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Intex 312cm Sports Explorer K2 $15 + Delivery (to Limited Areas Only) @ Klika via Bunnings Marketplace


Just got a notification from Price Hipster about this one… possibly (probably?) a pricing error, but I managed to order one. Delivery only. Will see if it gets honoured or not.


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    "This item not available for delivery" Damn

    • same for me :(

    • Yep, went fast :|

      • Actually, still listed as available for delivery to me, at 3141…

        Nope, back to "1 item(s) for delivery is not available" in the cart.

  • 1 item(s) for delivery is not available. Please change to a nearby store to check for more stock.

  • $49 delivery to me. What is this worth?

    • +2

      Normal price is $249 so that's a big discount even with shipping

  • +3

    It's available for me. $25 delivery

    • +1

      Which postcode?

  • Looks like it's an unstocked item?

    • Marketplace item, not stocked by Bunnings

  • damn, would totally have grabbed one if available

  • -1

    No chance this will be honored.

    I bought this exact model on a previous OzBargain post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656375
    $166 delivered from Amazon.

    That was a steal, actually a very good product! At $15? no way its doable.

  • +5

    Got it for $15 including delivery, curious to see if it'll go through completely.

    • Me too.

      • +1

        Same. Can't wait 😂😂🤣

    • postcode? will shift there

      • 2164

  • Oos

  • i was able to get this for 15$ delivery included

    • You mean you got the item?

      • No, his credit card was charged…. and will be refunded shortly :).

  • -1

    Another drone price error 😂 free gift card

    • Did they already cancel yours?

    • This is via marketplace not directly sold by Bunnings 😂

      • So less likely to handout a gift card and even less likely to honour the price error.

        • Exactly

  • Sorry, we hit a snag!

  • Link error page

  • Page Not Found
    Sorry, we hit a snag!

  • -1

    Delivery (to Limited Areas Only)

    Just Lismore and Grafton?

    • +1


  • There have been several scam items on Facebook purporting to be Bunning specials. One was dyson vacuum. Sounded too good to be true. I rang Bunnings and was told they don't advertise on Facebook.
    Hope the above bargain buyers get their money back or a boat!

    • This was on the bunnings site.

  • Anyone got a refund yet?

    • I haven't yet… Bunnings still lists my order as "Processing & Packing". shrug

    • No. Still showing as "pending" on my CC.

      Ended up getting 2. Fingers crossed…

      • Ended up ordering 2.


    • +1

      Well I just got a shipping notification… :)

      • Oh hectic!

      • And…. it arrived yesterday! 😁

    • I just got a refund…

      "Reason for the refund: Cancelled by the customer/seller prior to shipping"

      Update: Just received another email from the seller….

      "Hi, Unfortunately the item is out of stock and the order has been cancelled and refunded. Our apologies."

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    Hi all

    just an update,

    They delivered mine today with Aramex.
    i was expecting a refund but I must have put my order in early enough to get one, happy days!

    • +3

      I'm more surprised you got something delivered by Aramex within 7 days! :D

      • yep, I was in total shock when I saw the van pull up :D

    • +2

      Yep, got mine yesterday too. Almost feel kinda guilty… but I'll be sure to put it to good use 😉

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