Albo Not Knowing The Cash Rate or Unemployment Rate Is Worrying

how the hell can this guy be the leader of the opposition?

literally the 2 big issues us Australians are facing are employment/under employment and housing costs/cost of living guy doesn't know basic figures that you would expect every MP to know…..

is there no one else!? dead set this guy is worse then Shorten….every time he opens his mouth i think he is a fraud who knows jack all about the job he is going for…

i think i would honestly accept him getting the unemployment rate wrong because the number changes every 1/4 but the cash rate has been at 0.1 percent since November 2020 thats almost 2 years. Albo is trying to be the next PM and he studied finance how the hell could he not know what the cash rate is….

i know this place is a LNP hate fest but considering most people here want love the ALP to win and they 'probably will' but this has to be concerning that this guy is leading the ALP.

for people saying this isnt a big deal - it is actually huge it is a massive gaff and it is something that any MP let alone future PM should know, i think the 'bias' to ALP kind of shines though on OZbargin - i guess will see how things go on May 21


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                as for people dying they are in aged care you might not like it but that is what happens.

                doesnt mean they have to be treated poorly when in there…

                • @SBOB: Or die of neglect instead of old age.

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        Both might crap but only one has been in power for nearly a decade and funnelled eye watering amounts of taxpayer revenue into contractor pockets.

    • Absolutely.

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    I think the fact ScoMo is not going to push the ICAC considering they have been breeding a lot of corrupt practices the last few years is way more worrying then Albo forgetting number that change on a frequent basis.

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      This. Corruption = more debt, more taxes, more costs to the taxpayer.

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    IT 2022 albo could just google it. i donot know number in my job i need to look a little book up.

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        You seemed to be confused with the LNP, who don’t like technology.

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            @mdavant: Haha obscenely fast; let me guess, you think 56k is high speed.

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    Albo is going to have a go, so he gets a go. That's how it works, apparently.

  • Surely AnAl's bungle on border policy is more worrying than not knowing the cash rate and the unemployment rate.

  • Albo would get skinned alive if he had to go toe to toe with Mr Xi

    • What about Slowmo?

      • Slowmo has been for years now, seems to be surviving.

  • Not knowing the exact unemployment figures I’ll happily let slide but not knowing the cash rate is retarded.

  • Couldn't give a rats clacker about him not knowing the cash rate, but given he is the leader of the workers/union party not knowing the unemployment rate is terrible. It is the only number that he should be looking at every morning and he had no idea.

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      I mean he knew the rough ballpark figure, then corrected himself and said he didn't know exactly what it was, wouldn't call that no idea

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    The official numbers are Made up figures anyway.

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    So I believe the important people to ask these questions to are those that will actually be making the moves with the purse:

    Jim Chalmers - Shadow Treasurer:

    Katy Gallagher - Shadow Minister for Finance:

    I believe she answers that questions straight after Albo -

    And wondering if OP saw the interview?

    Just watched it - of the Unemployment Rate Albanese said 5% and then 4% and then sorry I don't know. Hmmm. He seems to knows the zone. That is good enough. Not like he said 7%.

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      Adam said it best

      MSM and LNP are really trying to drive this. So bad that's all they have got on Albo.

      Good signs. The Labor swings in WA and NSW should return a majority government. They are massive swings. Only place the LNP might win is QLD. Bunch of rednecks

      I noticed Scomo knows all the stats now. Just parroting them. No substance.

      • I would be very wary of the reported “swings”. Until Election Day, it’s all guesswork.

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    i don't hold a hose mate

  • I think it’s important to look like you know what you are on about. Pretty much every question is like being in a job interview. Albo’s been pretty disappointing for having so much time to prepare. And it’s really his election to loose. Will be interesting to see how the rest of campaign goes.

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    Scomo thinks he is still in parliament today.

    Called a jorno 3 times Mr. Speaker.

    Early onset alzheimer's

    I expect the press to hold Scomo to account on this just like albo

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    Oh no Scomo got the job seeker rate wrong today.

    Some of the most vulnerable. So out of touch.

    I expect the media to talk about this for 2 weeks.

    • Not even in the same ballpark of an error.

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        I am sure he will want to say sorry and correct the error. 😭

        He said it twice though. He is repeating himself a lot lately.

        He is toast.

        Don't think Albo can have entire book written about him about lies.

        Must say Bowen, Clare and Charmers doing an excellent job.

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        Not even in the same ballpark of an error.

        so saying the unemployment rate wrong is a huge error.
        saying how much those unemployed actually earn is not?

        They have to be at least the same ball park, even if the first one impacts those in the box seats, while the second more impacts those serving the hotdogs and drinks

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          I have been clear on here I am more concerned regarding the cash rate.

          As for the error, anyone with common sense knows he meant per day. He at least got the figure correct.

          Claiming he believes 46 dollars per week is a real figure is puerile.

          Immaturity at its finest

          You are comparing a Freudian slip to pure incompetence and trying to win one back for your leftist agenda

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          A Freudian slip, or parapraxis, is a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind. These slips supposedly reveal secret thoughts and feelings that people hold

          Underemployment is a big issue.

