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YouTube Premium Individual Annual Membership INR ₹1200 (~A$20.90) @ YouTube India (VPN Required)


Needs vpn.
May get cheaper from other countries.
Please share the link if you find cheaper.

Mod Note: Instruction taken from TA previous post:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Indian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Indian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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Referrers get 1 bonus month of YouTube Premium
Referees get 3 months of YouTube Premium at A$1.29.

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    • Perhaps only after you sign up initially. Quickly fixes itself based on what you actually watch.

  • Im keen to try this again, it didnt work as stated last time they changed something and i was late to the party

  • its showing 1290 INR for me instead of 1200, am i missing anything?

    • +3

      yeah you are missing INR 90 savings

      • haha, i dont want to miss INR 90 saving, so how do i get the annual membership for 1200 as in the post? Its showing 1290 for me.

  • I am Failing at Complete your Purchase step. Have tried both the annual and monthly options

    I am entering the card details from Wise but not going through.

    Can anyone who has successfully "claimed" this deal please let me know what I might be doing wrong when i input my details?


  • I VPN'ed to turkey but it thinks i'm somewhere else and billing in CZK 179.00/month. How to change youtube country?

    • I used BitDefender VPN to Argentina and IP address has me in Belize so it wants to charge me in USD.

      Need to look at using a different VPN.

  • I've managed paid with my Citibank debit card ($22.69). The transaction has shown in my account. Even got Citibank sent an alert email. But my Google account still not shown that i have YouTube Premium. What's going on?

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    Couldn't find detailed instructions so I made some 'old school internet type' instructions for myself (feel free to use). This is for making a family account by creating a decoy account then inviting yourself and others to the family group. Cost is off course higher than a single subscription but this is the safest method as you don't link your main account directly.

    1. Open Chrome
    2. Clear cookies: Settings -> Search 'clear cookies' -> Clear browsing data -> Clear data
    3. Download the Tunnelbear extension for Chrome
    4. Create a free Tunnelbear account and change server from US to Argentina (this is the one I used, you could use India etc.)
    5. Clear cookies: Settings -> Search 'clear cookies' -> Clear browsing data -> Clear data
    6. Create a fresh new gmail account. This will be your decoy account in case things go bad. Save your deets safely away in your iCloud/Samsung/Apple notes etc.
      [You will be automatically signed into your decoy account, proceed as follows:]
    7. After creating your gmail account head to: https://families.google.com/families
    8. Create a family group: create a family group -> invite family -> send out invites and make sure everyone has accepted their invite and is now part of the family group. (They don't have to be on a vpn to accept this invite, just accept normally).
    9. Once everyone has accepted their invitation and is part of the family group you can proceed to the next step which is getting Premium.
    10. After everyone is in the family group head to: https://www.youtube.com/premium
    11. Choose 'family plan' and press start trial -> press continue -> it then asks you to pay
    12. Add payment details. Use your cardholder's actual name, not the fake decoy gmail name you made earlier. Use the location generator to create location details. Alternatively you can search 'mcdonalds india' etc. and copy the random details. Confirm with a google search that post code etc all work.
    13. After adding payment details you have reached the end of the guide. A prompt should come up saying that a YouTube premium notification has been sent out to family members. You should receive the email on your main account. You can now navigate to YouTube on your main account and you should see 'Your Premium benefits' on the settings drop down that confirm you are on Premium.

    Note: have just started my plan and all is working at the moment but will update if anything goes wrong. 5 premium users for YT and YT Music for 179 ARS ($2.15/month) is pretty damn good. No idea about selection but my phone's YouTube highlight page remains unchanged.

    • Question about step 7. Does the decoy account location needs to be in the VPN country, not Australia?

      I tried creating a fake email for setting up family membership with Argentinian address, but after setting that up I couldn't add my mail email into the family due to being in different country.

      Did I do something wrong? Should I make the fake email using Aussie address first, setup family membership then add other emails?

      • So from step 6) onwards the rest of the steps all take place inside the Chrome browser with the Argentinian VPN turned on.

        So you would head over to gmail and create a gmail account [in your Chrome browser with Tunnelbear turned on to Argentina]. The decoy account is therefore created on the the Argentina VPN NOT from Australia. From the same browser, you head over to the families link mentioned. You invite 5 other email addresses. The people who accept the invites don't have to be on a vpn; e.g. after I sent out my invites I went to my phone and accepted without using any VPN, just as you would normally respond to an email.

        If you are re-starting the process I would recommend restarting your browser and re-wiping the cookies. Let me know if you need any more help with the method.

        • I still don't follow. I created the fake email with Argentina VPN (step 1-6). Then when I setup the family membership (step 7-9) with Argentia VPN still active, I sent the invitation to my main Australian email, it says it cannot join due to being in different country.

