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  • Another round is coming, hope not too much price jack…

  • Hasn't this been on for ages?

    • I think that was only home and garden stuff? (I got a vacuum with it)

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    ryzen 9 is jacked.

    • +1

      Yep. I bought it for $594 last week.

    • +2

      5900X is $765 without discount, $667.25 with 15% discount :(
      This is super lame.

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    Crazy at Futu, looked at 3 or 4 items, all have $ increased 10-15% in 2 days! Lol.

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      Noticed the same. I'm reporting this issue to ACCC. Clearly Futu are engaging deceptive business practices. Fault also lies with eBay for knowingly turning a blind eye.

      • -5

        I'm reporting this issue to ACCC

        Can you please share the URL for just one product listing that you would report for "deceptive business practices" and what section/clause of ACL that the ACCC would rely upon to pursue an investigation/prosecution? Thanks.

        • +24

          To me and to most of Australia, raising prices by circa 20% in order to then run a 15% off sale, is absolutely reprehensible. There is intent here too, noticing the massive price hikes on every one of their products, occurred just before the discount code was released. The obvious implication is that Futu knew about the upcoming eBay discount and reacted accordingly.

          Case in point: in 2020, Kogan was fined $350,000 for offering “discounts” on products with inflated prices.

          There is no difference here.

          With a view like yours, I can only imagine you either operate or are affiliated with a store on eBay, engaging in such deplorable practices.

          • +1


            There is no difference here.

            When it comes to enforcement of the component pricing provisions of ACL there is a HUGE difference mate.

            With a view like yours, I can only imagine you either operate or are affiliated with a store on eBay, engaging in such deplorable practices.

            School yourself on logical fallacies.

            I've spent the last 23 years of my career working in consumer affairs management. You have no idea how laughable your assertion is.

            Just to ask the question to you again: can you please share the URL for just one product listing that you would report for "deceptive business practices" and what section/clause of ACL that the ACCC would rely upon to pursue an investigation/prosecution?

            I have NO hesitation to call-out practices that breach an act, code or regulation. But just because something feels unfair to you doesn't make it illegal.

            • +6

              @OzDJ_: I thought you were asking so a bunch of us could focus on the same item to try and get the ACCC's attention through multiple complaints? I guess not.

              What would you argue is the material difference between what Kogan got fined for, and what happens here?

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              @OzDJ_: It does matter if retailers provide false information and it is illegal.

              File name: VID544/2019
              Section 4 ACL
              SS18 and 29(1 )(i) of the ACL

              • @annexe: SS18 refers to deceptive or misleading conduct, and SS29 relates to False or misleading representations.

                I’m unsure if there apply in this case.

                Edit: mandatory ‘I’m not affiliated with either party and don’t like the practice’

                • @Bedgrub: SS18 and SS29 were the relevant legal principals applied in ACCC v Kogan case. (ACCC v Kogan at [100] https://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FCA/2020/1004.html?context=1;query=[2020]%20FCA%201004;mask_path=au/cases/cth/FCA).

                  Honourable Justice Davies states that "The ACCC has proven to the standard of proof required by s 140 of the Evidence Act that the promotional statements conveyed the representations alleged by the ACCC. Further, the ACCC has proven that those representations were misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead and deceive. Accordingly I am satisfied there has been a contravention of ss 18 and 29(1)(i) of the ACL. The appropriate remedies are to be the subject of a separate hearing."

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              OzDJ_; I've spent the last 23 years of my career working in consumer affairs management. You have no idea how laughable your assertion is.

              Folks like this are exactly the reason price jacking has been allowed to go on for so long.

            • @OzDJ_: makes it dodgy though?

        • +4

          Go to the ACCC website and look for the article on what happened to Kogan for doing the same! :)
          Jacking prices up followed by a sale as though you are saving x percentage, when you are not, is deemed as deceptive conduct and has penalties for doing so.

          • -1

            @SimAus007: We've long suspected this happens, some people have proof, but the majority of us are not going on eBay daily and recording prices. But eBay knows. So it is possible for eBay to take action, and that will come either through them, or directly by ACCC.

            Since a lot of people are noting this happening with Futu, I will downvote this deal, so that tightarse can take notice (and possibly remove/modify the deal).

            • @Kangal: ebay knows, when you create a coupon/discount for your own store any listing that had the price tweaked within a 2 week period are automatically excluded from the coupon

          • @SimAus007: I guess the distinction here is that they were both the vendor and the marketplace.

            In the case of eBay, Futu might be able to claim that it was a coincidence that the marketplace offered a discount through the platform.

            • @Bedgrub: I doubt it. The vendors know in advance of upcoming eBay Sales, maybe not all the details but enough.

      • +8

        That the ACCC has done nothing about this despite it being blatantly obvious for years now makes me think it's not a breach of consumer law, despite being a really shitty thing to do. The law is actually quite specific, it's about a retailer making a very blatant claim about prior price and current price when it has never been sold at the prior price, which isn't what is happening in this case. It's also Ebay offering the discount as a platform then passing on some of the cost to the seller, which might be a complex enough setup that ACCC laws don't cover it.

