Are Veggies and Fruits Overrated?

I stopped eating veggies and year-round fruits. Still eating seasonal fruits like Mangoes because I like the taste of these MF. Once I started eating only meat, I stopped getting sick. My sleep quality improved. Constant energy all the time. Maybe my overall health improvement coincided with stopping consuming ultra-processed junk.

What is your experience? Have you done any such experiments?

Edit: 80% of my diet consists of meat and eggs and butter. I am in no way implying fruits and veggies are bad. Just asking are they overrated.

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    Maybe it coincided with stopping consuming ultra-processed junk.

    You can lead a horse to water…..

    If you seriously think that cutting out fruits and vegetables is the reason for your surge in energy and not the reduction of (I assume) things like fast food then there's no saving you.

    What are you eating then if not fruits and vegetables, to get your nutrients and vitamins? You must have some fun toilet sessions.

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      What are you eating then if not fruits and vegetables, to get your nutrients and vitamins?

      80% of my diet consists of meat and eggs and butter. There is no nutrient that you don't get from meat or eggs.

      You must have some fun toilet sessions.

      I will get one bowel movement every day in the morning which is normal. If fibre is the missing ingredient you are implying? Then I don't have any issue

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        There is no nutrient that you don't get from meat or eggs.

        Without even studying, Vitamin A is a missing nutrient in both meat and eggs.

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          You have no idea about nutrition then. The liver has almost insane amounts of all vitamins. My piss turns bright yellow after eating lamb liver because it's excreting vitamin B as it is a water-soluble vitamin and it can't be stored in the body fat.

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            @DisabledUser318679: Maybe you could have said “meat, eggs and offal”

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              @sjj89: Offal is a type of meat called organ meat.

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            You have no idea about nutrition then.

            Lol. A bit rich coming from the guy who basically only eats meat, eggs and butter and is proud of pissing yellow.

            Please, I would love to hear more of your expert nutritional advice.

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          Vitamin A is also missing in fruit and veggies. All they have is the precursor of Vitamin A called carotenoids, particularly beta-carotene.
          Fully fledged Vit A, aka retinol only exists in animal and lab products.

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            @ripesashimi: Correct, but as your body has no issues converting beta-carotene to vitamin A it is a moot point. If anything beta-carotene is better because you won't die if you have too much of it.

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        There is no nutrient that you don't get from meat or eggs.

        Vitamin C is not found in anything close to sufficient amounts in meat and eggs.

        It is found in abundance in fruit and vegetables.

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      Maybe it coincided with stopping consuming ultra-processed junk.

      First, I stopped eating ultra-processed junk. Almost 6 months later I stopped consuming fruits and veggies. In no way I am referring to fruits and veggies to ultra-processed junk. If that's what you understood.

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        It may have taken 6 months for you to notice improvements from eliminating processed foods. There may also be uncontrolled variables coincident with your efforts to improve your health.

        Regardless, I'm glad you're feeling better.

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        @peeltheonion So no veggies, huh? Looks at username.

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      Some people don't need as much fibre as others to maintain seemingly regular and good bowel health. (I mention seemingly because just because we have no negative symptoms of a diet, doesn't mean there are none in reality) .

      • Only time will tell……..well maybe some medical tests

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          Yup, that's why checkups are important. Doesn't tell us everything but gives some indications.

    • there is an argument for a more carnivorous diet allowing you to gain and maintain higher energy levels than a "balanced" diet of meat, fruits & veggies etc. i don't know how that would work given that the poster is still eating some fruits, but Pavel Tsatsouline spoke about it in an interview with Joe Rogan. it's on youtube somewhere if you are interested

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    Maybe it coincided with stopping consuming ultra-processed junk.

    nope, completely unrelated and would be 100% related to you no longer eating fruit and vegetables.
    I assume your wellness and diet book is coming out soon? Can we pre-order?

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      You might still be able to find Belle Gibson’s one somewhere

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    lol, good luck

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    "Edit: 80% of my diet consists of meat and eggs"

    The best health advice in this thread: when preparing these dishes, make sure they are as cooked as you are (that is: fully).

