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Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger $5 (First Time Purchase) @ Visa Offers via MyMacca's App


$5 Small Big Mac Meal with Bonus Cheeseburger when you pay by Visa through the myMaccas app.

Apparently I’m eligible as this email was sent to me… I normally pay with a Debit Mastercard.

Terms :
* Offer only available to eligible customers who have not previously transacted in the MyMacca’s app. Redeem the offer by applying it to your mobile order in the MyMacca's® app. Offer is single use and available for a limited time. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer must be used in a single transaction. Surcharges apply for chargeable extras. Parent/carer must be present for child under 15 to redeem. Available at participating restaurants only.

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    Maccas App is becoming a joke to me, the last three offer I have had have all been for hash browns.

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      You're doing it wrong. You're meant to make multiple accounts so you always have at least one decent offer to use when you feel like McDonald's

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        How do you do that on the one phone? Logout and in over and over?

        Case in point, I have a $4 small cheeseburger meal, hardly worth it

        • Pretty much exactly that. Not sure for ios but for android you can save multiple accounts and passwords so when you try and log in, it'll come up with a list of all your accounts

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            @brandogs: "Hello my name is Mr. Sgodnarb and I come from some place far away. Yes, that will do. Anyway I say we claim this $2 Quarter Pounder deal for the first time."

      • make multiple accounts so you always have at least one decent offer

        Have 5 accounts. My offers:
        - $2 for 2 hash browns
        - 15% off your order ($15 min)
        - 25% off your order ($20 min)
        - $4 for 2 McCafe coffees
        - Free Medium Side with McClassics burger (Big Mac/QP/McChicken)

        Like seriously come on 😂

        • 25% off is good. Im sitting over here with me 10% off.

          • @Vinodra: But I've still got to spend $15 on McDonald's pickup? I could get actual food for that!

        • Not only that, you can choose any name you like for each account. Jason Bourne, Don Keebals, Tim Tam, whatever…

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            @cushydeskjob: I went with Phillip McCavity because it seemed fitting.

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    Hmm I got $5 Cheeseburger Meal & Extra Cheeseburger. No specific payment is required.

  • I legit had $4 Cheeseburger Meal & Extra Cheeseburger once, another account had it for $5 and redeemed it too and no joke now its $6. Like okay

  • +2

    Surely a Small Big Mac Meal is a contradiction in terms?!

    • Small Big Mac is exactly what you'll get, meal or not

  • Just spin marketing!

  • Ooo, nice Maccas thumbnail pic

  • I received the same e-mail as OP too. Followed the instructions and added my Visa card details but no dice on the offer (didn't appear in my rewards and deal).

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