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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Smartphone 128GB $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was $999 then went down to $839 now $749 !
Pro-grade Triple lens camera: Point-and-shoot beyond imagination with three lenses to choose from, ultra-wide, wide and telephoto and never feel camera shy with impressive front facing camera capabilities to snap studio quality selfies
Portrait mode: Hello gorgeous; The perfect lighting in your portrait; Galaxy S21 FE analyses the surroundings in real time and uses AI to give images depth, lighting enhancement and clarity to give that DSLR feeling
Dynamic AMOLED 2X display: Experience oh-so-smooth scrolling, gaming and cinematic viewing with an ultra-responsive 6.4 inch dynamic AMOLED 2X display; The intelligent display delivers vibrant colours and brightness and adapts screen performance to help minimise battery strain
Long-lasting Intelligent Battery + super-fast charging: Get ready for endless entertainment with a 4,500mAh (typical) long-lasting battery, Galaxy S21 FE has the power to last as long as you do; And, get back to full power from only minutes of charge enabled with 25W super-fast charging
Seriously-Fast Processor + 5G: A seriously-fast processor- Built to enable lasting power and performance with the next-gen Exynos 2100 chipset, meaning fast frame rates and smooth graphics with minimal shutter a real win for gamers; Plus supercharge your experience with incredible 5G speed technology
Night Mode: Shoot like a pro, even in low light; Capture images with extra clarity and brightness; The large image sensor size lets you define rich photos even in the dark

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Great story, compelling and rich

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        Came for the comments. Was not disappointed.

  • Officeworks price beat?

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      You could always try, but considering Amazon is a warehouse & not a store you can just walk into & make a purchase, it might be difficult to obtain considering their T&C's.

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      As I remember they do price beat Amazon

      • They will only prove beat if the seller is Amazon AU

    • Call the price beat line and find out. They can price beat Amazon AU, they matched a price for me on a Samsung s20FE5G.

    • +4

      Bought one for $711 after price match discount

      • What store as mine in Wollongong couldn't match bar code and product code with the NON-Amazon version which they sell. Therefore they couldn't match :(

    • Yep, got the 8gb/256gb for $787

      • What store as mine in Wollongong couldn't match bar code and product code with the NON-Amazon version which they sell. Therefore they couldn't match :(

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    Is this the 6gb, exynos? Lol

    • Yeah, I'd avoid. S22 might be a bit more but worth it for the SD

    • +2

      I have the Exynos S21 Ultra and it has no issues, mostly on par with the SD888, wins some, loses some.

      • The ultra has 12-16gb ram? Unsure of the actual noticeable difference. Obviously price is different but guessing that will help it out performance.
        I personally do not enjoy exynos and have found it to lack on some of the things i wanted to do, because its also the gpu that is different.
        The gap between the two products is still not an acceptable loss.

        • +1

          My Exynos S21U has 12gb/256gb yes. I play games and I still find the GPU to be fantastic, but not comparing the two head to head I have no personal point of reference for performance except the phone I had before. In any case overall the performance is not only acceptable, it's excellent imo.

  • +1

    I think the samsung trade in offer is better than this?

    $250 bonus off $899 when you trade in.

    • +8

      trade in.

      Not everybody have a phone that eligable for trade in

      • -2

        They never accepted my Huawei for trade, but they did accept a random imei I googled. Not like I was going to send a phone in anyways

        • But you have to enter your C.C. in the trade in app to get the code to work.

          • @superforever: Yes, and? The give me a discount then charge me for it when i dont send a phone through.

            The trade ins were always just about triggering the bonus credit.

        • +1

          How? You have to install their app on an eligible phone and run a process to produce a trade in code

    • Would a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or Pixel 3XL be eligable you think?

      • +1

        Don't get rid of you pixel.

        Unlimited Google photos is a huge benefit, if you use Google photos.

        • Yeah, agree but was bit curious to know. I got it as new off ebay six months ago and battery still really good,

          best phone I have had. Just bought mum an as new S9 + but battery not so good so mainly wondering about that one.

        • I got unlimited

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    how does this compare to the S21 ultra? need a new phone for the Mrs, i got mine through work (S21 ultra) but I don't want to cough up that much cash. Shes mostly interested in the camera.

    • +2

      ….. poorly? The 21 fe is their budget line.

      The camera is the biggest difference between the fe and the ultra.

      This is all relative though, it's still a good camera.

      • +1

        thats what i suspected. Probably better than the Iphone 8 she has now though..

        • +3

          It's not their budget line, that's the A series. It performs similarly to the flagship S line though will have a worse camera and a couple other smaller co promises I can't remember. It's fine and is a massive upgrade from the 8.

      • +4

        Budget flagship, not just budget. This is still an S-series phone, they have much more budget options than this.

    • The camera won't be as versatile, but you still get a wide, ultrawide and zoom lens, you just miss the 10x zoom. In terms of other camera features I assume it comes with all the same modes the S21U does too, it just might not be to the same quality as the lenses are different.

      Outside of that, it's slightly smaller and the screen is lower res, a few other differences but I doubt they'd be deal breakers in practice, this is a lot of phone for the money.

    • +1

      I have the S20 FE 5G model and for the money it's a cracking phone. Good battery life and screen. Zero complaints.

      • +1

        a cracking phone

        I thought that was the Flip.