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    Must've been the sunscreen they put on the fruits…

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    80% of my diet consists of meat and eggs

    Good luck with your stomach and bowel in a few years…

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      Good luck with your stomach and bowel in a few years…

      I use to have a leaky gut which might have caused hypersensitive skin. I went to doctors for many years. And obviously, they failed to treat it with medicines. And after changing my lifestyle I don't even remember having that ailment. I don't know what the future holds for my stomach and bowel. But after 4 years they seemed to be in pristine condition.

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        But after 4 years they seemed to be in pristine condition.

        Yea, I’ve heard a few smokers tell me that about their lungs

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          Good on you

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          Some people have DNAs that defy science. An uncle of mine is a chain smoker (has been for 40+ years) and well into his 80s. He's outlived his own wife and son-in-law. Our family dubs him The Fortress.

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            @ddhar: That's no defiance of science, he's just an outlier within some pretty solid statistics.

            • @afoveht: Reminds me of the 103 year olds athey ask 'the secret to a long life' on tv, it's always 'cocaine and hookers' or similar.

          • @ddhar: In the back of my mind I think imagine the extra years he could of got if he gave up smoking.
            That's when his time comes.
            I've never seen a person over 100 who smoked.

            • @DarwinBoy: Our family lifespans are generally in the 80s so he probably has not lost that many years, if any. It helps that he is not obese and remains active with work.

              He's definitely an outlier, in that smoking does not seem to impact him and few in the family even smoke.

              • @ddhar: My mate told me his father working in an asbestos environment for years and the harm was minimised by his pack a day smoking habit by chance.
                I'm sure minimising appetite or reducing asbestos effects are good things but generally smoking isn't going to be doing us much good. But we all have choices we make.

                • @DarwinBoy: Maybe the tar binds to the asbestos fibres,
                  so he can cough them up easier?

                  • @NigelPearson: Think it was something like that. The asbestos didn't have easy access or was caught or something.
                    But crazy the way things work sometimes.

                    • +1

                      @DarwinBoy: Medical doc here, can confirm. It's also protective against ulcerative colitis. I wouldn't recommend patients go take it up still!

                      • @inasero: I learned this from House! So cool to see it confirmed in real life.

              • @NoApostrophePlurals: "The centenarian went on to say that the biggest passions in his life were alcohol and cigarettes." Lol! This guy DGAF at this age

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        So well done, you used science (trial and error) to cure your leaky gut.

        Pretty sure you can't cure a leaky gut with medicine anyway…
        As with most ailments lifestyle is one of the biggest factors, with genetics playing the largest role.
        Although discounting modern medicine is ignorant as in some cases lifestyle alone cannot fix things.
        Like smallpox, polio, ebola, swine flu, Aids

        • is leaky gut, an australian or internet name for crohns ?

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            @juki: No, but you can get it if you have Crohns or ibd. From memory it's a hole in the wall of your bowel. Not normal tho.

      • Have you done a recent endoscopy/colonoscopy tho? Only a colonoscopy and endoscopy are going to tell you what's going on inside, not how you feel. Just don't trust that it seems like it's in perfect condition, is all I'm saying.

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    OP should try onions.

    Onions contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, decrease triglycerides and reduce cholesterol levels.

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      He did, but it made him cry

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      Onions can cause intestinal upset for some too. They have sugars similar to fructose. Green tea would be better for these things I'd say.

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    You’ve almost unlocked the key to true health, now just cut out water and replace it with Gatorade and you’ll be in peak form.

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      I never drank anything except water past 2 years. I am not lying.

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        Like out of the tap?

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              @EightImmortals: What's wrong with tap water

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                      @EightImmortals: I don't know. I don't seem to have any negative effects of drinking tap water.

                      • -2

                        @DisabledUser318679: OK cool.
                        We probably didn't either in hindsight but we do feel much better these days. A lot of those chemicals, especially sodium fluorsilicate can have cumulative effects to you might get health issues years down the track and not be able to pin down the cause. If you have access to options why not give it a try and see how you feel?

