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Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit US$11.99 (~A$16.55) Delivered @ TomTop


No power operation, simple and convenient Tattoo Kits. Specially designed for professional tattoo needles, the unique pin holder (the position of the pin ring) ensures the most suitable stroke length, faster and easier coloring.

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Package List:
1 * Bandage
1 * Practice Skin
2 * Table Mat
2 * Tattoo Stancil
1 * Hand Poke Pen
2 * Razor
10 * Grommet
3RL/5RL/7RL/9RL each 5pcs
1 * Glover(M)
10 * Ink Cup(M)

Mod warning: DIY tattoo kits can lead to serious health issues such as skin infections, blood poisoning and scarring

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  • +8

    This is absolutely disgusting and should not be shared on OzBargain… I want it….

    • +1

      LOLOL, yeppers, just … wow.

      What could possibly go wrong?!?

      I'd be very surprised if these remain legal in Australia (to sell at least) after the relevant authorities become aware of them.

  • +1

    I think i would need more than one practice skin

    <it rubs the lotion on its skin>

    • +1

      Oranges are good for practicing (apparently similar feel to skin).

  • +8

    I always keep a kit handy for parties. After a few drinks there's always someone who can be talked into getting a tattoo

    • +11


    • +1

      This would be easier than drawing eyebrows on drunk mates when they crash out on the couch

  • Where did they source the practice skin from :)

    • My powered gun come with pig skin.

  • +4

    Prison tats 101

  • +2

    I like how the gloves are giving thumbs up

  • +2

    Another great craft idea for the kids on those rainy days?

  • +1

    Can’t wait to buy this for my kid. She’ll be the coolest 6 year old

    • I know you’re joking, but can see a heap of islander tweens buying this to try to look ‘tribal’

      I know a teacher that informs me they already do this and it looks hilarious

  • I want to buy this for my friends with poor impulse control.

  • Don't think I'd be trusting the guy in image 7 to be giving me an eyeliner tattoo

  • +1

    Skin infections here we come!

  • Thought people might like this.


    • This is the five stages of drinking.

  • Perfect birthday pressie when your daughter turns 16.

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