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50% off 6 Months $3.49 Per Month (Normally $6.99 Per Month) @ Shudder


As per title, 6 months of Shudder 50% off per month. (excludes 7 day free trial)

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    What is the Shudder you speak of?

    • Shutter Island comes into my mind but never heard about Shudder!

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    For those who haven't heard of this service before, it's pretty good if you are into horror, some which are originals

    Shudder is the premium streaming service with the best selection of horror, thriller and supernatural movies and series uncut and commercial free, from Hollywood favorites and cult classics to original series and critically-acclaimed new films you won’t find anywhere else.

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    I would probably be interested in this but from memory they don't even support 1080p streaming, I think the Max is 720 and some stuff only at 480

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    Jesus that website is pathetic, why wouldn't they show you their whole catalogue if they are trying to sell subs?

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      Because if you saw it, then you wouldn’t subscribe. I love horror movies/shows but Shudder is yet to convince me to pay for their service

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      $3.49. I'm not much into movies generally but at this price I'm thinking of doing it for a month just for giggles - been thinking of seeing some horror lately, at this price who really cares if it's not the best.

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        been thinking of seeing some horror lately

        Try the 6:30 News

      • Do it for a year for hysterics.

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    I have shudder via Prime’s AMC add-on, the content is excellent, a lot of horror-themed shows and movies that’s not found anywhere else.

    • shows and movies that’s not found anywhere else

      I wonder why? Not knocking it but is it just bad or just because of a very small audience?

  • Is this for new or existing users as well

  • Somewhat related, but for those who are looking to watch something new, check out Chapelwaite on Stan. Just started watching it and it looks interesting

    • I watched maybe 5 episodes, became a bit hard to follow. Definitely one of those shows you need to focus which unfortunately I struggle with

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    They threw a random charge on my ex partner's credit card last year. Only reason I actually knew about the streaming service.
    Maybe check to confirm you aren't already paying for it before signing up.


  • I'm honestly done with these services. I have like 6 or 7 plus Spotify. I'm out. Good deal tho.

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      Shudder has been around for a lot longer than Paramount+, AMC+, etc.

      It should be those services you're done with, not Shudder.

  • Anyone know what the library is like compared to late 2020? I enjoyed Shudder but the selection was very small.

    • The North American catalog is quite good, easy to access via a VPN.

  • Tried the free trial a while back and was surprised at how many of these movies I enjoyed.

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    I love horror. So last time they had a promo, I jumped straight in. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. It felt like most movies/shows were B rated. Not even a single Asian horror (jap, Korean and Thai horror are the best) and a lot of them had the bare minimum story. But because I tried to save and took the one year subscription, I can't get a refund. So its relegated to the bottom of the barrel. Save yourself a couple bucks. Not worth it

  • like just before you finish doing a wee?

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