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[Waitlist] $100 Bonus after Deposit US$1000 in Crypto & Hold for 30 Days + $40 Referral Bonus with US$100 Deposit @ StableHouse


StableHouse is a regulated crypto platform where their customers can earn great rates on deposits with many stablecoins earning 12% (APY) and is backed by top-tier investors like Coinbase Ventures and DragonFly Capital.

They are currently offering a signup bonus for new customers. Update: Signup not open, join the waitlist.

US$100 deposit gets US$40 referral bonus (if you use a valid referral code)

US$1000 deposit gets US$100 bonus

If you signed up with a valid referral code and deposit $1000 into your account, you will activate both the referral and deposit reward and will be paid $100+$40 ($140 in total) after holding the funds in your account for 30 days.

US$40 for each referral

Rules in order to get the bonuses:

Deposits need to be kept in the account for at least 30 days.

Only the first deposit amount matters, if you send $50 and then another $50, no bonus, so if your transfer towards StableHouse has network fees make sure to consider those fees in the amount you send.

Bonuses paid in USDC (stablecoin pegged to US$)

Without referral code there is no $40 bonus

ends 30th April

Waitlist because they are getting too many new customers which require KYC. At the moment they are processing the queue so if you register yourself with the link provided, you should expect an invitation to join within 7 days.

I deposited Bitcoin from Celsius so it didn't cost me anything, however any supported crypto or fiat is fine.

Once you deposit you can swap to another crypto if you like, just make sure your first deposit is at least $100 or $1000 depending which one you want and no withdraw for the first 30 days.

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    • So do you guys know something about this site? Obviously crypto has inherit risks, but the deal doesn't seem too bad…?

      • +1

        The founders are an ex executive of Tether and of Bitfinex, just Google it.

        I got paid in the previous promo during February and so did my friends.

        • Hey, your OP says the reward is paid in USDT, but all the material on their site says it's paid in USDC.
          I'm going to make my deposit in USDC so I only have to pay a single $10 to get all my funds out later.

          • +1

            @bonezAU: Hi, apologies, you are absolutely correct, it is paid in USDC.

            Any deposit can however be swapped inside the platform at no cost.

            I will fix it now, cheers.

      • -2

        I made six trillion zillion thanks to Stablehouse and now I am enjoying the goodlife buying everything at Harvey Norman. Trust me. Regards Clive Palmtree.

        • -1

          GOOD NEWS. Since posting earlier I have made another billion. Don't understand why I am getting negged.

  • +1

    I did it last month and it seems legit so far. Although to get the referral you need to enter the referral code after the waitlist= part of the url from the Ozbargain referral randomizer once you’re through the waitlist. @Mods, you may want to change the referral system to be promo code based rather than URL based?

    • Works either way they told me as long as the right link or code is used.

      • I got that email too, although their new pop-up is pretty clear that the code will need to be manually entered

        • I've updated the referral to a case sensitive coupon-code type.

        • trust me, the code works because I asked this to them, I took the new code and replaced the old one in the link.

          They told me that if a new customer use the link with the referral code, once they receive an invitation the referral box will be greyed and they won't be able to edit it. If instead they use a generic link without a referral code at the end, then they will be able to edit the box. I know what I am doing. Cheers.

  • Fair warning, they did take like a week to complete the KYC (after getting past the waitlist) although their support were helpful and responsive

    • They got a flood of new customers. In February there was no waitlist.

      Plus my Stablecoins are earning a juicy 12%

      • Have you tried sAUD? Is the on-ramp from fiat easy (through PayID?) and is there any spread between sAud <-> AUD? Thanks.

        • Hi, no sorry I sent Bitcoin from Celsius

        • +1

          I had a quick look at sAUD, it's not simple to obtain and can only be traded from another crypto. IMO it's not worth the hassle.

          • @bonezAU: Thanks Blake, nice to see you here. Never heard of sAUD hence the curiosity

            • @joeiwu: Haha, hey Joe. Nice to see you here too :)
              I hadn't heard of it either, so went digging. It seems you can only obtain it via DeFi, it's not listed on any CEX's that I can see.

              • +1

                @bonezAU: Yea, its a pity there's a lack of support for sAUD, seems like a lucrative earn option.

  • can the US$100/$1000 deposit be in any crypto?

    • yes, I deposited Bitcoin from Celsius so it didn't cost me anything, however any supported crypto or fiat is fine.

      Once you deposit you can swap to another crypto if you like, just make sure your first deposit is at least $100 or $1000 depending which one you want and no withdraw for the first 30 days.

      I am going to add these info in the description.

    • @sharky -Can the US$100/$1000 deposit be in any crypto?

      Everything except cryptonite- causes super problems.

  • LOL, what exactly is a “regulated crypto platform”?

    Regulated by whom?

  • Nice, they have paused generating yield for new customers, and paused yield generation on new deposits for existing customers. But you can still deposit money into the service. Doesn't sound like a ponzi scheme at all!

    Oh and 'Regulated' by the 'Bermuda Monetary Authority'

    • Any source links which says the yields have stopped for these users?

      • +2


        Yield Pause for new & pending customers
        We have taken the decision to reopen onboarding and deposits for new users. New deposits will not be yield earnings but your account can be used for trading.
        Deposit pause for all yield earning customers
        We have taken the decision to pause new deposits on your account ensuring that your current investments grow at the rate we promised. You will continue to earn yield on your current balance and can continue trading on the platform at our competitive rates.

    • Bermuda Financial industry is heavily regulated, try yourself to obtain a licence.

    • I became their customer in February and my initial deposit is earning 12% after swapping from BTC to USDC in March.

