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TCL 20L Plus 6GB / 256GB $249 (Was $399) with Bonus $50 HN Gift Card + Shipping or Pickup @ Harvey Norman


Best price I have seen for this, with a Harvey Norman gift card.
Used the gift card to buy another one.
In Grey and Blue.

Product Type Unlocked Phones
Brand TCL
Model TCL 20L +
Model T775H-2AIZAU12
Phone Type Smartphones
Additional Features Face Recognition, Super Bluetooth, Fingerprint Sensor
Processor Model Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 662
Battery Capacity (mAh) 5000
Network Type 3G, 4G, EDGE, GPRS
Camera Resolution 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front Camera Resolution 16MP
Screen Size (inches) 6.67
Screen Definition Full HD+
Screen Resolution 1080 x 2400
Wireless Networking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0
Connectivity Headphone Out, Near Field Communication [NFC], USB Type-C
Operating System Android
Dual Sim
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months) 12

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +6

    Oh! Smart!
    And then return first one :)

  • Can anyone confirm if it is single or dual sim?

    • +2

      It is dual sim.

      • +1

        Thanks for confirming!

      • Does it share with memory card slot? Thanks

        • +1

          yes, can't use SD card if using 2nd sim

    • yes its dual.
      will add to description.

    • +58

      no shit it's a Harvey Norman gift card lol

      • +4

        lmao savage

        • tbf you should be able to use them at domayne (which is a HN brand)

      • with Bonus $50 Gift Card

        The post doesn't mention Harvey Norman Giftcard

        • +1

          "Bonus $50 Harvey Norman Gift Card"

          • @abs898: The post doesn't mention Harvey Norman Giftcard. The link might, but the post doesn't

            • @M00Cow: Yes it does.

              • @zeggie: It didn't when I posted my comment. Check the revisions. Strangely it was changed not long before you posted.

                • -1


                  Strangely it was changed not long before you posted.

                  Nothing strange about it at all. There's a big ol' report link you can click. You made a somewhat valid comment "doesn't mention Harvey Norman Giftcard" but didn't do anything about it.

                  • @zeggie: ..I was just backing up someone who got slammed & neg'd.

                    you're sh1tposting.

  • Regardless how ozb community feeling towards grandpa harvey…. But hardly say no to this deal

  • +1

    Didnt even know TCL made phones, just TVs…

    • +3

      TCL made BlackBerry from 2016-2020 and have owned Alcatel since 2004.

      • +2

        Alcatel is owned by Nokia. TCL uses the brand under license.

  • Would this be as good as the Xiaomi one from yesterday?

    • No 5g, less ram and effectively $150 less…
      Not bad, but not a no-brainer.

      • also it's not amoled

        • +3

          Debatable. That's a bonus to me.

        • what is amoled, why is 5g needed, i don't think ram's ever been an issue with my first phone….?

          • @bailbondsh: AMOLED is of better color, less consumption but harmful to eyes, also burn in over long time. 5g~ second-hand worths more.
            At current market this might almost be the best medium option, but this is barely an update to any medium range phones of last 3 year.

            • @Toxinor: Amoled is harmful to eyes. How can I safely use it? Also, burn in the screen you mean? (also how can i help that?). Thanks

              • +1


                How can I safely use it?

                You wear sunglasses ofcourse. 😂

              • @bailbondsh: AMOLED has a special flash at low lights, also staying at the same colour for long time might burn the pixels with permanent marks.
                Better screen controls both better… But it will happen eventually after 1-3 yrs.
                That's why Apple loves it: thinner, less battery consumption, no need to force these customers to be "greener" every year.

            • @Toxinor:

              AMOLED is of better color, less consumption but harmful to eyes

              Got a source on that mate?

                • @Toxinor: I read the answers - specifically by the Steven Carmichel.

                  It atttempts to provide a bit of context around the impacts (along with his opinion) on eyestrain occuring from long exposure to burned-in images.

                  This does not, based on my read of it, equate to AMOLED == bad for you. It's more hypothesising that there is a potential for biological damage based on SPD variations, and the papers linked relate to that.

                  I would interpret this as a "potential", with the impact being exceptionally low based on the papers, rather than stating this for more than all of this actually is.

  • +1

    Good value if you already intended to purchase an item from HN

  • Can't tell if this is an upgrade or downgrade from my LG V30…

    • +1
      • +5

        Yep… Can't tell if an upgrade or a downgrade… Haha.

    • +2

      More of a sidegrade. TCL has more RAM, slower processor, bigger screen, less resolution, bigger battery, thicker and (much) heavier.

      • More ram but slower processor feels like a tradeoff to roughly even and probably not worth the change…

        • More RAM is nice, but without 5G as an incentive on the TCL, I agree.