          But yeah let's just talk about how good 4% is and say thank you for those who work a few hours a week to make our numbers look real good.

          No migration, wages stagnant. People have to work now cause they are poor and inflation you know.

          Best in 50 years? Actually 15 years.

          Which isn't that great compared to other OECD countries at this point in time. We are ranked 17th?

          • @Korban Dallas: Yes. Underemployment is a real issue, as is stagnant wage growth, poor productivity and government waste.

            No argument from me here.

            Now if you want to talk about Morrison incompetence, yep, I am all ears with the above.

            But as for what sbob and the other rusted on lefties argue, nope, albanese is far more incompetent in his errors over the first week of the campaign.

            Unfortunately for the lefties here, almost all political commentators agree with this too.

            Would albanese make a good pm? Well, he probably would.

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              @mdavant: Did you see him trying to use an EFTPOS terminal today?

              Couldn't work it out


              I just don't think we should reward Scomo with another term.

              • @Korban Dallas: No I didnt see it.

                Though in all honesty he probably doesn't think money comes from an EFTPOS terminal, he thinks it comes from printing presses. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

                Printed hundreds of billions too much which will lead to interest rate rises and people going broke. So smrt

            • @mdavant:

              But as for what sbob and the other rusted on lefties argue

     voting history would disagree with that assumption, but whatever.

              I'm much more a voter that votes against a parties performance, and currently the LNP have given the country about 100+ reasons over the last year why I fail to see why they should be rewarded with another round.
              My voting history over the last 5 or 6 fed elections I can remember would put me pretty much an average of the centre.

              Generally those that claim someone's a rusted on left/right voter is usually just a rusted on voter for the other direction

              • @SBOB: Whilst I disagree that there are 100 reasons, I am more focussed on the 1 trillion reasons as to the LNPs incompetence.

                At least I can admit it.

                And at least I can say that albanese is incompetent knowing very little about currently monetary settings.

                But pretend that you aren't a rusted on leftie. Anyone reading your defence of albanese's incompetence knows better.

                • @mdavant:

                  But pretend that you aren't a rusted on leftie. Anyone reading your defence of albanese's incompetence knows better.

                  ah, ok. My 'defence' consisted of the following as my first post in this thread?
                  "Couldnt care less, in the same way I don't care if a politician can't answer the price of a litre of milk.
                  It's not a game of memory, and if it was, why we keep hiring forgetful old white guys as prime ministers?"

                  Man, my rusted lefty-ness is so extreme…
                  Does anyone whose not fairly right biased ever call anyone 'a rusted on leftie'?
                  Feel free to let me know which of my "defence of albanese's incompetence" posts makes you think my own bias so rusted'ly clear (perhaps it more reflects someone elses rusted in bias than my own)

                  At least I can admit it.

                  Stop pretending you aren't a rusted on rightie, based on concluding someones completely incompetent based on the answer to one unprepared/unscripted question…anyone reading would know better?

                  Is that how stupid assumptions/categorisations are made?
                  as long as we're just making stupid profile assumptions, I just want to know I'm doing it right.

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                    @SBOB: You have over 20 posts, many defending his incompetence if not knowing the emergency rate.

                    If you cannot see that it is incompetent, then you are against the fabric of any competent voter, and a vast majority of political commentators.

                    Sadly you are obviously against the man himself, and his minders.

                    Show me a post where you have criticised albanese, or labor for that matter.

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    Aussie Joe Biden (albo) ‘hiding in his basement’ over ‘incompetence’…

    • Watch the debate? Albo smashed Scomo.

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          Oh yeah fantastic debater where he talked about the economy on a question about integrity/ICAC! Or how about he felt "blessed" about having children without disabilities….

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            @Piranha2004: How about those flickering eyelids and head downs 😂 from Scomo. Oh was he about to cry when albo talked about an ICAC for the end of the year.

            Did you watch the whole thing. Scomo avoided answering many questions.

            Albo has vision. Scomo has the opposite.

            Albo smashed Scomo in a right wing setting too.

            It was quite obvious from looking at the footage of these tactics too.

            Even an audience member stated that it was disappointing that albo didn't get the same amount of time.

            These debates need to be fair playing grounds.

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    Not knowing the official unemployment rate is forgivable as it is a VERY misleading figure, which gives no indication of the reality of people's employment (many have given up finding meaningful work or are under-employed in low hours/unreliable casual work, and these facts do not show up in the official figure). Albo definitely knows this, and so the official unemployment rate is not so important to him.

    But it is very strange that he didn't know the cash rate. I just assume his head is so full of more meaningful information that this information slipped out. The fact is, the brain only has enough room for a certain amount of information. As we create new memories, older memories gets squeezed out. This is supported by scientific data. Information only sticks if we review it frequently/occasionally. Also, the cash rate is not the same as the interest rate.

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      This is now nearly 2 week old news.

      Let's all move on I say.

  • Jim Chalmers - Shadow Treasurer:….

    This guy was worked for Wayne Swan back in the day and helped flick Kevin Rudd to get the "misandry" Gillard in power.
    If both parties could Scomo and Abo would be names of the past just like before.

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