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ZEE 5 (Bollywood Video on Demand) 12-Month Subscription $49.99 (50% off)


Zee5 annual subscription in 50% discount. - 5 screens

Now it’s $50. Not aware of any tricks with vpn setup to lower the price like Netflix and YouTube

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    Not bad. Looks like you get 5 screens with this so even without vpn tricks you could get it down to $10 per user per year just sharing the accounts.

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      Yes if we get 5 people to share then really good deal.

    • you can get most of the Indian movies on amanzon prime.

    • $10 i paid through indian VPN for a year

      • For zee5? With 5 screens? Do you need vpn on to watch or just sign up?

        • so, there is a trick, you can't access premium content even after buying premium through india, they will keep playing trailer, the trick is, connect to indian vpn then play movie or whatever you want, after that disconnect vpn and Cast to your TV , thats what i tried and it worked.

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    You can get it for INR 599 (a bit over $10) when you use Indian VPN.

    • Do we need to connect vpn all the time or like Netflix only when required to open the account?

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        All the time every minute every hour every day of your life

        • Nice

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        All the time, if you buy it using a VPN in Indian Rupees Currency.

        • Or just use DNS and be done with and save $40

          • @Pricebeat: Enlighten please.

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              • @Pricebeat: Wow never heard of this before, will try. I have been using Surfshark so far and it has been working alright.

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                  @NeverMissABargain: I have it set up on Apple TV with apps from different countries and apps just work with no hassle of switching on or off VPN (Also Apple TV doesn’t have VPN app on their store)

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                  @NeverMissABargain: Surfshark slows it down. Indian servers are really slow there.
                  Getflix is a smart DNS service. The speed is not impacted. I got Getflix lifetime subscription years ago for $45. There are some limitations for Netflix and Amazon Prime (PC Only), but for Indian OTT services it works perfectly on nVidia Shield.

                  • @Ironh59: " I got Getflix lifetime subscription years ago for $45" i have the same, what option do you use for ZEE 5? Just updated Group B & C to India, hope it works.

                    • @tlm: Same, I updated group B and C. Then I change the DNS on my router, which would be much easier if you have an app for the router.
                      Please note you also have to ensure that you update your IP in Getflix dashboard. I have to do it once in few days, in case NBN connection gets reset and it assigns me a new IP.

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                        @Ironh59: No need for that, i use DDNS so my IP will be always updated

              • @Pricebeat: Do you know how to set it up directly on smart TV (without phone or laptop)? Will it work using Android option here or some other? https://www.getflix.com.au/setup/

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                  @virhlpool: Just go into wifi settings > your wifi > change DNS to manual > add DNS from Trickbyte or Getflix. Update your IP from Getflix or Trickbyte dashboard (for this you do need a phone or laptop connected to same wifi)

              • @Pricebeat: I guess you need ongoing Getflix/Trickbyte subscription to continue to stream from other counties?

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                  @47: Saving of $40 here to pay for $55/year subscription of DNS is worth it for me to avoid the hassle of VPN and to have the ease of DNS. Plus you can use it for multiple other apps at the same time.

                  • @Pricebeat: Absolutely, especially if you are using other steaming services.
                    What other streaming services do you recommend that are cheaper this way through DNS instead of australian subscription?

                    • @47: I have BBC apps from the UK and they have heaps of content on there for free. Hotstar + Disney plus $23/year. Includes Binge + Disney catalogue and more. Have 18 months of free Paramount + from the US. I sometimes rent movies on VUDU when they offer free credit. Also Netflix is set to US catalogue.

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                        @Pricebeat: How’d u get mobile number for Disney hot star logins?

          • @Pricebeat: Any suggestion for DNS? Did a trial of smartdnsproxy and it looks fine. But 2 years subscription is roughly $60 usd

      • Need a VPN to watch if you subscribe using the Indian connection.

      • Every time u open zee.

    • How can you pay for it? It dosnt accept PayPal or any Australian credit cards.

      • It does accept Australia Cc

    • I was unable to use vpn since 2 months, zee5 are blocking it on Android phone and TV? How are you able to use vpn?

      • What VPN did u use?

        • Solid vpn

          • @hopper: Mine was VPN unlimited(think its the same) and it had the same problem only with zee5 and sonly live and now I have switched to fastestvpn for zee5. The best ones are surfshark, nord and express

            • @The Krat0s: I subscribed using Surfshark sometime back but the feed keeps hanging in between for all I tried: zee5, SonyLIV, hotstar :(

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        Use smartdns instead of a vpn and you should be fine. I have been using 'Smartdnsproxy' for the past two years and it works like a charm.

  • Is it possible to gift this?

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      Very much… share the email I’d and password 😉

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    I had a tough time unsubscribing from Eros after signing up for a promo offer like this. I don't even watch that much of Indian content :( So I'm scared to use my CC on these sites.

    • Next time try from playstore subscription

    • Going forward, I'm just gonna use virtual cards for subscription services. I'm using transfer wise to generate cards.

      • Do we need to order physical card first before being being able to generate cards?

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    If anyone wants to share and split cost I am in!

    • I am in as well

    • Count me in !!

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        I am in

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          Thanks @ash-Say. Lets see if we get three others can create an account right away.. Or if we can get an update from above that too works.

        • I am also in! let me know.

        • And me as via vpn it’s too slow

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        I am in too.

    • I'm keen too!

    • I'm in as well

  • One of the best news and entertainment channel from India

    • lol… that is if you consider news as entertainment. The chief editor of the channel was caught trying to extort $20 million from an industrialist, the same editor during demonetization was explaining how the new note had a gps chip inside which worked without power - all this is apart from the 2 cent propaganda they run day in and day out for the gullible and the numpties. Here we have another one which says this is the best news channel from India. I said gullible's right?

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    Do you get this dramatic scene a lot in the Indian movies?

    • LOL

  • What is there to watch on this? (Serious question)

    • Movie & Series. But Indian only

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    Would never pay for this crap hot star much better

    • How much does it cost?

      • I paid about $23/year. Includes Disney as well and most of the Binge catalogue.

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          How to sign up?

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