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Purchase a Samsung T7, 870 QVO/EVO, 970 EVO Plus, 980 Pro SSD and Claim up to $80 in Steam Wallet Codes via Redemption @ Samsung


From now until May 31st get up to $80 in Steam Wallet Codes when you purchase a participating Samsung SSD from the Samsung Online store or a participating store.

For example you can grab Samsung T7 here for $137.08 and get a bonus $20 Steam Wallet Code via redemption.

Full terms and conditions

Participating Products:

  • Portable SSD T7 (1TB) - $20
  • Portable SSD T7 (2TB) - $40
  • Portable SSD T7 Touch (500GB) - $20
  • Portable SSD T7 Touch (1TB) - $40
  • Portable SSD T7 Touch (2TB) - $60
  • SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch (2TB) - $20
  • SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch (4TB) - $60
  • SSD 870 QVO SATA III 2.5 inch (8TB) - $80
  • SSD 870 EVO SATA III 2.5 inch (1TB) - $20
  • SSD 870 EVO SATA III 2.5 inch (2TB) - $40
  • SSD 870 EVO SATA III 2.5 inch (4TB) - $60
  • SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 (1TB) - $20
  • SSD 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 (2TB) - $40
  • SSD 980 PRO NVMe M.2 (500GB) - $20
  • SSD 980 PRO NVMe M.2 (1TB) - $40
  • SSD 980 PRO NVMe M.2 (2TB) - $60
  • SSD 980 PRO with Heatsink NVMe M.2 (1TB) - $40
  • SSD 980 PRO with Heatsink NVMe M.2 (2TB) - $60

Participating Stores

  • CPL
  • JB HI-FI
  • K.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (Shopping Express, Futu Online, Shallothead)

*Portable SSD T7 Touch & T7 models only. Excludes SSD 980 PRO, 970 EVO Plus, 870 EVO and 870 QVO models.

**Excludes purchases made on Samsung Enhanced Partnership portal, Samsung’s Government Store, Samsung Business Store and Samsung Education Store. For the avoidance of doubt, online bidding and auction websites (e.g. www.ebay.com.au) are not Participating Stores for the purposes of the Promotion.

Referral Links

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  • +1

    eBay Stores:
    Futu Online = K.S Computer Technology
    Shallothead = K.S Computer Technology

    • +1

      Yep and Shopping Express too. Updated post to include that thanks.

      • Shopping express doesn't work for this, tried to submit my claim, no go, response from Samsung Support:
        The retailer name on the invoice (Shopping Express) does not match the retailer name (K.S Technology) submitted on the Redemption Claim.

        Shopping Express is not a participating retailer for this Promotion.

        • Have you contacted them? I'm sure they can amend it.

          • @Clear: Looks like others further down the comments have asked and been told no…

    • Edit: Thanks for updating the description. :-)

  • Anyone know if those nvme ssd are good for nvme ssd in Acer Nitro laptop?

    • They are awesome!

    • +3

      Samsung are usually the best you can buy. Which Acer Nitro specifically? Since 970 EVO Plus is PCIe 3.0 and 980 Pro is PCIe 4.0.

      • Thanks, Clear
        It is for acer Nitro 15" 11800h i7 3060.
        Are they easy to install?

        • +1

          It depends, physically it's easy based on my quick googling. Just remove bottom cover and the m.2 slots are there.

          But if you're replacing your current SSD with Windows install on it, you need to backup data, reinstall Windows/drivers then migrate your data back.

          But if you're just adding addtional storage, then just pop the SSD into an available slot and format it.

        • +1

          Yes, I used to have a 3060 Nitro 5.

          Bottom cover is easy to remove, and there is a free m.2 2280 slot immediately accessible.

          Apparently 11th Gen CPUs support faster PCIe Gen4 SSDs like the 980 Pro, but the included SSD is a Gen3 SSD and I'd rather buy a Gen3 SSD for a Nitro 5 anyways

  • -2

    What the hell is a steam wallet?

  • ahh nice the steam deal is back again, been waiting for this one :D wow only 60 this time last time when I got the 980 pro 2tb it was 70.

    • +1

      Prices on the 980pro should have dropped a bit since then at least.

  • -3

    Only good for gamers.

    • +2

      The SSD or the Steam code? Because you're wrong both ways anyway. SSDs are great for media editors/creators (specifically video editing/creation) and Steam has a lot of software available, not all of it is just games.

  • +3

    I just got the $40 credit today after claiming 6 days ago, for a 980 pro 1gb. In older threads people said they were waiting months.

    Be aware that you need the serial number on the chip and also a photo of it uploaded in the required documents, so best to take it before putting it under a heatsink etc.

    • +2

      No you don't. They also accept a screenshot of the Samsung Magician software showing the same serial number if you've already installed it.

      • Hrm yeah Samsung Magician shows the full serial. I read older posts with people saying that Samsung wouldn't accept the software-reported serial which didn't have the final number, but maybe they were using something else or an older version.