        I've been reporting this with very clear examples to the ACCC for years and nothing has ever changed. Maybe they just need more complaints though so I'm not going to stop you!

        • +6

          I suspect the main issue with this is who sets the prices vs who runs the promotions.
          It's potentially a grey area in what is clearly outdated legislation that doesn't offer clear protections on 'marketplace' promotions run by an external party.

          If FUTU was doing this on their website it would be clear cut, but I suspect they could argue here that it's not them setting the promotional price or displaying the savings.
          Although… Kogan may have set a precedent with them being charged given they are also a marketplace seller?

        • +5

          Just ignore eBay, shop on Amazon. They don't deserve your business

          For more than 1.5 decades eBay has been price jacking and allowed vendors to do so without penalties and no regulations. ACCC didn't do jack. Online shopping is a grey area it will never be resolved.

          Anything to do with vouchers or membership applied with jacked up prices are not worth criticising as nothing will be done

          So just move on.

          • +1

            @neonlight: What a world we live in, where Amazon is the better place to do business.

            I do love my cheap eBay boozebud deals though. It's just important to actually take note of the price, not the discount.

            • +2

              @freefall101: yeah the good old days of eBay with the 20% off with no eBay plus membership died sometime in 2017.

              Nowadays I only check eBay for screen films and cases for mobile, anything else Amazon since I got prime.

              Otherwise whatever deals ozbargainers find.

          • @neonlight: There are plenty of good deals/promos on eBay plus that make the price easily better than Amazon, and different type of items. It's up to the individual to know the value and work out of the the actual price is a good deal. Ignore the '% off' , oldest marketing trick in the world.

            Eg boozebud deals, and $100 off a Soundbar recently and is the cheapest I've seen anywhere.

            • @G-rig: The catch is eBay plus. It's not worth it. I got stung by them a $1 promotion turned to full price charged. They refused refund when clearly shown on banner and I'm eligible. Pretty sure I'm not the only one. And in general plus sub is a rort. It wasn't needed for 20% off now you have that and sellers jacking prices. Not worth your time tbh

              • @neonlight: That doesn't sound the best, and not the typical experience. They should have really refunded the difference at least. They make it pretty hard to contact them vs Amazon (I use both for different things).

                I always think you can do without ebay plus but there are certain deals that make it worthwhile (but you could just get it for one month if you are after a particular deal / item). Was a no brainer when it used to cost $50 sign up and $49 voucher. Not quite as good these days.

                Anyway like i said just check the price and ignore the % off if the prices are jacked.

          • @neonlight: I wish I could just shop on Amazon as an alternative to ebay, however, unfortunately, I still find I have to look on both sites as Amazon still has limited offerings and is often more expensive.
            I was just looking for a new camera, a particular model and it is much cheaper via ebay (both new stock).

        • Just to correct what you've stated, the ACCC don't create laws, that is not something they can do, they can suggest improvements to the law to protect consumers but they don't have the power to create them.
          It's their job to ensure the laws that exist are adhered to, however.

      • I agree, I hate that they do this and it's clearly against the law.

        • -4

          it's clearly against the law

          You're venturing into the component pricing provisions/protections of ACL. I've looked at half a dozen of FUTU's listings and cannot see a single individual listing that breaches those provisions. The price increase sucks but it doesn't necessarily means the company has broken the law.

          • +3

            @OzDJ_: It is in fact quite clear, and you would not know by looking at the listing without previous context on the displayed 'standard' pricing prior to the promotion commencement.

            The 'Save x amount with sale' is considering a misleading promotion, because the 'save' figure is on a price that has not been set for a reasonable period prior to the promotion commencing.
            In fact, the standard (non-promotional) price for these items was much lower just a day ago.
            The beach of the legislation is not the promotion price, it's the displayed 'savings'.

            "It is illegal for a business to make claims to customers about its goods or services — including claims about price — that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression.

            Businesses must ensure that consumers are not misled about the savings that may be achieved. Statements such as ‘Was $150/Now $100’ or ‘$150 Now $100’ are likely to be misleading if products have not been sold at the specified ‘before’ or ‘strike through’ prices in a reasonable period immediately before the sale commences."

            • -14


              It is in fact quite clear

              OK. I'm bowing out of this thread.

              I don't have the time (and probably lack the patience/restraint) to respectfully debate ACL jurisprudence here today.

              Good luck, everyone, with your reports to the ACCC.

              • +11

                @OzDJ_: ‘Please respond with a URL and blah blah blah’. Speaking down to anyone because you clearly know the most about it.

                Someone then replies with a very sound reasoning about the deceptive savings claim and you respond by immediately playing the ‘you’re all too stupid to understand’ card and running away. You do realise how lame that is right?…

                • @Yekul: I was just going to ignore it in case I was misreading it.

              • +4

                @OzDJ_: You seem much more concerned with being correct rather than being helpful.
                I've answered your questions, above is a direct quote from ACCC website.

