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$5 off AMD P2 Respirator Masks 50 Pack $99 Delivered @ Respirator Masks


Hi everyone,

The Offer

$99 for 50 (ozbargain exclusive, discount code applied at checkout), FREE POSTAGE

The Background

Not associated with this business. Backstory is I purchased some and I did not know the seller. I sent them an email (wanted to know product was genuine) and they responded immediately. Seller (Joe, Sydney based) asked if he could call me and we had a decent long conversation. Mainly he was curious about how ozbargain worked as he was aware someone had posted them on ozbargain (they got increased sales that particular day).

From my perspective, REALLY happy with the masks. Had quite a few over the last 2 years but these are by far my favorite to date. Package arrived really fast, 100% genuine product. Listed on the AMD website as an authorised seller.

So different to the others I have worn, comfortable, snug. Its obvious to me the difference between these and cheaper knock-offs. Happy to answer any other questions you guys might have if I can otherwise I can send seller an SMS to get a quick response to your specific question.

Talked to the seller twice now on the phone, do not know each other. Just simply an awesome guy and I told him I'd be happy to put a post up and he was happy to provide a ozbargain only discount. Also emailed a mod about this deal to explain the connection of the ABN to his other business. In short you can see AMD themselves list the seller as
an authorised seller. (

Seller has a very close professional relationship with the founders of AMD and that is what lead them to be able to secure this stock.
In my humble opinion, absolutely terrific value for a small cost per unit inclusive of delivery. Under $2

Many State Governments are predicting rising numbers of covid cases due to BA.2 Omicron variant over next 2 months and as winter approaches, it may be a good time to buy to ensure you have stock in the event outbreak occurs and demand for P2 masks rises.

50 masks (FREE POSTAGE)

This offer represents the cheapest pricing currently available in the market for AMD P2 Respirator masks (seller recently cross checked their pricing against all approved stockists). No shipping fee like some of the others, this offering is exclusively for OzBargain.

AMD P2 NANO-TECH Particulate Respirator - T4

  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) 99.66%
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 99.92%

Meet both P2 (Aust equivalent of N95 masks, > 94% filtration) and Level 3 (Blood resistance, > 98% filtration) Respirator standards in Australia.

  • Official masks used by Australian Olympic/Paralympic teams in Tokyo
  • Australian Made
  • Cutting-edge nanofibre filters
  • 4-ply with elastic earloop
  • Three panel design improves fit and aesthetic
  • High breathability
  • Soft, lightweight, comfortable & odourless
  • Individually packed
  • Latex free
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certified

Regular size, 50PCS/Box

AMD’s NANO-TECH P2 Particulate Respirators feature advanced filtering and design details that allow them to be worn comfortably while maintaining their class-leading functionality over standard melt blown filter respirators. Cutting-edge nanofibre filters of the P2 respirator mask are incorporated into a face-contouring design that creates an effective barrier against potentially harmful airborne particles and aerosols such as dust, virus, and bacteria. Nanofibre technology ensures excellent breathability and lightness even with the assurance of four protective layers.

Technology: Nano-filters, comprised of nanofibres, deliver higher filtration efficiency than standard melt brown filters and are lighter and more breathable. A particulate respirator also maintains its functionality after exposure to moisture while typical filters lose their electrostatic properties once exposed to water. AMD’s nano-filters are water-resistant and protective against airborne particles, aerosols, and liquid.

Fit: Respirator P2 mask features an innovative three-panel design that fits naturally around the nose and mouth creating a better seal and aesthetic. Elastic ear loops hold the particulate respirator securely in place. A soft inner layer and moldable padded nose bridge wire provide extra comfort.

Comfort: Nano-filter respirators are lighter than standard respirators and allow enhanced breathability which allows them to be worn for hours. The three-panel design of the P2 respirator mask unfolds to shape naturally around the face maximising ventilation around the nose and mouth while still maintaining an effective seal to the environment. Nano-filter respirators are potentially viable options for populations with breathing restrictions such as the elderly and those with heart and lung conditions.

Packaging: Each nano-filter particulate respirator is individually packaged for hygiene and designed to fold flat to facilitate portability and storage. Individual wrapping makes it convenient to carry and distribute without contamination. 50/Box.

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    Only 2nd gen AMD? I heard Zen 3+ architecture is around the block so hold off this deal for a couple of months!

  • +2

    These are good masks.