      • Samsung Magician screenshot is not enough. I've tried.

        • I literally redeemed it via Magician screenshot 2 months ago. It works.

  • Weak. Bought like a week before this started

  • +1

    Careful, there are specific terms and conditions for certain retailers. Ie. Amazon only gives credit for a couple of different drives.. I think maybe the external portable ones?

  • Any good deals atm for 1tb ssd….?

  • Submitted Harvey Norman invoice yesterday and received an email today said:

    The document you provided is not a valid Proof of Purchase.

    • You submitted the rest of the requirements?

    • I just bought a T7 1tb from HN, did I need to get anything more than the receipt to claim?

      • +1

        I contact Samsung, they told me it's something wrong with the sn code not the invoice

        • I got jibbed as well. Got mine from Centre Com who do not put serial numbers on invoices.

          It has become a bit of a pattern with Samsung because the exact same thing happened to me in 2015 with the Galaxy S6 redemption and then again in 2018 with the JBL headphones promo.

          • @sep1: You don't need the serial number on the invoice - almost no suppliers do this.

          • @sep1: @sep1 I have never seen a SN on an invoice. If that's Samsungs play, GG. They would never need to fulfil a single redemption.

        • +1

          @RichardF89 How did you contact samsung. My request keeps getting rejected no matter what documentation I put through. But I keep getting the same generic email saying not proof of purchase. No idea what exactly isn't right.

  • Does anyone know this applies to purchases from Amazon US or UK (via Amazon AU)?

  • Could someone clarify if Shopping Express is part of deal?

    • Yep it's in the list.

      • +1

        Mine is getting rejected with a generic incorrect documentation email. After putting through multiple different files and always getting the generic email, I suspect that 'Shopping Express' does not equal 'K.S. Computer Technology'.

        • You can probably email SE and mention this. See if you can get an invoice with it

        • I just submitted a redemption claim with the Shopping Express receipt for the 2TB 980 with heatsink…Will see if it gets through, i had read mixed things about Shopping Express falling under K&S Computers so i wasn't going to bother but it's worth a shot. I also bought a 2TB T7 SSD but that keeps showing an invalid serial number so have to wait and see if Samsung can get back to me on that 1.

          • +2

            @Abraxsas: Samsung initially declined my 970 Evo Plus 2TB claim (SE invoice) citing invalid proof of purchase but I sent them an email about it explaining how Shopping Express is the online store for K.S. Computer Technology (e.g. the phone number on ksonline is literally Shopping Express' number and is answered by SE staff) and also resubmitted the invoice just with Shopping Express in the invoice replaced with K.S. Computer Technology.

            The edited invoice part is maybe a tad unethical, not sure which method won them over in the end but my Samsung Promotions page now shows "Validation Completed" and I also received a manual email reply to the email I sent them that my claim has been accepted & redemption instructions will be sent within 7 days.

            • +1

              @brosk1s: How did you explain it exactly? KS and SE are showing different phone numbers.

              • @d14m: Confused about this too, when I look on the sites I see different numbers, as well as the comment from Puti above about them being a different ABN.

  • I bought a 980 Pro 1tb from Shopping Express (ebay) and asked them if I can have a KS receipt for this promotion. This is their response:

    "Unfortunately, this listing was not advertise to be available for the promotion since Shopping Express and KS computers are technically 2 separate ABNs."

    Should I submit to Samsung anyway and hope that it'd somehow go through, or should I give up altogether?

    • -1

      Can't see why it would hurt submitting

  • +1

    Got a banger of a deal:

    Bought 2 x special gift card (2 x $135 for $115 each)
    Exchanged them shopback ebay gift cards with 3% cashback ($125 + $10 for each of them)
    Bought Samsung 970 Evo Plus from harris technology with 8% off ebay code

  • Anyone know how long the steam code is valid for? I have to wait a while to be able to change steam regions

    • +1

      Received my steam code today

      Expiry Date(DD/MM/YYYY): 31/12/2026

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply 👍🏼

  • This is a bloody scam from Samsung. Uploaded x3 times with invoice from Bing Lee and a screenshot of the SSD (with the serial number clearly visible) and yet keeps getting the "Incorrect Attachment" emails.

    Any tips? :)

    • I had an issue where the website only accepted .png images so I had to convert the jpeg.

      No issues otherwise.

      • Thanks. I managed to upload jpeg fine - no errors during submission and was even able to download the jpeg file after submission.

        I have uploaded all the documents again and hope this it works this time :(

        • I am having the same issue, its very annoying.

          • @Trip: I followed @CodeXD: suggestion and uploaded images as .png

            Received a "Validation Completed" email earlier this evening but no Steam voucher as yet.
            Give that a go and good luck!

            • @KolzManz: Mind updating once your moves from validation completed to the next step? Mine's been stuck on that step since the 5th of May.

              edit: Jjust found this in their T&Cs

              " Following the valid submission of the Online Claim Form, the Eligible Claimant will receive an email to the Eligible Claimant’s nominated email address within 30 days from the date their claim is deemed valid by the Promoter, which provides the STEAM Wallet Codes that constitutes the Gift. "

  • Can we submit 2 claims?