          Has Google changed their policy on this?

          • @virsagomk2: Hmm… that's strange. That's how I got mine working (fake account in Argentina who then sent an invite to Aussie gmails) so I'm unsure of what the problem is. Btw you're only using the VPN'd browser for the fake Argentinian account right? You should accept on a different browser or on your phone (just to rule stuff out that could cause an error).

            If that's not the case then maybe you could try what you were thinking and create a family group in Australia first and then log into that gmail from the Argentina VPN and try from there to buy premium.

            Edit: did you clear cookies? That could cause problems if they're not cleared.

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              @jaffar: Yea looks like I have to make the setup the membership with Australian address first (no VPN active) & invite the other email accounts, it works fine as they're all in the same country.
              Then I activated VPN, go to Youtube Premium Argentina & purchased the Family premium membership there. I entered Aussie's Embassy address in Argentina which seems to work perfectly.

              • +1

                @virsagomk2: Glad it worked! There's definitely more than one way to do it & this sounds like a sound plan if you're getting a country error.

      • All my credit cards failed when I tried to sign up using newly created Gmail account. New Gmail was created without VPN but I had the VPN on when I was trying to make payment. CBA, Revolut physical and virtual, Zip, all failed.
        Then I tried to sign up to another new gmail with VPN on to India. Gmail asked for my Indian phone number to sign up. Has anyone encountered this? How do I get around that?

    • step 6 ,Need an Indian mobile number ?

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        I didn't need to add a mobile number when I signed up. I went through Argentina though.

    • Hey mine's asking for number

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  • I am only paying $17 p/y from the last student deal


  • youtube vanced
    vanced music

    premium acc scam

  • +1

    Tried but have to verify payment method, uploading drivers and cc image.. booo

    used revolt card too dammit doesnt work too much effort

  • Credit card blocked the fraudulent transaction 😂

  • Was wondering if Google or Youtube will be sending any communication to your fake address?

  • I have family membership which cost around 40$ a year. I added 3 other families so it’s 10$ each for family. Win win.

  • Has anyone tried using a vpn to another country for Spotify??

  • +1

    So…. I often chuck on music when I'm having a few drinks, and let you tube music take me down the YouTube rabbit hole. Problem is 3 or 4 hours into a session I find myself excessively intoxicated dancing around to Bollywood music. It took me a long time to work out why YouTube eventually always takes me back to this, then it clicked!!! I signed up for YouTube premium in India!! So if you don't mind the odd Bollywood session then go for it!!

    P.s my favorite Bollywood song is Galti Se Mistake… Do yourself a favor and look it up!

  • Felt a big dodgy putting in an Indian Address in my Youtube Account but then no issues paying for 12 months with 28 degrees

    Total in Indian Rupee = 1290 or $22.59AUD on my statement (12 months)

    Argentina is cheaper but they don't offer 12 months only month to month

    Premium Logo does have an IN next to it after your account gets converted to Premium

    I just hope Youtube Algorithm doesn't serve up Indian content to me given my address is now Indian

    Was using AdBlocker on PC but Mobile Devices always get serverd up ads.
    This is a game changer, no more Ads on Mobile Devices and I can play Music in the Background

    Thanks OP made my weekend

  • I already have youtube premium will this VPN trick still work?

  • I logged into india vpn at my macbook but i can only see that Youtube india offers annual option for individual.How did you get annual membership for family option? If i take individual option on 1 gmail account then how will i add the 3 gmail accountbof my family members on their devices? Can anyone pls guide me?

  • Spent over an hour trying to get this to work with no luck. Every single time I put in my card for payment and add the correct Argentinian address it spins infinitely. I can see a $0 hold payment from Google on my bank account but no subscription has gone through. Happens with both my NAB Debit card and GO Mastercard. Is it the banks declining this or am I doing something wrong?

    • how did you see annual option? can you pls let me know

    • Try saving your CC in your Google account before attempting the process.

  • So i just joined using argentina vpn on the one month trial. When it renews, does it automatically renew using agentinan currency even thought my youtube icon on the top lefthand corner says AU?

  • If anyone has this successfully working with some free spots, I'm happy to chip in, thanks in advance.

    • this specific deal is for individual plans, not family. dont think you can do family yearly.

  • Works well. I used VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app on my Android. Free app with ads and has India as one of the locations. Once I switched to India, I used my Android browser to get on YouTube.com and was able to see the annual subscription and sign up(Was not able to see annual subscription through the app - must use browser, for Android anyways). Cost $22.59

    • was able to see the annual subscription and sign up(Was not able to see annual subscription through the app - must use browser, for Android anyways). Cost $22.59

      Thanks for the tips, couldn't see annual subscription for family only 1 month free try and monthly afterward.

  • Thanks mate. I’m on India monthly plan but I didn’t know of annual plan. Cheers.

