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Marmot Featherless Puffer Jacket $99 Delivered (Was $329) @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required - Free to Join)


Yes Ozbargain's favourite puffer jacket is the Macpac Halo.

However, if you want something less bulky, lighter, just as warm and arguably better quality and vegan friendly (save the ducks and geese) then go for one of these. Admittedly they're not a slim fit so do take it with a grain of salt, but they do feel great (especially the Alassian). Would recommend trying on in store prior.
The WELCOME10 code works for first time orders and takes $10 off

Marmot Men's Featherless Hoody Black here
Marmot Women's Featherless Jacket Here
Marmot Men's Solus Featherless Jacket Here
Marmot Men's Alassian Featherless Jacket Here

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  • +2

    How does this compare to the beloved Macpac Halo down?

    • Same question! My Macpac one has bit the dust after too many washing machine cycles. Need a new tassie tuxedo!

    • +1

      From what I can gather on other sites the Marmot one is 700 loft vs Macpac is 600, in theory Marmot will keep you warmer but there's a minefield of in-betweens for down vs synthethic in this comparison. Biggest pro for Marmot is that the synthetic will work in the wet

      Personally I prefer down; I use mine solely for hiking and it packs smaller and weighs less

      • +1

        It keeps me soo warm my Mamot synthetic down jacket.
        Great purchase for like $99

        I have the puffy one.

    • I've got the blue one and it's pretty similar performance. That said, I haven't been anywhere too cold. The big plus is that feathers aren't leaking out but I'm missing out on the hood.

    • it's synthetic, so wont have the same performance or longevity as down

      • Depends.

        Performance: some badly made down clump and synthetics also thin once washed.

        Longevity: down could get funny as any organic material may. They make a lot of modern stuff out of synthetic because it lasts and is stronger.

        I got a mountain warehouse jacket with hood synthetic -30C tested for $44. Will it outlast 2x down jackets. It really depends on quality of materials and construction.

  • +2

    Probably my fave Puffer now, light as heck but still makes me feel like a proper Melburnian. Sorry Kathmandu.

    • +1

      No kathmandu, get out of our city!

  • +3

    Does anyone sell puffy sleeves? I get cold arms wearing my Kathmandu vest.

  • +1

    hows sizing compare to the HALO? im a M in Halo

    • From the OP's description:

      Admittedly they're not a slim fit

      So sounds like you still might be M here.

  • Better than my macpac one

  • I got this one instead. IMO it looks better on me when I checked instore.


  • +9

    I googled for some pics of these and they look pretty ugly to be honest….I'll pass.

    • +10

      was going to say most down jackets are ugly, but I googled and these are only a different level lol

      • +1

        And I thought being the Michelin Man was bad enough …

    • +13

      For real. This guy looks like a roblox character

      • +3

        Literally I haven't laughed this much for weeks

    • +5

      I think the un-even squares are giving me OCD.
      Pick a size already!!!

    • I agree the cut isn't overly flattering, if you're thin it'll feel quite big. But if you fill it out it's a great jacket

      I'm a slimmer fit and after trying the marmot on (which was really good, just the wrong fit) I tried on the mountain design forge 600 on special for ~$150 every few months and it fits phenomenally well if you're slimmer and on par for marmot quality

    • Anti theft feature.

  • hot

  • +12

    It's Gore-tex Jerry!
    - George Costanza

  • How do these compare to the Uniqlo ultra light puffer jackets?

    • +1

      Provide a link and I’ll tell ya

        • The OP one is slightly warmer, but Uniqlo is better designed, looks better, lighter, and more comfortable. I would go the Uniqlo one

      • +10

        I prefer jackets made from Vegans

        • +1

          🍂 😄

  • +2

    Marmot stuff is so good, I just got two for me and one for my wife - great discounts, I saw anaconda have previously discounted - I've never seen marmot stuff this cheap in my travels. Thanks very much OP

  • Never heard of this brand and it looks super ugly.

    • +4

      One of the top brands for outdoors. This particular design is not the best, but quality will be superb

  • Anyone suggest a good quality 100% “Waterproof “ Jacket for walking in the rain please, don’t want to pay an arm and leg for one either….


    • A thing I’ve found with outdoor clothing is you get what you pay for

      Look for something that’s 3 layer goretex (or whatever waterproof fabric it is); they’re heavy but it will keep the water out

  • I'm a Medium to Large sized - I read that these run a bit larger so should I get the Medium? Also, what's your thoughts on hood or no hood? For use in WA where we get rain 3 days a year

  • +3

    I popped in to Anaconda this morning to try these on and ended up buying one. First observation is that they look much better in person than online. Second observation is the sizing seems pretty true. So where I'm a Small in the MacPac Halo down (thanks to sleeve length, would be a medium otherwise in that one I feel as it is a little tight under the arms and around the waist) I opted for a Large in the Marmot. As it fit best across the shoulders and didn't cut under the arms too high, which in a Medium it did. Large would also allow me to wear layers underneath.

    • Which one did you buy? Was looking at buying Marmot Men's Alassian Featherless Jacket


      • Marmot Men's Featherless Hoody in blue

        • Thanks, now to decide which to get :)

  • Also not a bad deal $25 for a full zip fleece jacket (Green, medium)t https://www.anacondastores.com/clothing/mens-clothing/mens-j...

  • Deal seems to have expired, as its no longer working. Women's jacket (Marmot Women's Featherless) is showing for price $279 even after adding to cart & applying the coupon code.

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