    How long does it take for them to issue the steam gc ?

  • They don't seem to like the MWAVE receipt.

    The document you provided is not a valid Proof of Purchase.
    We require the Proof of Purchase to have the following information:
    -Date of Purchase (must be within the promotion period outlined in the Terms and Conditions)
    -Purchased Product
    -Retailer/Reseller/Name of the service provider where the product was purchased from

    Strange, the MWAVE receipt has all of these details.

    • Was it a png file? Discussion above about jpeg not accepted.

      • I uploaded pdf.

        • Try a png and see

    • I got the same, I just resent the same mwave receipt and included a Samsung Magician screen shot and it got accepted although I haven't received the gift cards yet.

      • What Samsung Magician screen shot ?

        • +1

          If you've installed the drive in your pc then download Samsung Magician and screenshot the tab that includes serial number (should be under drive details tab if I remember correctly).

          • @bumbandito69: Thanks, they accepted the Samsung Magician screen shot

  • i am getting invalid SN, i am using the SN from the drive?

    • Make sure you select 980pro WITH HEATSINK from the product drop down list if you have that one.
      I otherwise make sure you use the SN from Samsung magician as the box is missing the last character.

      • I also noticed box was missing a character. I used the S/N on the ssd and that got approved for me.

      • i have the 980 pro, no heat sink and it has 15 xters as the SN on it.

  • Does Samsung Promo have number to call or web chat ?
    They keep rejecting my mwave receipt.

  • How long does it take for the gift cards to arrive, anyone got them yet?

    • +2

      Mine took 3 days.

      Submitted 3rd May, Promo Code received 6th May.

      • code came by email?

        on the samsung page the status says "Validation Completed" which I guess means approved.

        • Yep, email.

          Also received email when I first submitted it.

          Your claim request has been submitted successfully.

          Your claim reference number xxxxxxxx

          The Promo Code together with instructions on how to redeem will be sent via email within 7 days upon claim approval.

    • +1

      I have my validation completed on 6/5/22. Still havent got the code yet

      • Yeah submitted 05/05 & validated 06/05 here, nothing since.

      • +1


        • +1

          Still no code, good thing the drive is faster than their service.

          • @reactor-au: Yeah their T&Cs says it can take up to 30 days after approval before they send em out. Which would be fine if they didn't specify 7 days in their email when I submitted the claim.

      • Just received mine today

        Status Updated Date
        Delivered - 03/06/2022 18:55
        Approved - 03/06/2022 18:30
        Validation Completed - 06/05/2022 20:08
        Submitted - 05/05/2022 11:39

        • Same, almost exactly

  • Bought the 2TB 980 Pro with heatsink on Amazon Au. When trying to register the drive for the redemption I kept getting the message Invalid Serial No. Contacted the Redemption Team and was told that the Drive was not eligible for the promotion because it is not included in the list of eligible SSDs from Amazon Au. My understanding is only the T7 type SSDs from Amazon are eligible, Below is their reply.

    Dear customer,
    Unfortunately the only eligible purchases from Amazon are for our T7 Models.
    Please see our terms and conditions: https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-steam-wallet-codes-2022...

    • +1

      Yes it is mentioned in the deal post, last point

  • So annoying, trying to reg the 500GB T7 and its telling me invalid serial number. Have selected T7 Touch 500GB Silver and entered the serial number from Samsung Magician (with the missing letter not on the bottom of the box) and its still not accepting it.

    Oddly enough, Samsung product registration identified the S/N.

    • Did you find away around this? I've having the same problem. Samsung Magician has the same serial number thats on the box and the SSD itself but its saying its invalid.

      • Thanks for reminding me, I emailed [email protected] and they replied almost instantly asking for more details. That was on 27/05, since then no update. Followed up again.

  • I've been on "Validation Completed" status since May 10th. Anybody progressed on from that step and received their vouchers yet? How long did it take?

    • +1

      Been sitting at that step since 06/05, their terms and conditions states up to 30 days I believe.

    • +1

      Just received mine today

      Status Updated Date
      Delivered - 03/06/2022 18:55
      Approved - 03/06/2022 18:30
      Validation Completed - 06/05/2022 20:08
      Submitted - 05/05/2022 11:39

      • Mine also came through on the 3rd. 8-)

  • The document you provided is not a valid Proof of Purchase.

    We require the Proof of Purchase to have the following information:

    Date of Purchase (must be within the promotion period outlined in the Terms and Conditions)
    Purchased Product
    Retailer/Reseller/Name of the service provider where the product was purchased from


    • What did you upload?

      • -1

        The digital invoice and serial number on the box

        • How does the invoice not have the required details? They are standard for tax invoice.

        • +2

          You have to upload the serial number which is on the product itself. Not the serial number on the product box. The Digital invoice should be fine.

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