  • I was charged $22.69 from "RAZ Youtube Gurgaon" but has no update on my account and no receipt email.
    Should I raise a dispute with my Credit Card provider or Google?

  • Tells me it costs IDR 89,000.00/month which is 8.25 Australian per month. On an Indian VPN, why is this?

  • Moved from india monthly to yearly. Thanks for the find OP :)

  • Hey, given that annual sub for YouTube Premium for Argentina and India are about the same price, is there any major difference that would sway you one way or another.

  • Worked like a Gem, Thanks for the head up :-)

  • Hi,

    Im in the same situation as timhn above.

    I went through the sign up process and had my credit card charged with the reference 'Youtube (via Raz) Gurgaon IND' for $22.73.

    No email and Youtube is still showing a sign up to Youtube Premium message.

    Could anyone offer some help please?


  • Anyone use the same system with family and Argentina/India for google one storage? Is it much cheaper?

  • What card are you guys using??

  • +1

    Does it change my Play Store account from Australia to India?

  • +2

    I'm struggling with getting any of my cards working - every one fails with the same error

    Some I have even verified in Google Pay already but still fails.

    Some have had the 2 rupee authorisation charge to see if the card works but will fail after that anyway.

    Using NordVPN to access Indian VPN/YouTube.

  • All my credit cards failed when I tried to sign up using newly created Gmail account. New Gmail was created without VPN but I had the VPN on when I was trying to make payment. CBA, Revolut physical and virtual, Zip, all failed.
    Then I tried to sign up to another new gmail with VPN on to India. Gmail asked for my Indian phone number to sign up. Has anyone encountered this? How do I get around that?

    • I just activated a friend's one a week ago.
      Follow these steps:
      Turn on VPN to karnataka, India
      Open google Chrome in incognito mode
      Search YouTube premium annual
      Login (your current account will work) or register
      You can click on individual (annual) or family membership (monthly)
      I used Amex and ANZ cards
      Need Indian address (link above)
      Once payment goes through close the browser and vpn and login to YouTube app. If it's not premium when you open first force stop the app and open again.

      • Which VPN are you using? Does it matter, which VPN you use or which place you are connected to in India? I've been using PureVPN , followed all the steps above, except was connected to Uttar Pradesh.
        I thought maybe it keeps declining my cards because I created Gmail in Australia without the VPN. So I tried to create a new Gmail while connected to VPN but it keeps asking for local phone number.

        • Sorry mate. Must be your card company. Usually they have a confirmation site for the card. Separate for visa Mastercard and Amex card. You have to enter the otp they sent to the mobile registered for your card.

  • -3

    OP need to edit the post due to the fact that at this stage you can only do this on iOS devices with VPN to India:

    Took me 30 minutes to realized I'm all (profanity) up as I clicked on purchased family or student plan but ended up purchased individual premium plan.
    Now have to figured out how to get a refund from bloody youtube and remove everyone from my family out from the family account, what a pain in the bum.

    • Dude I did this using Android.

    • User error. Worked fine for me

  • is there a step by step guide to get this for an existing account? I had trouble changing my location on existing account and even once I did, it kept telling me I am not in the country despite being connected to VPN , tried lots of different things but couldnt get it working. thanks in advance.

    • Vpn
      Chrome incognito

      • thanks but thats for new account, not existing or you skipped this step in which case, it wont let you buy as if your account is in Australia (eg on google play you are set as AU) then when purchasing even on VPN, it will say the country does not match.

        I dont know where / how to change location. Googling does not reveal that option easily so bit stuck there. Was hoping for more detailed walkthrough.

        • Wrong I did it with my existing Australian account. My friend did so too 2 weeks ago. My wife took the family account with an Australian existing YouTube account. You just have to be in incognito mode and login. We used vpn unlimited

  • +1

    Did this today with the VPN set to Turkey. Incognito window, signed in to an existing account (that had been set up with an Australian phone number etc), went through to billing, asked me for my credit card details but didn't need an address or anything. Worked out for about $15 AUD for an annual plan.

    • Turkey?

    • Which VPN did you use?

      Which bank did you use for the card?

      • +1

        Sorry mate didn’t see this. VPN was PIA and the bank was just a regular Australian big four bank, Visa card.

    • I have tried and got this message :

      It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you.

  • Guys help. I successfully activated YouTube premium through India for months. Now I got a notification from YouTube that my payment declined. My previous card expired.
    After I updated my card I’m screwed. I’m using Cyber Ghost vpn to connect to Mumbai then updated my new Australian card. It goes to a portal where it shows my credit card is out of India and payment was not updated.
    I can see on my credit card account several online YouTube charges.

    How do I update my credit card?

  • Someone help me?

    • Isn't there a different region you can use which builds yearly, instead of monthly?

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