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Zen Mask (Individually Wrapped) Disposable Face Masks 100pc $21.54, 200pc $39.54 Delivered + more @ HomeWork&Play via Amazon AU


I ran out of masks and bumped into this listing with 40% off the 100x and 200x quantities. Shipping is 1 month apparently

If anyone finds a better dispoable mask please let me know in the comments and I'll cancel my order.

40% off coupon applies at checkout (make sure you tick or collect or 'clip' the coupon first before adding to cart) - there is no code

Original Price Deal Price Link
Blue mask, 100x $35.90 $21.54 here
Blue mask, 200x $65.90 $39.54 here
Black mask, 100x $38.90 $23.34 here
Black mask, 200x $68.90 $41.34 here

Ships from HomeWork&Play (apparently same store as Outbax)

Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    I get the feeling these aren't shipped from Australia…

  • Individually wrapped… Wow!

    Edit: Reviews aren't that great and says 10 masks wrapped in a pack. Not individual.

    • Reviews are so mixed :(

      • I would give it a miss.

    • +1

      Reviews aren't that great

      Correct. Really poor quality.

      10 masks wrapped in a pack

      Correct. I found some of the packs were vacuum sealed in such a manner that the strings were entangled into the sealed area, rendering the whole pack unusable.

      Outbax never responded to my email.

    • +1

      Brought these before and they are crap. Ear loops on some marks were broken. Edges were rough and scratch the face. Very thin and weird smell. Avoid.

      • Agree with all the listed problems above. I found some of the ear loops were stuck in the vacuum seals and were therefore useless.

        Also they were much cheaper from this same seller, selling for $5.99 per 50 masks last year in the middle of lockdown.

        • Yalla Habibi!

          I found some of the ear loops were stuck in the vacuum seals and were therefore useless.

          If you tried to cut out the plastic, you end up damaging the strings. What a waste!

          • @DoctorCalculon: Hahahaha yes, that's very true, I was double masking with them since they were so cheap. But extremely poor quality all round.

  • Thanks for all your comments guys. I've decided to request a cancellation of my order and bought elsewhere

  • bought them, use them, got positive. didn't check if all Individually wrapped but it's really thin and non-medical.

  • I bought them a while ago, not good quality at all compared to the Australian product… would not recommend

  • Recommend Face mask from this online store ;
    quick delivery and quality meet my expect.

    • This one needs 20 to 40 days delivery. Does it really take that long?

  • I usually purchase face masks from Chemist Warehouse. Is there any good recommendations from online with reasonable delivery time eg within 1 or 2 weeks time frame. Thanks

  • I'm a fan of individually-wrapped ones. But man I hate this standard pale blue colour. I managed to get a 70 pack of individually-wrapped assorted colours a while back I was very happy with, the overall quality was good too. Just took several weeks to ship from China. I co-ordinate my mask with my shirt because I am a stylish man about town.

    C'mon manufacturers, give us more funky colours.

  • Just an update - the shipping timeframe of 1 month is bullshit. They are using Fastway with a delivery timeframe estimate of 1-4 days. They didn't cancel my order so I'll be returning them I guess, since I've purchased elsewhere

  • I've gotten these before, not that great but it is cheap managed to get box of 100 for $12 last year and just ran out. Trying to find better ones for similar price, if not then will order these

  • I order twice with this online store & took around 3 weeks.
    Good quality.

  • they have many different kinds I choose 5 layers with N95.recommend.

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