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20%-50% off "Storewide" at Supercheap Auto (Online Friday 15/4, in-Store and Online Saturday 16/4)


Just got an email from SCA - 20% to 50% off "storewide" for Good Friday (online) and Easter Saturday (online and in-store).

50% off items
40% off items
30% off items

One Day Sale Online Only Friday 15 April 2022, In Store & Online Saturday 16 April 2022 or unless sold out.

All savings stated are off the full retail price. Illustrations, photos and packaging are only a representation of the products advertised. All products were available at the time of send. Supercheap Auto will not be responsible for the lack of stock due to supplier problems and reserves the right to limit purchases to normal retail quantities. Rainchecks not available.

Excludes: Kincrome, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Sony, Grundig, delivery charges, services & purchases of gift cards.

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      Did you look at the reviews and attached photos?.. 2 day landfill.

      The frame is way too thin

      • +1

        Alot one star reviews…

        • I have had one before. I am aware of their operating limitations. As long as you don't leave it outside on a windy night its fine.
          Its the same as this one
          I got the gazebo inner tent from Aldi for $70, and combined with this gazebo, I have 3m x 3m sealed paint spray booth for $140ish.

          • @codaroma: do you realize that wind occurs at all random times, not just at night?

            you will need monitor the weather forever now..
            and how will you quickly pack it up in time?

            • +1

              @pinkybrain: Why would you even put up the gazeebo if it's going to be windy… ?

              Are you suggesting you'd go to the effort of putting up the gazeebo without looking at the weather ?

            • @pinkybrain: I don't leave it outside. I am either sitting under it, or it is packed away. I have taken one of these down the beach for an entire day and it was perfectly fine. Its $65. Calm the farm.

      • LOL yeah

        "Not even 24 hours of being set up"


      • +1

        lol it's $65 and people are complaining it doesn't hold up in a storm

  • +4

    Damn I held off buying a couple of things yesterday and today my cart has increased in price as they jacked the prices of the items and the new discounts still make them more expensive than yesterday. My cart went from $244 yesterday to $327 today

  • +3

    The price jacking is appalling. Should be 230 negged, not plus.

  • I am after a Karcher K3, it is $239.90 at SCA site, however when I use the Ebay code, TOP5IT, it says invalid code, any ideas?

  • Thanks OP. Bought myself a spare Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Dryer Towel at a great price.

    • I'm not familiar with chemical guys. I'm after a compound for the car. Is there a good deal for a compounder?

      • I'm after a compound for the car.

        A compound to do what? You'll have to give a lot more information than that.

        What exactly are you looking for? What do you want the 'compound' to do? What's the current finish like on the car? etc.

        You may be better off going into an auto accessories store and talking to someone there.

        • HiThere!
          Is a Vdub golf mk7. 8 years old. Paint has circular swirl marks all over it from when the previous owner used to clean it with a sponge. The paint is in pretty good nick.
          I suppose I want the compound to clear those swirls and restore the finish on the paint. I have a DA polisher. And cutting pads. I was looking at Meg's Ultimate Compound as the correction isn't too drastic.
          Car only has 80k kms on it, so not used a lot.

          • -2

            @lordra: You have just about knowledge to do a lot more damage to your paint.

            Pay a pro to do it for you.

          • +1

            @lordra: It'll depend on how bad and how deep the scratches and swirls are, plus what the existing paintwork finish can handle. VW paintwork and clear coat are generally regarded as 'hard' so it can take a more aggressive cutting than some brands.

            However, It's something that only someone experienced who can inspect the paintwork in person can really advise on.

            • @Hithere: Awesome, thanks for the advice. So would you recommend a local body shop or SCA/Repco/Autobarn - re "You may be better off going into an auto accessories store and talking to someone there."

              • +1

                @lordra: I'd probably go to a local body shop or even a local detailing shop and ask for advice.

  • Engine mount special orders are 20%, nice

  • Only can be a deal if they allow stacking of this 50% of with the price beat guarantee.

    Need them to price beat engine oil, on super cheap @ autobahn rn , but couldn't buy them online Have to go instore tomorrow now

  • What's the best plastic trim restorers

    • +2

      Autoglym Bumper/Trim Gel hands-down. The stuff deserves a Hogwarts letter.

      • Bowden's Mr Black may be better but takes a damn weekend to do a front bumper.

  • Hi Jack!

  • +1

    check Repco today guys if you need service parts. Worked out to be cheaper than sca even after discount & 8% GC

    • Where are you getting Repco gift cards 8% from?

      • I meant 8% SCA gc

        • AAMI Rewards

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