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Target: 20% Cashback (22% with Max, $25 Cap Per Member, Excludes Gaming & Music) @ Cashrewards


A nice big cashback increase at Target for 24 hours from midnight tonight AEST on both cashback categories - softgoods and hardgoods. As usual be sure to check the terms below.

20% for regular Cashrewards members and 22% for ANZ Max members.

During the 24 hour promo, cashback for Target is capped at $25 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 12am to 11:59pm AEST 05/04/2022.

Cashback is ineligible on all Gaming & Music category items; on purchase or redemption of gift cards; on purchases made via the Target app; when using promo codes not listed on Cashrewards.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • +1

    I just realised.
    Cashreward, TA, then Clear as the 2nd in charge.
    Shopback, GYB, then dealbot as the 2nd in charge.

    I forgot whether dealbot post deal on cashreward before. May be clear has posted on shopback.

    • -1

      Like many others around OzBargain I ask TA for hot deals and other stores too. You'd be surprised at how helpful some reps around here can be.

  • +3

    Clear & tightarse, please work on restricting consoles only and not games. Games never used to be excluded and this sucks

    • I don't work for CR or Target so it's not up to me :)

      • +2

        There are others like nocure and many others who post cashreward deals, you post a lot of deal including cashreward, somehow I thought you worked closely with TA without being on cashreward's payroll. (I thought you went to TA to negotiate a good deal on cashreward before) Like dealbot working closely with GYB probably without being on shopback's payroll.

    • +2

      Need games back.

  • +4

    Can you actually state cashback on "all" categories in the title, when it's not?

    Honest question here

    • There's only 2 cashback categories - softgoods and hardgoods. The cashback increase is on both categories with exclusions within those categories. So to make it more clear I've added Gaming and Music as being excluded in the title!

      • Ok.

        Thanks for the quick response and post, great deal regardless

  • +1

    Who is getting Lego?

    • Not me. Anything good OOS

      I would have gotten majestic tiger 31129 if I could.

    • +1

      Bought the world map. Ok for $274

  • -1

    So clothes on the list?,. I guess one can buy online then go pickup instore, try and if don't like or wrong size just return for refund there and then in store? Anyone try this?

    $25 cap what's the point lolz

  • -3

    I wish people would grow up and stop obsessing with games on this site. Even a minor deal on games blows up within minutes whereas genuine household bargains are just met with pleading for more gaming bargains. Jeez, how many games do you cats even play at one time? Pubs are open again for goodness sake.

    • Look out ozbargain community. We have the person of the year here. This guy/girl demands you ‘grow up’ and spend your time only doing hobbies they approve of like going to pubs. Adults can’t spend their time doing what they want or spending their cash on what they want anymore…

  • Nothing about electricals or appliances.. can I assume microwaves, kettles etc are included?

    • +2

      That would be considered hard goods and included.

  • Cashback ineligible "when using promo codes not listed on Cashrewards" - does this mean the $10 newsletter promo code invalidates the cashback?

    • Correct.

      • Used to be eligible ?

    • Ok so apparently I used the promo code and the cashback tracked anyway

  • -2

    Did the previous BWS deal with Cashrewards no problem

    Spent $108 on Shopback 40% off deal within an hour of deal commencing. NO TRACKING
    Went through SB site on Android mobile. Sent in 3 emails to [email protected] SB email address no replies on third day.
    Put in complaint on SB clicks site came back with inform you in FORTYFIVE days
    The rep here on Ozbargains is trying to help.
    I am starting to feel that some of these deals is like rolling the dice

    HappyPanda 12 hours 18 min agonew
    Same, 45 days just to confirm the order is ridiculous!
    Just sent a message to GYB to hopefully resolve this quickly, otherwise will cancel the order.

    ozbargainerlife1 8 hours 54 min agonew
    Mine still hasn't tracked :(


  • This is the most confusing deal I ever find. Target should clearly list what's soft goods and what's hard goods. Even better if there is a way to check cashback for a particular product beforehand so that one doesn't regret later.

    • It's 20/22% on all categories on Target except Gaming and Music.

  • +1

    Anyone had a problem with having a Target+ reward applying and voiding cash back? It's not a code and it applies automatically with no way (it seems) to save it for the next purchase.

  • Seems to have tracked $25 cashback fine for me on purchase of Xbox Series S

  • @TightArse, how soon can we expect it to track, and how long until the funds become available?

    • Ok its tracked in the app. The Estimated approval date is 23rd August 2022 (WTF? - 4.5 months??? How ridiculous).

  • loved insta tracking using the app

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