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[Afterpay] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti VISION OC 8G R2.0 8GB Graphics Card $687.65 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay


Original Coupon Deal

First post.
Just missed out on the Computer Alliance deal for $679 but found similar deal with Scorptec for ~$8 more. Use afterpay code AFPYDY

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2022

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    Good video here comparing many 3060 Ti cards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N4_dMHpu1I

    • It doesn't seem to mention above card? Not sure if I missed it

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        Just use gaming OC (not the pro one) as reference they are basically the same

      • Yep unfortunately the Vision is a newer card, probably go with what @nelladream said

      • +1

        On second thought, this Vision OC card has 1x8pin and 1x6pin connector and recommended 650W PSU, same as the Gaming OC PRO
        The Gaming OC only has 1x8pin power connector and recommended 600W PSU.

        So the Vision OC design & performance could be closer to the Gaming OC PRO rather than the Gaming OC

  • Nice find OP, other one sold out quick so I'm sure this will be popular

    • +1

      Thx, was spewin didnt get the other one as I was messing around with my afterpay acct…

  • Hope prebuilts price with 3060Ti can go below $1.2k

  • +1

    This cards OK. 86c on load until I undervolted to 900mv and it became 76c on load. Case had airflow but not heaps. Amazing perf to $ value now.

    I paid $1200 or so.

    • +2

      86c is fine anyway.

      I paid $1400 for a 3070ti, would much rather have saved $700 and got this

      • +3

        Fine I agree, great? No.

        When perf is the same if not better undervolted, it was an easy decision to do it.

        • +1

          I didn't realise this card would get so hot. My 3060Ti on max is like.. 60c

          • @ATangk: Which one?

            • @lrq663611: ROG Strix

              • @ATangk: not surprised at all.. they use basically the same setup across all 30 series lol even the 3050. Strix the beast

          • @ATangk: Browsing firefox maybe.

            • @Jugganautx: Running benches at 100%. They have the same cooler as the 3080 installed in the 3060Ti, so its insane. You can set the power limit to 135% and it goes to around 70c.

      • So not really worth to go 3070Ti if 3060Ti price is now this low?

  • Why are cards so low now? Is the mining boom over?

  • +3

    Wonder if it's time to upgrade from the trusty 'ol GTX 1060 I got for $357 in 2017.

    • Depends on what type of performance level you're chasing I guess, but next-gen Lovelace/RDNA3 cards are in sight. If you're wanting performance per $, the best days are still going to be later in the year IMO (if the leaks are correct, which there seems to be an awful lot of agreement from different sources that they are)

      • +2

        That's the sort of talk I heard all across Ozbargain before the 30xx series dropped late '20, and with everyone panic selling their RTX 2080's. Then everyone suddenly had memory loss afterward.

        No beef to your comment btw, lol. Was just reminiscing about the forum convos and comment wars back then. For me, I just want a modest performance increase for 14400/60fps. I'm not an Ultra settings gamer or Ray-tracing enthusiast.

        • Yeah I wouldn't be panic dumping 3080s that's for sure! But if you're hodling and can wait, I'm banking there'll be better value to come

          • +1

            @TimR31: True but at what point and when? I just pulled the trigger.. I cant stand these ass frames on my 1060 anymore, thats just me though and I waitied long enough to get a GPU at MSRP

            I figure if i wait 6 months and get one for 450 would I really be happy knowing the 4x series kicks its ass?

            It's never a good time, just the right time lol

            • @Thalminator: Yeah absolutely, it's a good buy now if you're not happy with your current cards performance. The worst of the gouging/shortage appears to be over.

              I'm excited about high-end next gen because I think it will max out my 1440p/165Hz monitor on at least High for most games, and I can call it a day for the next 3-4 years. If I buy a 30xx or 6x00 series now, I can't achieve that on many games, and pretty sure I'll be upgrading within 2 years.

  • +4


    • +4

      RRP is 688 isn't it…HODL for what?

