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[Back Order] Matrix 4-Film Collection, The 4K eSR $55 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time post, please be nice :)

The item is currently out of stock but can still be ordered. The normal price elsewhere is $99. Wasn't sure if this is an awesome deal, let me know your thoughts.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    You’re breathtaking

  • +1

    Odd, there's only two Matrix films.

    • +3

      The Matrix and The Animatrix

      • Animatrix

        This and Pokemon are the only anime I have and ever will watch.

        • +1

          cowboy bebop is pretty good, not weeb shit like the rest

        • Not sure if its classified as Anime but you’re crazy if u don’t give Arcane a go.

    • One, really.

  • +1

    What on earth does eSR stand for? Extended special release?

    • +4

      Ekk, Should we Release this

    • +2

      Same question. Even google could not answer it. Closest I got was: 3MEnhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) is an ultra-high reflectivity, mirror-like optical enhancement film.
      Don't think that's right though.

      • I also tried googling, not much can be found. Hopefully someone knows the answer :(

    • I think it either stands for Extended Special Release, Disk Type or Eric Steven Raymond.

  • +2

    Standard Blu-Ray at $26.76 also seems quite solid: https://www.amazon.com.au/Matrix-4-Film-Collection-BD-eSR/dp...

  • +4

    Thats a lot of coin for one movie

    • 4 Movies

      • It meant 1 worthy movie. I will say at least 3 as I have not seen the 4th yet.

        • If you thought 2 and 3 were bad, don't bother with 4…

          • @Alasdair: I rated 2

            • @Pootie Tang: what did you rate it?

              • @Alasdair: I dug the fight scenes (especially the Smith fight scene following the oracle scene, found it entertaining). Didn't dig the 3rd at all. 2nd was just a good action movie imo

          • @Alasdair: 2 is so so but 3 is good. Is 4th really that bad? I am keen on buying it alone or at least rent it on Prime Video.

    • Couldn't agree more !

  • Can't add to cart or buy now so how do you order it?

    Think it's expired now.

  • +1

    I don’t actually understand why people hated 2 and 3 (never actually looked it up). I personally love them. Final fight scene between Neo and Smith is one of the best movie moments imo, especially if you love Dragon Ball type battle.

    • Also 3D effects for the war between the sentinels and the human was great too.

      • Yes was I re watched it last year and it was still amazing considering its a 19 years old movie

  • The 4th movie was so trash it must have been made in jest. They should keep that one out and offer just the trilogy for a bit cheaper

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