OPPO Find X5 - Thinking about Buying One

I've had a look at the specs. Not too bad compared to the competitors new phones. Price fair at $1799 for the Pro. I see now Harvey's are giving away a $200 gift card. Release date is 18th April, 2022.


Android 12, ColorOS 12.1
The Pro battery is pretty decent at 5000 mAh.
Fast charging 80W, 50% in 12 min. 100% charged in 47 minutes
Dual SIM with a nano sim and eSIM, dual stand buy.
50MP camera.
32MP Panorama selfie camera.
6.7" screen- 1 billion colours display
4K video recording

No card slot.
No 3.5mm jack- well can't remember the last time I use headphones plugged in.


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    It seems an extravagant price for a phone.
    I have a cheaper oppo and am happy with the quality and performance.

    • I've got an Oppo A53s. I think its excellent for under $300

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        While I understand lots of people buy expensive phones, I get cheaper ones and refresh more often.
        Less of an issue as battery life declines or the screen gets a few scratches, compared to a costly phone you need to use for years to get your money worth.

        And I'd suggest a top line oppo won't have the resale value at 2 years that an apple or even Samsung might have.

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      Absolute dog shit OS, it's slow, drains battery, lots of Engrish.

      Is this recent experience? Mine has been basically the opposite with a Reno 10x Zoom, fast with good battery life, no engrish that I have seen. And I prefer ColorOS to the Samsung or Huawei OS.

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      Completely opposite experience here.

      Just purchased our second lot only because "Upgradeitis" got to us.

      Our A52 batteries are still giving us 3 days of use and I don't understand the reference to "Engrish" 'cos I have never seen any on our Oppos.

  • I had an OPPO A91, an excellent phone at a good price. Easy to use and worked well.

    After 2 years the battery showed signs of dying so I sold it and purchased a 5G Dual sim RealMe 7 (originally part of OPPO).

    I buy cheaper phones, they do what I want, that way I can easily afford to update and I can still sell my old phone at a reasonable price.

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    I had an Oppo Find X3 Pro - for me personally hands down best Android I ever used (it beat Samsung EASY) - however I have since switched to the iPhone 13 Pro, and while I think Oppo is amazing, I dont know if I would pay Apple prices for it

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    I got an Oppo A91 and it's been great. I crammed the camera glass enclosure and it is a little slow in certain situations (swapping apps with maps running, connected to Android Auto which I do a lot for work). Personally I don't think the x5 pro will be worth the cost, especially after getting such a good experience with the a91 which was $200. Is the x5 pro with 8x price hike? I think the x3 pro on sale is the way to go. Still a great phone and not much difference between it and the x5 spec wise. $700 would be solid for x3 pro

  • Well it looks like the Find X3 Neo is dropping down on clearance. I've got a product care claim credit at HN. Getting the Neo. It's got 12GB RAM. Had a look at the demo and it's pretty fast. Officeworks has it on clearance for $747.00. HN said they would do a deal on the price

  • $1500 for an Oppo??!

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