL-MOV-ND-DEL-005:Currently unavailable, Due to the popularity and high demand we are currently awaiting more stock. The promotion will continue from 12/03.

    • +1

      Beat my post by 26 seconds! Had the same issue, how unlucky for us!

    • Yes Gold-Class tickets have sold-out. I have reported it to the MODs

  • +3

    This is great, thanks OP! Jujutsu Kaisen 0 here I come

    • Unfortunately not valid for alternate content screenings, I was keen to see JJK 0 for $8.8…..

      • Actually??? How is this called 'unrestricted' then?

        • I booked them without a problem using a normal adult ticket. In QLD. Can confirm it works for Jujutsu Kaisen at least

      • can confirm, with the $8.8 ticket, I booked JJK in NSW successfully.

  • Anyone know the deets for "No group bookings"?

  • I only got a 3-digit PIN rather than a 4-digit one as described. However, it still works on both Event and Village Cinemas websites.

    Note to self: Remember to input voucher codes at ticket selection step rather than at the final payment step.

  • +2

    Based on this:


    I think I'll pass.

    • Some good movies there…each to their own I guess…

    • Thanks. A fair few I'll watch streamed. Nothing grabs me enough to pay a ton for at the cinema.

  • gold class sold out :(

  • Can anyone tell me how to redeem the voucher? I have got a couple of coupons but it says not valid when I enter them to book

    • I haven’t bought it yet so I don’t know. Did you try the barcode and 4 digit pin as instructed in the OP’s post?

    • I bought some this morning too and they are not working at Event (ticket select screen). Say "Voucher not valid".

      • Same here, not valid while trying to redeem at the Village desk, I had to buy another ticket

  • will they restock the gold class? or did i miss :(((((

  • Is the $8.8 regular tickets also sold out? says unavailable when trying to continue to payment, also the website mentions "continues to 08/03/22"

  • Thanks OP.
    Managed to pick up the $28 ones instead which was still good value.

  • Grabbed a few regular tickets, and it also says Gold class are available. Seems like they have restocked

  • +2

    I keep getting a "voucher not valid" error when I enter the code into the Events website. Also only got a 3 digit pin instead a 4 digit one like it says in the T&Cs. Anyone know what to do?

    • Same - purchased this morning. I emailed Neat Idea's customer support to see what the go is.

      My guess is a process between them and Event has failed so our vouchers aren't uploaded yet.

    • Same here. Bought 3 vouchers. Tried them for a few different movies. None of them worked. I ended up getting tickets through Telstra Perks. I hope I can get a refund. Probably not, because it says in their T&Cs that they provide no refunds.

      • I had the same issue last night, but it worked this morning and was able to book a ticket with event cinemas.

      • Correction: The vouchers worked the next day.

  • +2

    For those unable to use their vouchers - just got this in reply to my customer support request from Neat.

    "Thank you for your inquiry.

    There is currently issues with the Village April promo redemption on the Event website.

    We can confirm that it is being investigated urgently to try and fix the matter.

    Please have patience while this is being looked into."

    • I'm hoping to go tomorrow…

      Wish they had PayPal as a checkout option - a charge back is much more annoying

  • What is the difference between:
    Event & Village National Adult Ticket
    Event & Village Cinemas Adult Unrestricted eVoucher

    • +1

      Expiry date.

  • Whoops. Wish I read the most recent comments prior to purchasing.
    Bought a voucher and then attempted to book a ticket for Batman tomorrow but I am getting invalid message, and can't book the same as others.

    • +2

      Tried again this morning and it worked first go.

  • Gold class available again, was just able to buy two and booked for Saturday night.

  • Just FYI - you can't use these on recliners at all (there's no additional fee offered or anything, just that you can't use it)

  • +3

    Anyone else getting an error when trying to checkout? Clicking the checkout just refreshes back to the same page.

    VIL-MOV-ND-ADU-004:Currently unavailable, Promotion Continues 16/03/22.

    • same

    • yep

    • Got the same message. Keep trying since morning till now but no luck.

    • Yeah I'm getting the same …… fingers crossed they will have more tickets soon

    • same error for me

    • Just ordered today. Look at the next available date (Promotion Continues …..) and set your alarm to place an order early in the morning :)

      • Could you please provide some clarity on this? I can't find the words 'promotion continues' anywhere on the page. All I'm getting is a dead end when trying to check out.

  • can we use these to book indian movies at village cinemas?

  • Same error i am getting still

    • See my trick above :). Good luck

  • Gonna check out The Batman! Thanks OP!

  • Still the voucher doesn't work with 3 digit pin instead of 4. Also voucher is starting with V, which is not allowed in online.

  • So these vouchers are still broken?


  • Cheers! Anyone know with event cinemas if I book in advance now (for morbius), can you change the day/time for gold class? It seems to say in faq you can do it once as long as it’s the same cinema and more than 2 hours notice but I don’t trust it and want to check if this is actually an easy experience…

    Given morbius is on sale now , wondering if they will allow bookings for dr strange before 30.4 expiry date so can book in advance and use this deal for that too?

  • Why does it only have a 3 digit pin??

  • Anyone know why it’s charging 6.5$ after adding the voucher ?

    • +1

      Booking fee.
      If you buy tickets in person you won't have to pay that.

      • I can understand 1.5$ booking fee. But 6.5$ is a lot. Thanks for your response.

        • I agree it's a bit steep.

  • Awesome deal! Makes me feel better about missing out on the previous shopback one.

    Tested it and despite a 3 digit pin it definitely works for Villiage cinemas (vic). Delivery was instant

  • want to watch Jurassic World: Dominion but it's in June :(

  • Sorry to say the website seems to be faulty. 'Proceed to Checkout' is a dead end ('The website isn't working' error in multiple browsers and networks).

  • It just keeps displaying the code box after I enter it. Has it stopped working?

  • thanks! got 2 gc tix! regular ones are sold out

  • Not sure on the booking fee for gold class, but I just went in person and booked using the vouchers and there was $0 booking fee (in person). In case it helps anyone.

    Has anyone worked out whether we can buy these to pre-buy for Dr Strange at the last minute?

    • oh! i thought of buying them for dr strange, but alas, its release is on May 5th. so got the harry potter ones. im interested if we can buy these for future bookings such as dr strange

      • Yes, but use it ASAP as it expires before release - tickets for Strange go on sale starting Thurs, April 7.

  • +2

    So… I tried booking Dr strange today for the 6th may screening, the voucher won't go through. I tried booking batman for 9th April, it accepts voucher. So it looks like it's only available for screenings before may, and not necessarily for purchases before may

  • Looks like expired, showing 17.50 now

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