  • -1

    I remember the good old days when you could rob a bank unambiguously. Today I became increasingly exasperated as the teller told me, several times, “Sorry, that withdrawal will exceed your account balance.” Dammit — I had to wave a fake gun in their face for them to take me seriously!

  • I have been using these masks for a couple of weeks now they're pretty good. They provide an excellent seal around the face.
    The only drawback I have for this product is that for extended periods of use they start to hurt the back of my ears (at least that was the case for me).

    • Same for me.
      For a while, they are okay, but once they start to hurt the back of my ears, and when I use them daily thereafter, after the first couple of hours, the earloops hurt.

      Other than that, I think they are great, so does my partner. She hasn't reported pain from where earloops dig in around the back of the ears.

      I still recommend them, though.

    • Yes imagine wearing this for the first time and embarking on a flight to Europe.
      Back of my ears were red from the loop digging in after 10 hrs.
      I had to bandage the back of my ears for the rest of the trip.

      The fix for this is to use a mask loop extender.
      They come in all sorts of shapes and materials.
      The most important consideration is material. I'd recommend something soft like silicon rubber and not something that has plastic in it.
      This might be a good place to start, but I'd look around as the Amazon selection isn't that great IMHO

  • What is the difference between Benehal 8225 and 9015 (from Sydney Tools)?

  • +2

    Aussie made 😊 🙌

  • +1

    I bought from this company about a month ago. Popped up on OzBargain about that time and when I went back to tell a patient about the mask via OzBargain, it had been removed for 'lack of business details'. I started to panic thinking it was a scam website. The masks arrived in good time. I was very happy with them.

    Tldr: The company is trustworthy.

    • Yep absolutely. Basically it all just boils down to seller is a top bloke, wants to look after customers, does right by them 100%. I had a convo with the mods after that last deal and direct contact with seller. My products were perfect. I think people get confused that the guy across the road doing the right thing, isn't necessarily spending big bucks on website certification. His professional relationship with AMD founders allowed him the ability to move some of these great masks.

  • Are we now getting ready for the coming winter (Winter is coming….)?? thought we don't have to wear masks at work anymore? wouldn't it be even cheaper soon? Well, if we are all happy with this, I might just order one now…

    • +1

      WA is not at their peak, cost of producing, I don't see the prices coming down a great deal in the near future. Just my view. Family are still buying so it feels we aren't there yet. But I'll be wearing masks in all the places we don't need to because for me - if these even stop me getting your flu, worth it.

  • +1

    Just wanted to confirm, people buy these and reuse right? ie you don't throw it away every night?

    Have been used to the Uniqlo cloth ones but want to move to these soon.

    • +1

      I must confess I do use them too long. I rotate several. That way I know I haven't worn this one for a week. Feels just as good as new to me. I don't know science - but I know my mask doesn't have covid because it's been on the back seat of my car for a week. Something like that. :) I can't bring myself to throw them out daily.

    • I used each several days. Obviously it depends on what you do daily. If your job makes you sweat a lot or exposes you to dust then obviously you'd need to replace it sooner.

    • +1

      Theoretically yes but you need to be careful not to contaminate via touch, which you most likely will. That and you need a way to disinfect contaminated surfaces, especially with the new sub-variant that survive longer

    • -1

      According to testing done by Aaron Collins on KF94s, you can reuse for up to 40 hours, or until the straps loosen/break, which ever occurs first.

      It's an assumption that you can translate this to other masks, but many mask nerds are comfortable with the approach above for all N95/P2/KF94 grade respriators.

      If you're risk tolerance is very low, I'd max out at maybe 8-10hours, i.e. a work shift.

      • I'm pretty sure in hospital settings prior to covid we used to give them a 4 hour life span. Covid made everyone wear them longer due to shortages etc. But the quality of protection degraded after 4 hrs if I recall

    • I really like the Uniqlo ones, feels like silk on my face. I'm pretty sure it doesn't protect me from anything though hahaha.

      Our work ones are slightly bigger than a K95 and shaped the same so you can double up if you want.

  • Can I overclock this mask?

    • +1

      Yes. Just have to wear 3 at a time. :)

      • nice! you are alright OP :D

  • +2

    I wouldn’t buy these masks again tbh, they feel like flimsy paper/plastic, which is what some fake masks feel like. I’m not saying they’re fake, just saying they don’t inspire confidence since I’ve tried a lot of masks.

    The ear loops are also huge, so you might need to shorten them by making a knot in them if you want a decent seal, but that’s not a huuuuge deal and depends on your face size.