      • +3

        New GPUs start getting released from the end of march until next the end of the year. Looks like next gen AMD will be a huge leap with Nvidia keeping up. Could be 50-100% improvment.

        Intel entering the market should increase supply further too.

        • that's a good reason

        • Just saying, this is what people said before the 3000 series was announced. And we all know what happened after that haha

          • @woka: 2000 to 3000 series was a big jump (compared from 1000 to 2000, while 900 to 1000 was a big jump too). If you got one on release, you did quite well. It's after a week or so the real troubles started

            • @TimR31: Yeah that's true. I guess in technology though there's always something better around the corner. If you kept waiting for the best thing you'd never buy anything.

              • +1

                @woka: The release schedule is slow enough now that I think it's reasonable to wait 6 months (especially when the new release is expected to improve performance so greatly), but probably not much more

      • +1

        True RRP might be 688, but this is still drastically more than xx60 series sold for in the past. There should be more room for a price drop.

        • Why would they go back to past pricing levels? It's been shown people will pay more. For the days of a $400 xx60 series to come back will take a massive shock to the market. Not impossible, but I can't see it

      • An actual bargain. RRP from 1.5 years ago isn't a deal.

  • +3

    Wow this is the same price as I paid for a 3060Ti on release.

  • This version may use more power then a stock 3070 :)… Not for me …

    • +2

      May doesn't mean must. You can dial any cards power consumption back a lot if you are happy to lose a small amount of performance. The other cards that use less are probably slower.

  • I bought one of the Duals from them today. Much excite.

    • +1

      These GPUs are selling like hot cakes, buy now, sell later if you need too, 6 months is a long time to wait, HOLD works for people who will always have buyer's remorse, buy when it suits you.

  • +1

    These would be great for an all white mining rig!

  • Any methods to get around using afterpay? :(

    • What's wrong with using afterpay? you don't pay extra for using this service?

      • +1

        Under 18 😭

    • no

      • :(

        • I'm sure you know at least 1 18 year old or older in your life that has an after pay account or can sign up to one, and you can use their payment method : )

          • @prettyflyforawifi: Unfortunately I have asked all the over 18s and they are unwilling to sign up :(

            • +3

              @Leho: that's fair, you might just have to wait and sooner or later you will find one at the same price or lower, without having to use after pay. all the best!

    • +2

      Don't stress out, I believe there will be deals with similar price soon that doesn't require Afterpay.

  • Ordered thanks OP
    I already have a 2 fan gigabyte eagle and the cooling is ok but be nice to step up to a 3 fan model and white is something different

  • Ordered one. Much better than my onboard :)
    Thanks OP

  • Sold out! Next cheapest is EVGA @ $696.15 or this if you want triple fan https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/689000

  • Thanks OP snagged one, debating whether to wait for 4k series and buying a prebuilt but tbh I think my 3700x will hold up just fine for another 3-4 years and ill skip 4k series and move onto the 5k down the track.

    The 3gb 1060 has been on struggle street for ages now, I'm used to playing games on all low so dropping settings to medium to get 100+ fps is not a problem at all for me lol

  • There are 3 still available :)
    Session lock must have released those

  • +1

    How do you buy anything with afterpay. I just signed up and I can only spend 600 dollars which is too much to get the 20% discount on this card.

    • Ebay giftcards from Shopback.

      • Thanks for this, can confirm it still works.

        My first time trying this, so maybe I did it wrong, but afterpay coupon can't be applied if pay all by gift card. Thankfully one of my gift cards was only $5. So heads up that you may have to pay a small amount via afterpay to get the discount.

        • +1

          Yeah, you need to pay by Afterpay in order for the Afterpay discount code to work, but that's not an option if it's 100% bought by giftcards.

          Although, it's worth using as much Giftcard as possible to get an effective discount of up to 17.55%.

  • +1

    eth 2.0 and intel gpu's still to come

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