                      • +4

                        @DisabledUser318679: calcified pineal gland from the fluoride. It denies you access to travel to the other dimensions to which the pineal gland is the gateway…

                        • +1

                          @Ozschmargain: Of course, that's when you need a Resonator to see beyond perceptible reality.

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      But its got electrolytes. Its got what plants crave!

      • +3

        Like out of the toilet?

        • +1

          Brawndo has got what plants crave!

          • @UFO: I was just at the cinema watching "Ass"… what did I miss?

    • +7

      Forget Gatorade. Brawndo has what plants crave.

      • +1

        I didn't see your post before saying the same thing.

        Oh, and welcome to Costco… I love you.

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      Lololol. Great movie

    • Lol Gatorade is terrible, only advertisements have got people brainwashed, thinking it’s healthy.

      • +2

        I don’t know if I’m missing the joke here, but who in the world considers Gatorade to be healthy?

    • +1

      "This is what peak performance looks like"

      • OP, probably
  • I can see eating 80% meat and eggs being good for majority of the population but you might just have that kind of DNA.

    Without a doubt the meat eaters / vegetarians / vegans will be out in force for this.

    I've met someone who never ate any vegetables, just meat. They had fake meat with us for dinner and they didn't die but eating meat only allowed them to survive from child hood to adult hood.

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    How does your mind go to your increased energy coming from stopping fruits and vegetables and saying MAYBE it coincided with stopping consuming ultra-processed junk?

    Like just MAYBE it was the junk food?

    • Oh so mind might be impacted, ah unlucky

  • if 80% is meat and eggs and butter,

    what is the other 20%..?

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      Onions, rice, greek yoghurt, spices etc

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    How old are you
    And have you had a blood test

    • -4

      How old are you


      And have you had a blood test

      I do every year. If you are worried about cholesterol then you seem to be behind in the science. Anyway, they are within the guidelines.

      • +8

        I never indicated concern about cholesterol regarding blood testing.
        More thinking Vitamin C

        • +1

          I don't think they check Vitamin C in regular blood tests. As it is a water-soluble vitamin it doesn't store in your body anyway. If I don't feel sick in 2 years even though not changing any of my hygiene (like washing hands or using sanitiser). Maybe I am getting enough.

      • Haem iron definitely increases cholesterol level. Just be careful man.

  • Yea. Fruit is overrated. You can totally avoid eating any.

    • +1

      Username checks out

  • When I feel like crap, I have a good steak. I usually feel better afterwards. I’m sensitive to fructose so I don’t really eat fruit. I’m a sucker for potatoes and I know they are basically big carb rocks.

    • +1

      should have horse steak and a glass of red wine, that used to pick me up in the middle of cold winter blues. strangely people there also ate a lot of potatoes

      • I assume you didn’t get the horse in au?

        • +1

          unfortunately not, some restaurants have said its possible but complicated

      • +1


        • +2

          i was an impoverished student there but other European countries a little more to the east also

    • Carb rocks with a pretty big nutrient spectrum. They allowed the irish to expand to the point where one potato blight killed many.

      How many potatoes does it take to kill an irishman?


  • +23

    Rogan fans lol

    • +7

      I thought the same thing, Joe must be bored if hes on Ozbargain

      • +8

        If I made as much money as Joe just from telling any old lie that pops into my head, I think I'd probably stop looking for bargains on remote control poos and Hungry Jacks meals. The money he made from pretending a brand of coffee could cure all disease is probably more than the total savings every combined member of OZB has ever achieved here.

    • -17

      He changed my life for good. From couch potato to training 5 days a week of training in martial arts. And changed my perspective on science and how F'd up scientific studies are. Not by Joe Rogan by himself but scientists and achievers who come to his podcast created a new perspective on life.

      • +27

        Good for you dude, really. Just don't kid yourself that you have any greater insight than the average person because you've listened to a few podcasts.

        • +8

          No, not really. This is my experience or experiment and not in any way advocated by anyone.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser318679: If you wanna try getting some veges in I eat a scramble with half a carton of egg whites with 150g of frozen chopped spinach for breakfast. As someone who grew up avoiding fruit and veg it's a great way to get some greens in.

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