    • have a look at oppo x3 pro - on eBay sales/specials you can grab it for about $800-850 and the camera is better than 21 ultra (dxomark score 121 vs 131)

  • +1

    anyone used this phone before?
    Given that this cost, how does this compare to the S22? I heard that the battery life is really bad for S21 FE.

    • +2

      I haven't had a Samsung for years but keep hearing mixed things about the exynos chips. I think it's worth getting the S22 over this for the snapdragon chip if you want to get a Samsung phone.

    • +2

      I reckon if few extra dollars is no problem, then S22 is a better option - better camera, snapdragon, more ram, more stylish look and feel etc. Is it worth extra 300+ bucks… very subjective decision.

      Having said that, I moved to S21 FE from S20. Had it for only a couple of weeks now, but can say already it feels snappier, battery lasts me full day easy, and doesn't get as hot. I'm running on 120 Hz screen refresh rate, which I thought will use more battery.

      I'm a light user though - calls, chats and internet, no games.

      • I though they both using 'Snapdragon' for 5G version?

        • +1

          Around the world yes, our S21 FE 5G and S20 5G both use Exynos.

    • Full charge lasts between 15-19 hours for me (battery saving mode) and that's with 6+ hours of screen time.

  • At $999, this was universally panned, this was probably one of the nicer reviews. This should have been it's real launching price imo (too close to a s22 or other s21 at the time).


    With Samsung providing 4 years of updates now, that will help with the resale of this device if that's a thing for you.

  • Comes with no wall charger but an ear bud is complementary with this device, .if I'm correct.. Can anyone confirm pls

    • +1

      In my case - no case, no wall charger and no buds in the box. Just phone and a sim pin.

    • an ear bud

      Typical Samsung, making the consumer pay for the other bud ;)

    • Offer available for purhcases between 11-30 Jan 2022. So no… :-(

  • +1

    My Galaxy S6 slowed down with pretty bad scroll lag in less than a year. Do the new ones hold up better? I've been iphone only since then but damn they're expensive these days

  • The amazon post down below mentions " Galaxy bud2 is a bonus, limited time only." not sure if we're getting the earbud with the purchase

  • Anyone kind to tell me if this supports esim?

    • No esim in Aussie version

      • Thank you.

  • I don't get why people keep on buying new handset. I had my Samsung S6 for 7 years and works fine.

    • I still have my blackberry key2 and it works fine.

    • You like cheese? Try some Moliterno al Tartufo.

  • This or A73 that's just gone on edu store for preorder with galaxy buds for $639?

    • +1

      this one will have better resale value than the A73, but if you want to spend less money and get an identical experience, I would just go for the A73. Could even sell the buds for $100 on eBay after fees and shipping.

    • +1

      Or you could go the A52s off the edu store for cheaper with no buds, same snapdragon as the A73, but camera not as good.

      OTOH, exynos battery life and throttling concerns aside, this phone is theoretically faster and you do get wireless charging and a 3x optical zoom camera that the A series don't (ignoring the A72)

  • And those (profanity) mother (profanity) still haven't sent my one from the samsung online store after 3 weeks.

    • Is it in the Preparing Dispatch status?
      I have my order sitting with that status for 2 weeks now… called them, apparently it means in Samsung language "all good just waiting for the courier to pick it up"…

      • I filed a claim with PayPal to cancel the order, since calling didn't help. The current amazon deal is the same price anyway.

  • Is this single SIM only?

    • +1


  • Does this have a add a MicroSD ability? or just one single sim only?

  • Will that worth more buying a US version to have Snapdragon 888, if it is usable in AUS??
    with a similar price.


  • +1

    Exynos shmexinos. I don't pay attention to the geeky reviews on the internet. I have this phone and works very well and get full day of battery out of it. My only issue with these phones is the insane amt of samsung bloatware which I've disabled using Aliance shield.

    • Is the Alliance Shield easy to use ? Does stopping some apps effect phone usage ? How do you know what to disable ? Thanks.

      • +1

        For me YES as I've been doing it for years on many phones. The app is pretty straight forward and there's good instructions on how to set it up. I don't want to say it's easy or hard as it's relative. If you do your research on how to use the app and what bloatware to disable depending on what you want then it's very doable. I disable most samsung apps (PAY, cloud, account etc) and some google crap I don't use.

  • exynos chip, naaaa

  • +1

    If anyone wants a great camera I would suggest buying……a camera! Surely a great mid ranged Canon or whatever mirrorless etc would out perform a camera phone. Or maybe I'm just naive and out of touch!

  • Do I trust the Samsung store enough to make a purchase? With trade-ins and vouchers I can get the 256gb version of this for $514…

    • can you still?

      I just tried yesterday (multiple times, multiple live chat agent) and the loyalty code doesn't apply to S21 FE anymore..

      • Yeah it stopped working, but it's back on again this morning.

        • Good for you :) thanks for confirming from your end.

          I just tried again and none of the EDS, CDS or P10 loyalty code works on S21 FE

          • @b0b0: I just cancelled my S21 FE order from the store and bought on Amazon. I waited 3 weeks, after calling, emailing, and live chatting with no explanation or ETA given. Would not recommend the struggle of purchasing from the online store.

  • Price back up to $897 now.

  • +1

    For future reference I had both jb (wernt real happy about it) and office works price match/beat.

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