      Screenshot https://ibb.co/3csGSRJ

      Help yourself with a Google search before discrediting a reputable Company.

      Never seen Ponzi schemes denying new deposits, doing KYC or restricting new account opening.

      • You can certainly make money from a Ponzi scheme, its those who enter last that lose. Stable house are not denying new deposits, in fact they are encouraging them. However they are no longer paying interest on new deposits. That's what is concerning.

  • +1

    Hi OP, do you have the link or a screenshot which shows this promo deal (seperate to the referral program)?

      • Thanks. Yeah I have seen these same links on their website and I think you have some details in your post incorrect.

        1st promo
        There is only one $40 bonus promo, which is the referral program, where the referrer and referee each gets $40 once the referee deposits $100 and hold for 30 days: https://help.stablehouse.io/hc/en-us/articles/4785521456658-...

        2nd promo
        The other promo is where you get $100 if you make your first deposit of $1000 and hold for 30 days: https://www.stablehouse.io/deposit-reward/

        So there is no “US$100 deposit gets US$40 bonus” like mentioned in your post, this is just the referral program.

        I would also double check with support that you can stack the 1st and 2nd promos.

        Also, the bonuses are paid in USDC (see my 2 links above), rather than USDT.

        • +2

          Yes you are correct, my apologies I should have used different words.

          One is a referral bonus and the other one is a deposit bonus but both require a deposit so thats why I used those words.

          I already got confirmation the 2 bonuses can be stacked if conditions are met.

          And its written right there:

          How do I enter the deposit bonus reward program?

          You enter the deposit bonus by making an initial deposit of at least $1000 of fiat or accepted crypto into your account. After 30days of holding the funds in your account, you will be paid your $100 reward. If you signed up with a valid referral link and deposit $1000 into your account, you will activate both the referral and deposit reward and will be paid $100+40 after holding the funds in your account for 30 days.


  • +1

    My KYC was processed within about 2 minutes. They're using an automated system, so it should be nice and quick providing your photos are clear and there's nothing wrong with the way the computer matches your ID picture and selfie. I used a passport.

    • Once you were on the waitlist how long did it take?

      • 3 hours. Joined wait list at 10pm last night, invite came through to sign up at 1am this morning

        • Oh excellent thanks for the quick reply.

  • +2

    Waitlisted, got invited, verified, deposited over $100 worth, transaction confirmed, unstablehouse still haven't reflected the deposit over a day later.

    ..30 days better count from the moment of deposit.

    • Got an answer back, its some AML process check to make sure your funds arnt being sent from a dark net, sanctioned addresses, scams.

      • Did they say how far back in the address chain do they check?

  • +1

    Withdrawal fees are a bummer when most cefi competitors offer at least one free withdrawal per month if not unlimited like Celsius.
    Still worth it, but bonus will end up more like $30 rather than $40 after withdrawal.
    Maybe I'll just leave it on there though. Probably good to spread out Cefi deposits anyway

    • Yeah they are super high and like you said most offer at least a free withdrawal per month. I use FTX (formerly Blockfolio) for unlimited free withdrawals.

      Which one has the cheapest fees? Looks like stablecoins is the only way to go, the rest are around $30. I usually use LTC or BCH for cheap fees but they don't even have those as an option…

  • I made my first withdrawal in USDC.

    Processed within 1 hour.

  • Does anyone know how long the yield will be paused for?

    • I think it’s just the 30 days until you get your bonus.

  • Has anyone else not been verified?

    Mine still says waiting to be verified and that’s been since Friday 8/4.

  • -3

    I'd like to point the fact that contrary to what I was told, the OZBargain referral system doesn't increase the odds to reward those who create new deals. I got just 1 referral from this despite being of the few in the referral pool at the beginning and the deal OP.

  • Still am in waitlist and I joined minutes after the deal was posted

    • +1

      Contact support, that’s not right - I contacted them a few days ago and they said it’s in process plus if I hadn’t heard back within 72 hours to contact them again. No need though as I was approved 30 minutes ago.

      • I just tried to contact them using their form and get the below

        Something went wrong. Please try again

        They really don't want me to join I guess.

        • +1

          Try emailing them at [email protected]

          • @billybob1978: That's for giving me the email address. Just emailed. 👍

            • @cute as ducks: No worries at all they were quite responsive so you should be fine. Plus you’ve got 30 days from once you’re approved I think (that’s what the email implied anyway).

              • @billybob1978: They never got back to me and they even closed the ticket. I was never taken off the waitlist, oh well.

                This email is to notify you that we have closed your ticket. To reopen it, please respond to this email. Don't hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.

                We hope that your experience with our support team was helpful and that you are satisfied with our service.

                • The StableHouse Team
                • @cute as ducks: Oh wow that’s weird. I have no idea why that would happen. Maybe they replied and it went to your junk?

  • are they reliable?

  • Got an email from them this morning to say that interest earning is now active. I genuinely thought it was active the whole time as nothing in their signup process or UI indicated it wasn't.

    The Pause on Yield Earning Has Been Lifted

    Hello AaronR,

    Good news! Your account has become eligible to earn weekly compounded interest.

    You earn up to 12% interest on fiat-based Stablecoin deposits up to USD$25,000 or equivalent.

    To start earning yield, simply click “Yes” on the pop-up that will appear when you log in.

    We can’t wait for you to experience StableHouse. Deposit, earn, hold and trade as and when it best suits you.

    Please reach out if you have any questions or if we can assist further.

    • Pretty sure I read that you can’t earn interest until you receive your bonus, have you received yours?

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