                I don't believe 1 day of pricing (Ironwolf 4tb was $135 yesterday, now $145 on promotion commencement), prior to displaying the 'save' amount is considered a reasonable time.

                Clearly the interpretation of the above could constitute misleading promotion.

                Unless you are saying that this retailer is exempt for some reason?

      • I reported Dick Smith back in theday with a full spreadsheet of all before and after pricing. Nothing happened.

      • I mentioned this in some earlier threads. I was neg by many ppl at that time. So interesting.

      • Done the same, the more people that do the better.

    • +13

      FUTU = F-U-TU 🙃

    • +1

      Futu is also in bed with Ebay, their neg feedback gets wiped to prop up their 99.8% seller rating.

  • +6

    Futu online jacking their 8TB Seagate Ironwolf like clockwork.

    • +4

      $295 on the weekend. -> $322 today.

      • +3

        Fair assumption is that the stores are taking most of the hit with these discounts, while Afterpay were taking most of the hit with the other sale.

        Plus we OzBargain'd a lot of HDDs :P

        • +2

          Exactly. Ebay is the primary wrongdoer

          • @justtoreply: Unfortunately almost all OzBargainers who will comment here about price jacking will think it's eBay taking the hit on the discounts.

            • @Clear: So eBay forced FUTU to offer 17% off? No wonder they put their prices up by 20% then. /s

              • +3

                @grumpybum: A retailer does not need to participate in a sale.
                I have a business account with ebay and an option to opt-out or in days before the promotion is sent to ebay 'store' operators.

                • @SimAus007: Yeah, that's why I added the sarcasm tag at the end. Nobody made FUTU do this. Participating in the sale and jacking their prices was their choice.

        • +3

          This. But most of these sales are an opt-in sale. If the seller doesn't want to, they don't have to take part in the sale (coupon codes won't work for them). So its not like they're forced to do anything.

  • +2

    Is it just Futu? Their prices are jacked by like 20%.

  • +14

    Is it worth collecting documentation on price jacking to report to ACCC or does nothing happen?

    • +11

      ACCC too busy looking/not looking at the petrol prices.

      • +1

        Just goes to show they do F all, petrol prices still jacked

  • +2
  • Uncle Jack came to visit again. So surprising.

  • +3

    Jack made Ebay plus membership less appealing.

  • +1

    You are more likely to find genuine deals with the 5-10% off promo codes where the sellers do not have to contribute a big %.

  • They'll all be price jacked. For the BNPL deals the seller isn't made to contribute to the discount percentage by Feebay, whereas Feebay makes them pay for most of the discount in their Feebay sales, so the sellers raise prices accordingly.
    The whole thing is totally illegal under Australian consumer law, but the ACCC don't seem to care.

  • +2

    Was hoping to see some GPU deals without dealing with BNPL schemes but looks like they’ve been price jacked so aren’t as good as the recent afterpay promo

    • +1

      Not really surprising as these promos are mostly/entire funded by participating sellers.

      Meanwhile the last sitewide 10% off sale was funded by eBay & the afterpay 15% discount by afterpay

  • +5

    bought this item during after pay sale for $67.15 during after pay 15%, now its 73.21 with 17% definitely jack from futu.

  • +2

    fyi Futu and gg.tech365 run by same boss.

  • +2

    As Ozbargainers, we mostly know about these price jacks just before a sale, do the general public know or do they think cool, %18 percent off, I'll grab one?
    From what some honest sellers have said on here before, if they opt in to these sales, the seller and ebay split the losses in varying ratios so the sellers jack prices so as not to lose too much on low margin items and some sellers might jack everything.
    The other problem is that even sellers that don't participate will put their prices up since they no longer need to compete with the previous floor price that most sellers were sitting at.
    These sales are BS and often more than bricks and mortar shops and other online sellers after the discount.

  • +1

    Pcbyte just increased a 3060 Ti by $100 what a great sale typical EBay

  • time and time again there's no proper surged protected powerboards with individual fuses or plugs that are can be powered on/off individual

    Can someone tell me where to buy them?

  • +2

    It's so dodgy to the point that I never buy from futu et al.

  • No price jack that I can see from Dcxpert (camera stuff), but then they are a regular in the 15-20% off promotions…
    Also no jack with DigiDirect, but they do have their own 20% off several times a year…

  • ordered 2 of these CyberPower 8 Way Power Board for $52.29 which is around $26 each but only if buying 2 of them because a single 1 is $42 and buying 2 at a time brings the price down to $31.50 each plus the PMAR17 ebay plus code brought the price down to $52.29 for 2 of them with free express post

  • AOC Q32V3S/WS 31.5" WQHD 4ms 75Hz Adaptive Sync IPS Home Monitor $271.75

    4 available, seem cheaper for 31.5 WQHD IPS monitor.

  • -2

    FUTU has done zero wrong, they can set their prices on a platform as they please. ACCC will do nothing, no governing body can force a seller to adhere to any price.
    A lot of arm chair lawyers in here, I guess my UHD Blu ray of People's court with Judge Wapner paid off in the end.

    • OzDJ_ alt?

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