    • Ones Korean and the other Chinese.

  • +1

    Be aware limited range of cases for it

    • Comes with a clear rubber case

  • -1

    Bought one but what do i do with it? Kid only accepts iphone

    • +29

      Exchange kid.

    • +1

      Give them Nokia 3310

    • +6

      Definitely refund… The kid.

      As a kid i bought my own phone. With my own money.

  • +5

    It also comes with a clear case - no screen protector.

    • I read a review that says it comes with a screen protector already applied?

  • Can anyone confirm how many hotspot clients this fone can have at the same time most only let 10 I need at least 15

    • -1

      That is what the gift voucher is for

    • why is there a limit? Didn't know there's one. And wouldn't that be a limit from the Android? Would an app fix that?

      • My Samsung a50 And Lenovo p2 have 10 client limit.
        But my Poco f2 pro and Redmi note 5 are unlimited.
        So I'm looking for something with a bigger battery with at least 20 client limit minimum

      • Because more clients needs a bigger CPU.
        Especially with higher levels of WiFi encryption.

    • I bought the phone and after having a look now it only allows 8 connections.

      • Is there a screen protector preinstalled on the screen? How do you find the phone?

        Thinking of getting it for the parents just for web browsing and checking emails.

        • +1

          No screen protector but it does come with a basic clear case. I'm liking it so far, nice vibrant screen, speakers are a bit lacking IMHO. But overall I'm very happy with it.

          I think they would be happy with it if they're okay with a big phone.

    • +1

      Get an OpenWrt Router to connect to your hotspot and bridge it to the WAN. From there you can run thousands of clients through your phone's hotspot.

  • how does this compares to TCL 10 pro ?

    10pro better premium build quality ? amoled / curved / glass back

    • I can't speak for the comparison, but I have a 10 Pro and I definitely rate it. Cameras were great too (until I smashed one of them). I mean it's no S20 or iPhone 12…

      • it seems to be just a generational update

        also seems to be normal price:


        but the $50 card…

        also a reason i think its cheap is because theres a 5g version

        • +1

          I think you'll find Officeworks dropped their price so they didn't have to price beat HN.
          They are still selling the lower models for more than this one.

  • Do these come with a basic case? And is the camera decent enough? (Coming from a Pixel 2XL)

  • Volte on all the local networks and camera quality?

  • Same price at office works

    • with a gift card too?

  • Based on the image thumbnail, did anyone else think it was a fridge at first glance? Or just me?

  • +1

    anyone have expereince with a photo quality? (not expecting flagship but decent?)

    Ive got the (2019) TCL Plex from last deal and for the money it was spot on for my needs at the time - comming from a long line of motorola G series.

    However, i have recently been blown away from some of the photos comming out of friends iphone 11 pro and am also concidering those second hand ($6-700)

    Camera prob the most important to me, else just general browsing etc.

    • Ive got the (2019) TCL Plex from last deal and for the money

      Still using it.

      • Seems like TCL is really just releasing redesigns of similar internals (with minor upgrades) for their phones so far, at least for the similar price range. All the phones after PLEX still feel like just sidegrades of PLEX except they have newer OS software upgrade support.

        • Yeah , only good for this deal for me is 256GB and Andriod 11 I think.

      • Still using my TCL Plex although battery life is not what it used to be. Maybe because I have not been following the recharge from 20% to 80% strategy. Also lagging now - too many apps?

        • I have no lag and battery still fine, may be I power it off every night to charge it.

    • that was a great deal 2-3 yrs ago. the plex has a better soc than this 20L

    • Have you tried (highly sort after) Gcam app on your Plex.
      Gcam on my Poco X3 nfc also raised comments from friendly iphone users.

      • no i havent - is it a alternate camera app?

        • Yes, Gcam is very highly regarded by many users, however I noticed not avail for every mobile & may not function well on non snapdragon mobiles.
          Do a google Gcam. This may be a starting point https://www.gcamator.com/
          Hope it's helpful. good luck

    • Tried Parrot Gcam? https://gcambrasil.com.br/devs/parrot/

      I get awesome image quality on my TCL 10L which is similar in terms of camera hardware

  • Thanks. Picked up one. Very nice at first glance for essentially a $200 handset.

  • Can I use Hn gift card to buy this?

    • +1

      If you already have gift card you can but not the gift card in this deal.

  • Out of stock at stores around me for pickup

  • In stock at Moore Park store, Sydney and online.

    Not sure why it says expired on post.?

    • +1

      No more bonus gift card

  • +1

    Big W have it on sale for $249 - With Cashback deal today its $209..

  • BIg W has the Vodafone TCL 20 R 5g for $199 (33% off) plus $50 worth of credit.. though it's 720 x 1600

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