    Mine are collecting dust now, as I bought a bunch of KN95s from Korea which feel and fit a thousand times better (Bluna FaceFit and LG Airwasher).

    In summary - if you’re paying this much, you may as well get the best KN95s.

    • Can see you have really given your opinion a lot of thought. Interesting to me how much we all vary. Horses for courses and all that. I totally agree with you about the plastic think, ironically it's what makes me like these. First mask I've worn that felt like they were cut from a protector mat you'd put on a child's mattress. Felt the protection like nothing was getting through there. And despite that, so breathable. Never experienced that combo of apparent plastic sheild and zero problems breathing through it. It's hard to explain. Seems all masks are very much down to personal taste.

    • +2

      You mean KF94s not KN95

    • +1

      it's a different type of technology with nanofibre which is why it's thinner lighter and more 'plasticky'. what you refer to the hefty ones are the thick melt blown ones. those in fact lose efficacy after a few hrs due to moisture as it's dependant on electrostatic charge, whereas the nanofibre has more longevity

    • so you might need to shorten them by making a knot in them if you want a decent seal

      Be careful with that

      With N95s, “do not twist the loops to tighten the mask as this produces gaps and decreases the effectiveness of a mask by about 60%,” she said.

  • +1

    Might get an AIO with this if im going to Overclock it

  • Be careful that these aren’t the earlier batches of AMD earloops that had the embossed AMD letters on the mask as these ones contained holes in the letter M and the nose wire was flimsy. The better batches have AMD printed in grey/black on the mask.

    • I have a batch right here from this seller. No hole in letter M. Nose wire definately not flimsy. These indeed have AMD printed in grey on the mask.

  • I bought the AMD P2 masks with over-the-head loops late last year. Impressed - but a little tight with my big noggin!

    Buying these in the hope of a good fit without ear trauma.

    [Despite the 'Corona Siege' being lifted, we're still being cautious in crowded environments. It's a probability thing…]

    • Great masks these. Confident you'll be happy given you liked the other AMDs. They fit me great.

  • +1 for the write up and communication with seller

    Cheers OP!

    • Thanks mate. Appreciate that. Glad to see that it looks like he'll move some units. He just was so interested to hear about the ozbargain community (he knew nothing of us) when I talked to him on the phone.. it's great to see that good people and good products, quality, service and effort equals shifting units. He is one of those old school types that really cares about the customer experience.

  • +3

    I've bought these masks, from this guy, maybe a month ago. I recall when I saw bike on the company name. Price was a little higher, can't recall exactly but I was happy to pay it for prompt delivery of this quality mask. Delivery was just 2 days or so to Brisbane.

    I have a lot of masks. What can I say. I'm a prepper. And I believe what the medics tell us, not what politicians want us to believe. Covid isn't over.

    And right now I'm facing an internal battle not to buy more of these masks at this price.

    • You said it all! I'm with you. Sounds like a yes haha. I'm going to. I genuinely don't see the price of these dropping much further over the medium term. Only today my brother came to see me. He is still sporting those 1 cent blue reject shop type. Gave him 3 of these AMDs. Wasn't giving him any more of my box. He messaged me on Viber and told me how awesome they were compared to the $#@& he'd been wearing.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just wanted to ask about your experience around shipping (well, more of 'packaging'). I'm asking because I purchased one previously from another retailer who shipped the masks on the actual AMD box and so didn't end too well when it got to me.

    • My experience was padded envelope. The AMD both was folded down and arrived perfectly for me to reconstruct. Wouldn't have known it travelled that way. That method worked well in my experience. Hope I answered your question. Let me know if I can answer anything else. :)

      • Did you mean they open the sealed AMD box, put the individually sealed masks inside a padded bag, together with the box (to reconstruct)? Thanks.

  • I don't know. I figure it's better to pay a little extra Intel's masks. AMD might cost less up front but In masks last longer.

    • I've lost count of the tech jokes in this post. Has to be at least double digits. 🤣

  • Clicking on the link provided I still shows $104. any ideas why?


      In the very final part of checkout you should see it as $99 via the link above? If not, please let me know.

      • nope, still showing $104 at the "pay now" stage after entering credit card details

        • That's really strange. I tried just now. $99. I'm on a mobile device. Maybe worth trying something like removing from cart, clicking on link I provided above. Short of that I might refer to the seller.

          • @seamonkey: followed your lead, switched to mobile and it seems to work fine .. thanks for troubleshooting!!

            • @mobydick: No worries. Not sure what that bug might be - appreciate that you reported it. I'm sure the seller would very like to know that. Sounds like a website quirk. All the best @mobydick

  • +1

    Bought these masks a couple of months ago (different seller, $20 more), have been wearing ever since & am very happy with them. Having a smaller face I do need to tie a little knot in the earloops, but no drama and a great fit after this. No fog on glasses.

    • +1

      Great to hear so many positive reviews. Knew it couldn't be just me.

  • +1

    My glasses still fog up with these masks. I’ve gone through 10 of them and all 10 fog up. This means my fit isn’t good and I’m not sure how to adjust it properly. They are a lot more comfortable.

    I’ll buy local made any day. If someone can suggest how I can eliminate the fogging on the glasses, that would be good.

    • Tried this? Simply rub both sides of your lenses with a drop of soap, then buff the lenses with a soft microfiber cloth. Works for me. Anyone else got any tried and tested methods?

  • I am the sort to wear a mask around the chin

    • A face bra… what a boob

  • If you did purchase the AMD P2s via the OzBargain link and were charged $104, just message me via the website and I will ensure you get the discount.

    We have just packed a bunch of orders from OzBargain customers. They are all new stock. Each box clearly shows P2 (+ Level 3 certification) and each individual mask has greay printing on it for authentication.

  • +4

    Just want to thank OzBargain Community.

    We have had a great response to our offer. We had put aside 300 boxes of inventory to ensure we could meet OzBargain orders and are almost through these. I estimate we have about 60-70 boxes left.

  • Got a box! Surgical masks are fine for low risk settings but prefer to have a more fitted mask on standby just in case

  • I keep reading about meeting certification, but I also recall that certification was revealed to be based on a trust system. If the business says they meet 'X' standard, then officially we assumed they did meet X and used them as if they did.

    I just recall the story that the government(s) had to spin away from… medical frontline staff being exposed to covid due to less than expected systems in place to ensure masks were of the standard they claimed. Back when there were no masks for anyone.

    Was this not true, or was official testing stepped up?

    • +1

      Yes and no.

      The TGA stepped up testing but
      1) it only encompasses masks that meet the definition of a medical device and hence are on the ARTG. So those P2 masks that get sold at a hardware store are generally not considered medical devices, and won't be on the ARTG, so they will never get TGA Lab scrutiny.
      2) It is slow. For example, they haven't got around to AMD's P2 masks yet, even though they've been sold to the public for months if not at least a year now.
      3) They test masks after they are being sold to the public, rather than before. So there's a window where you have to rely on the credibility of the lab the manufacturer has chosen.
      4) As far as I understand there are no regular factory site visits for P2 masks as is the case with NIOSH N95s

      • Its awesome, 1st world country, 3rd world assurances.

        Thanks Bwendan

        • +2

          Yup and it makes education really difficult. On paper the N95 and P2 standards are similar. But in how the regulatory environment enforces them, and the level of confidence you can have in something marketed as N95 vs P2 is very different.

      • Thanks for your breakdown.

        I won't lie, sometimes when I go to bunnings I pick up those N95 maks. But I get the individual ones that state they are certified rather than the bulk ones.

        Each to there own though, I sometimes use them when Im using a rattle can :p

        • These are the 40 cent KN95s?

  • Any chance of a deal on the T4HL (headband strap) version of the mask in future? Currently working my way through a box at the moment and wouldn't mind grabbing another at some point, very happy with the fit/seal.

  • Re certification, AMD P2 are independently tested/certified by VicLabs. Click on this link which takes you through all the testing AMD has done so far:

    AMD P2s were vetted by Australian Olympic Committee as well.

    The trust certifications you are referring to probably related to the TGA (Therapeutics Goods Administration) Certifications which in the early days were essentially a "self-certification". The TGA then had to revoke a heap of non-complying certifications and got much tougher. A bunch of overseas masks failed and no longer have TGA certification.

    AMD masks have been scrutinised heavily and met all required standards.

  • Thanks OP & Joe.

    Ordered a box

  • +1

    In relation to T4HL, I will speak to manufacturer and try to put together a deal for OzBargain Community

    • If you get the same promo for the t4hl. I'll buy them. Thanks

  • Re VicLabs. It was VicLabs that tested the Ipkis respirator, allowing them to market themselves as P2, but then when the TGA tested them, the mask was recalled. All of them. Ipkis started selling and marketing their masks around Sep 2020. It took the TGA until 5 October 2021 to test them and issue a recall action. That's over a year of being sold to the public.

    Being tested by a private lab, like VicLabs, where AMD pays them, is not the equivalent to being tested by the an independent government lab like
    - Australia's TGA Labs
    - Korea's MFDS

    As of today TGA Labs hasn't tested them AMD's respirators as they do not appear on the TGA's list of tested respirators or surgical respirators

    Do you want to stake your life and safety on VicLabs test reports alone

    I wouldn't. I'd be looking for multiple signals from any manufacturer
    - What's their quality control processs like, can they spot errors before it gets shipped to customers? 
    - Are their factories subject to regular site audits post approval? NIOSH does for N95s. TGA does not for P2.
    - Has an independent govt lab like TGA, NIOSH or MFDS tested them? What were the results from that?
    - Even if the mask being considered is not N95, does the manufacturer have experience in getting other respirators through NIOSH N95?

  • +1

    It says expired but I still just purchased for $99

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.
    I do have the double straps over the head ones already, as well as surgical masks, but does not harm to be prepared. ( Yes, I also bought a face shield from Chemist Warehouse)
    Have to travel in an airplane ( Sydney to Canberra and back) for a conference next week.
    Double masks and faceshield should do me.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on testing Bwendan. Companies paying for the services of an independent tester is normal in all industries. We pay lawyers, plumbers, architects etc for their services provided. Payment does not compromise quality in my experience. In relation to VicLabs, here is their link for those of you interested in their credentials:

  • Damn looks like missed it. Any more stock coming at this price?

    • +1

      Looks like the $99 price still applies once you checkout, just not in the initial cart.

      • +1

        I went through to 'Pay Now' with a couple of different payment methods, both showing $104 for me

        EDIT: that was the case last night, today with same browser it went straight to $99. Purchased, thanks OP

  • +2

    I don't know why it says expired, it is still coming up at $99 at checkout.

    Thanks OP. Happy to support local business and pretty cool to know its Australian Made too.

    • It's not expired. Someone did mark it as expired but seller secured more stock from AMD so you can still buy it at $99. :)

  • +3

    To try and put simply what others have said: you need a good fit for a P2 mask to work. That means consistently snug against your face. An ear loop mask is unlikely to provide a comfortable snug fit long-term, no matter how good the rest of the mask is. What you want is straps that go around the back of your head, so that the mask is pulled against your face. You could fix this with a loop extender that attaches to the ear loops and turns them into a strap around the back of your head, improving the fit of the mask.

  • Still in stock everyone at $99. (final checkout page)
    Spoke to seller on phone today. Plenty more on hand. Joe spoke of how fast he is getting these out to you all - family business had a late one last night getting your order fulfilled so delivery process has already commenced for many orders. Secured more stock and you can still order now. Order while stock lasts. Seller really appreciates your support.

    • Perhaps you could leave a review on their web site? They only have one and it looks a bit lonely!

      • Absolutely. I hadn't considered that. Will write something thoughtful over the coming days. Cheers. :)

  • +5

    OzBargain Community

    Update. All orders before midnight yesterday have now been shipped. I will update you once all the tracking details for each order are scanned and sent to customers

    • I'm sure everyone from last night's orders will appreciate that update Joe. From order to shipped within hours. Amazing effort. Don't forget your breaks. Coffee helps. D

    • Thanks Joe. Ordered before midnight but haven’t got dispatch notification yet. Guess it’s coming soon?

  • +1

    I don't need this.

    I don't need this.

    I don't need this.

    Bought one. Thanks OP.

    • Cheers timhn :)

  • any INTEL ones ?

    • Advanced Medical Devices (AMD) Pty Ltd 🤣🤣🤣

    • Not INTEL but LG does make KF94 masks called the Airwasher

  • Any chance on a deal for the 10 packs? Interested to try these out but not 50 at a time!

  • Just received my order . It is not the orange box that I bought before from another supplier. Instead, it is a green box with photos of our Olympians. Is it the new packaging?

  • Ordered, thanks op!

    • And received (ordered Thurs night). Quick delivery received this morning.
      Also got the green box (though packaging was a bit crushed when I received it).

  • +1

    Mine arrived yesterday - green box with olympians. As someone who has been wearing those shitty surgical masks for 2 years+, holy shit these are comfy!

    I wear glasses. These don’t cause any fogging up.

    Would buy again 10/10.

  • Does anyone know if they could deliver to parcel locker? back to office already so would be great if they deliver to parcel locker.

  • Got the Orange box today. Fits well and is very breathable. I only thing I don't like is the printed details on the side.

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